Taoteching 33

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TTC33: The eternal nameless void remains without a name. It is when people give in to the temptation to classify things that the whole is shattered into many parts, and this is the beginning of names. There are enough names in the world. Withdraw your enthusiasm from continuing the endless subdivision of the eternal nameless void.

The sign of the activity of the eternal nameless void in the world is seen in flowing water, which always moves from high to low places, yet is always replenished.

Knowing others is intelligence, but knowing yourself is enlightenment. Mastering others is exercising power, but mastering yourself is developing strength. Acquiring much is to be rich, acquiring enough is to be content. If you are successful in compelling others, you have a powerful will. If you win others over with quiet persistence, you acheive the same result, yet without fostering resentment. The mediocre man is still trapped in the cycle of the ego where it is possible to feel resentment. The sage goes well out of her way to avoid being the cause of another to stumble.]]

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