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Takin Care of Argo

(Sung by Joxer the Mighty to the tune of "Takin' Care of Business" by B.T.O)

I get up every morning

To Xena's vocal warning

And take her damn horse to the city

I'm in charge of food and grooming

And it's really got me fuming

For a warrior it's quite beneath me

'Cause if there's some threat

You sure as heck can bet

That I will come and save the day

If you ever get annoyed

At me the stable boy

Take it up with Xena, okay?

I'll be takin' care of Argo, every day

Takin' care of Argo, every way

Takin' care of Argo, it gets old

Takin' care of Argo, in every episode.

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