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Abadox. AKA Pez AKA TopTed. Could be any number of other nicks. Progressive Amish and ghost-rider extraordinaire.
Achijah and Adar_Caan - Evangelical Protestants. Adar's overweening rules on #bible led to a mass exodus (January 1999) to Edub's new #scripture channel, and after everyone left, Adar followed.
AltKey - Catholic convert from atheism. Enchanted male. The "Bible" bot precedes him into the channel like Pigpen's dust cloud.
Angelle - Canuckistani. Interested in eschatology. Thinks everyone is gonna get a hand stamp at the club on Antichrist Nite. Also thinks Obama is a caca doodoo head.
Antnz - New Zealand. Protestant. Zoe Bell fan. Enchanted female.
Brewman - A man of mystery.
CelticGem - UK. Pagan.
Colin - New Zealand. Protestant.
Deanr - Washington State. Calvinist.
Delano Enchanted male.
Edub - Seventh-Day Adventist. Channel owner.
Eeyore - On the, uh, left hand of the spectrum
Eliyahu Resurrected from the dead.
Faustina - A woman of mystery.
Fr. Jim - Anglican Priest, army Chaplain.
FritzEmil - Germany
GLK - Oklahoma. Atheist. Same pop-ups, different century.
Goose - Big fan of female legs and Open Office, not necessarily in that order.
Greylenseman - Jehovah's Witness, E.E. "Doc" Smith fan.
Grape - Protestant.
Jsrz3 - Jehovah's Witness. Secret Channel Op.
JulieLady - Nebraska. Methodist
Kip - UK. Recent convert to Ubuntu from Windows 7.
MiniCooper - AKA "Mouser". Washington State. Oneness Pentecostal. Conservative. Techie. Hosts this website on his server.
TheMOM - Florida. Protestant. Mother of three.
OliveTree and spouse
Organicap - Serious Jennifer Aniston fan. Posing here with Holden.
Peaceroses - UK. Catholic.
Redblue - Enjoys lo-fi, 8-bit "blip" or "chip" music made for computer games.
Rin - The one who's got MINICooper wagging his tail faster
Tega - Friend of Adar.
Teresita - Washington State. Roman Catholic Christian. Fighting breast cancer
Toph - Canuckistani from Alberta. Mennonite.
Tzip - Utah. Former LDS. Scourge of conservatives and Calvinists everywhere.
unPapist - Anti-Catholic, has a problem with Joey too.
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