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Event: Matthew Mark Luke John
Who visited the tomb? Mary Magdelene, the "other Mary" Mary Madelene, Mary mother of James and Joses Mary Madelene, Mary mother of James, Joanna, and other women Mary Magdelene
Why visit the tomb? To see the tomb To bring spices To bring spices Body already spiced before they arrived
Was the tomb open before they arrived? No Yes Yes Yes
Who was waiting at the tomb? One angel One young man Two men Two angels
What were the messengers doing? Sitting on the stone Sitting inside, to the right Standing inside Sitting on each side of the stone
What did the messengers say? Meet Jesus in Galilee Meet Jesus in Galilee Jesus is risen like he told you "Woman why weepest thou?"
Who did Jesus appear to first? The Eleven Two disciples in the country Two disciples in Emmaus Mary Magdelene
Where did the risen Jesus first meet the disciples? Mountain in Galilee To the Eleven at a meal Emmaus In a room
What happened when they met? Disciples worshiped, some doubted Jesus reprimanded them Jesus materialized, reprimanded them, then ate Jesus passed through locked door, blessed disciples, no reprimand
How long did Jesus linger after the resurrection? . One day One day Eight days
Where did the ascension take place? No ascension Jerusalem Bethany No ascension
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