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  1. A major character dies and stays that way.
  2. The trajectory of the chakram becomes indeterminant after the 14th or 15th bounce.
  3. There is a god whose powers do not reside in a sword or helmet or other easily stolen object.
  4. Callisto goes an entire episode without being buried under a pile of rocks.
  5. A warlord orders his men to attack X & G all at once, not in single file.
  6. There is a number six.
  7. A brother or sister of Xena's shows up whom Xena has already mentioned to Gabrielle.
  8. Joxer kills somebody on purpose.
  9. There is a cave nearby which Xena has never explored or stashed supplies for her army in.
  10. The inhabitants of Trachus are close to unearthing a supply of ambrosia which will make gods of everyone who eats it but fortunately the Olympian gods are able to deal with this problem without Xena's help.
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