Taoteching 29

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The apprentice Gabhopper asked, "What do men want?" Warrior Princess Xena answered,

"Men cannot rule something as minor as a common cold, yet they endeavor to rule the entire world. But reality is supernatural and contains infinite complexities within in. To harness it is to spoil it. The days are bright, the night is dark. Winds blow, floods come. The seasons are hot and cold. These things exist beyond man's puny attempts to control them."

"Still, m'Lady, men often succeed in their way, and take pride in their cleverness."

"Nature abhors monuments to man's cleverness, attacking his walls with moss and erosion and crumbling his cities to dust."

"So instead of revering tradition it is better to let go of things when they age?"

"Yes, my dear disciple. And instead of disdaining inexperience it is better to welcome things when they are new. Only the ever-renewing patterns of life are permanent."

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