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1. There's a Joxer standee with the caption, "You must be *this* stupid to go on this ride."

2. The admission ticket has an organ donor form on the back.

3. There's no more handstamp to leave and come back since the new gauntlet policy went into effect.

4. Once a year is Christian Day, when heterosexual couples invade the park openly holding hands and wearing, "His Pain, Your Gain" t-shirts.

5. The food agora has nutbread, raw squid, and radish stew.

6. The first aid station is manned by a bearded guy with healing power in his hands.

7. It's the only theme park in the world with twice as many women's restrooms as men's.

8. Xena World's idea of "Tommorrowland" has a medieval theme.

9. Caesar salad served in the cafeteria contains actual pieces of Caesar.

10. RIDES: Pirates of the Aegean, Rides of March, Bumper Chariots of War, It's A Flat World, Country Bard Jamboree, Lava Pit Bungee

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