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"Why must I study our enemies," the apprentice Gabhopper complained. "What is so admirable about men?"

The Warrior Princess Xena answered, "They have accomplished astonishing things, but they have gone far from their center. Know the ways of men, but embrace your own femininity."

"I don't understand."

"You see, dear disciple, even the most powerful male has nipples because he developed from an embryo that had its origin as a female. The mightiest tree had its origin as a tender sapling. Wood is useful, but it had its origin as a green shoot. Light is useful, but it had its origin in darkness. The strength of adulthood is useful, but it had its origin in the weakness of infancy."

"So I should nourish the pliability of my girlhood and youth."

"Keep your options open, Gabhopper. Once you latch onto a specific pattern you will always feel...not-so-fresh."

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