Taoteching 45

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The skilled commander pretends incompetence. The large division feigns depleted ranks. The enemy on the straight road can be surprised by taking devious routes.

After many drills, an army can convincingly portray false clumsiness. Movement conquers the cold, inactivity conquers the heat. Conformity with the eternal Nameless Way restores balance.

A disciple said, "Master Ji, why do the warriors of the Cruciform and the Crescent Tradition fight to convert others to their truth and wage holy war against other truths?"

Master Ji said, "They fight because what they call 'Truth' is too weak to sell itself to all who seek the truth with sincerity. Since they are certain they already possess the truth, they refuse to investigate reality and delight in self-deception."

The disciple replied, "You have taught us that knowledge becomes wisdom only when it is put into action and shared."

Master Ji said, "Knowledge tells you it's raining. Wisdom tells you to go indoors."

The disciple said,"So the essence of the Nameless Way is knowing what to do with what you know."

Master Ji nodded. "This consists of the anticipation of consequences, of forecasting how things will affect others and how they will affect oneself. The greatest revenge is not to be like him who did the injury. The greatest conqueror is one who has conquered himself.

The disciple asked, "What then, Master Ji, is the greatest truth?"

"That the noblest activity is unending love," Master Ji revealed.

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