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  • J. Lyle (1994)

- During the setup for the scene with Skip on skid row, the crew was attacked

by a scissors-wielding transvestite who accused them of being on his turf.

Before he was subdued by the police, he managed to cut 'Bill Plympton' (qv)'s

elbow and seriously damage a Steadicam.

- DIRCAMEO(Bill Plympton): guest in the wedding scene.

  • Jacob's Ladder (1990)

- All SFX were filmed live, with no post-production.

- CAMEO(Macaulay Culkin): dead son of Jacob Singer.

  • Jagged Edge (1985)

- Visible in David and Jenny Barnes' bedroom is a poster for

_Return of the Jedi (1983)_ (qv), also directed by 'Richard Marquand' (qv).

  • Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

- It took 'Ray Harryhausen' (qv) 4 months to produce the skeleton scene,

a massive amount of time for a scene which lasts at the most 3 minutes.

  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

- References to: _The Evil Dead (1983)_ (qv), _Creepshow (1982)_ (qv),

_A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)_ (qv).

  • Jaws (1975)

- 'Sterling Hayden' (qv) was the original choice for the role of Quint.

Hayden, however, was in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service for unpaid

tax. All Hayden's income from acting was subject to a levy by the IRS, so

there was an attempt to circumvent that:Hayden was also a writer, so one

idea was to pay him union scale for his acting, and buy a story from him (his

literary income wasn't subject to levy) for a large sum.It was concluded

that the IRS would see through this scheme, so 'Robert Shaw' (qv) was cast


- Quint's tale of the USS Indianapolis was written by Shaw following a

disagreement between screenwriters 'Peter Benchley' (qv) and

'Carl Gottlieb' (qv).Shaw presented his text, and Benchley and Gottlieb

agreed that this was exactly what was needed.

- The live shark footage was shot at Seal Rocks, Australia.A real white

pointer was cut up and ``extended for the close-up shots.

- The helicopter used for flying patrol is an Enstrom ``Tigershark.

- A midget in a miniature cage and a real shark were used to get some shots


- Apparently, technicians lost control of one of the mechanical sharks, and it

was lost at sea.

- During the filming of some scenes, 'Roy Scheider' (qv),

'Richard Dreyfuss' (qv), and Shaw had to look in amazement off camera at

a non-existant shark.

- Preview audiences screamed when the head of a shark victim appears in the

hole in the bottom of the boat.Director 'Steven Spielberg' (qv) re-shot

the scene in editor 'Verna Field' (qv)'s swimming pool because he wanted

them to ``scream louder.

- A real shooting star can be seen during a shot of the boat on the water

at dusk.

- Video version is missing some scenes:

- Hooper describing an obscene phonecall he made, while cutting open the


- Quint humiliating a young clarinet player as he buys piano wire.

- CAMEO(Peter Benchley): reporter on the beach.

- CAMEO(Steven Spielberg): voice on Quint's marine radio when Mrs. Brody tries

to contact her husband on the Orca.

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [music]

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [stars]

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [father]: Ms. Kinter is a single mother.

  • Jaws 2 (1978)

- Original director 'John D. Hancock' (qv) was fired and replaced by

'Jeannot Szwarc' (qv).

  • Jazz Singer, The (1927)

- First movie with audible dialogue.

- 'Georg Jessel' (qv), star of the stage version of ``The Jazzsinger was

asked to play the role in the film, but refused.'Eddie Cantor' (qv) was

also asked, and also refused.

  • Jeanne Dore (1915)

- Filmed to avoid showing 'Sarah Bernhardt' (qv)'s amputated leg.

  • Jewel of the Nile, The (1985)

- The arabic speech in the climactic ``stage scene are actually the

Arabic names of 'Kirk Douglas' (qv)'s movies.[rumor]

  • JFK (1991)

- The real 'Jim Garrison' (qv) plays Earl Warren.

- In _Bull Durham (1988)_ (qv), 'Kevin Costner' (qv)'s character stated ``...I

believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone....

  • Jigsaw (1949)

- CAMEO(Marlene Dietrich):

- CAMEO(Henry Fonda):

- CAMEO(John Garfield):

- CAMEO(Burgess Meredith):

- CAMEO(Fletcher Markle):

- CAMEO(Marsha Hunt):

- CAMEO(Leonard Lyons):

  • Jimmy the Gent (1934)

- Working title: ``Always a Gent.

  • Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)

- The company logo appears frequently, each time representing a path to

destruction: the path leading up to the factory, the product that the

company makes (a rectal probe), the bolt of lightning which sinks the ship,

the path up the side of the mountain, the lava flow down the side of the

volcano, the crack in Joe's apartment, and a constellation.

- The lamp that Joe brings into his office displays tropical images, including

a volcano.

- Joseph Banks was the name of Captain Cook's chief botanist on his expeditions

to the south pacific in the 18th century.

- When Joe and DeDe leave the restuarant, there is a billboard on the left

with a picture of an erupting volcano and the words ``Fire in Paradise.

- There are at least three references to losing one's soul:

- Joe responds to DeDe's question in the factory while inspecting his

damaged shoe

- Patricia's reference to being soul sick the first night on the yacht

- several lines involving the Waponi's Tobi Chief such as when Joe states

that he hopes the chief will not lose his Tobi (soul).

- The mask worn by the Waponi who is representing the evil spirit resembles

the factory where Joe used to work.

  • John Goldfarb, Please Come Home (1965)

- Notre Dame University got a court injunction to delay the release of the film,

claiming the studio had "knowingly and illegally misappropriated, diluted and

commercially expolited for their private profit the names, symbols, football

team, prestige, high reputation and goodwill" of the university.After three

months of court battles, the studio won out.

  • Jordan is a Hard Road (1915)

- Director 'Allan Dwan' (qv) hired famed evangelist 'Billy Sunday' (qv) to

preach a real-life revival meeting in a tent in Hollywood.He filmed the

attendees and intercut these shots with shots of actor 'Frank Campeau' (qv)

acting the part of a preacher.

  • Journal d'une femme de chambre, Le (1964)

- The demonstrating fashists shout ``Vive Chiappe, a homage to the chief of

the Parisian police who prohibited showing director 'Luis Bunuel' (qv)'s

earlier film _Age d'Or (1930)_ (qv) after fashists destroyed the cinema

where it was being shown.

  • Journey Back to Oz (1974)

- 'Liza Minnelli' (qv) reprises the role of Dorothy, who was played by her

mother 'Judy Garland' (qv) in _The Wizard of Oz (1939)_ (qv).

- Filmed in 1964, but not released until 1974.

  • Journey Through the Black Sun (1976) (TV)

- This TV movie was edited from scenes of the two episodes "Collision

Course" and "The Black Sun" of the TV series _"Space: 1999" (1975)_ (qv).

  • Joy Luck Club, The (1993)

- CAMEO(Amy Tan): chatting with guests just beyond a doorway during the

first party scene.

  • Juarez (1939)

- 'Orry-Kelly' (qv) designed costumes for 'Bette Davis' (qv) which changed ino

tone as the film progressed; from white at the beginning, changing to gray

in mid-film, and then to black at the end when she goes insane.

  • Jud Suess (1940)

- This Nazi propaganda film is still (1995) banned on the free market in

Germany, but may be shown for educational purpose.

  • Judgment in Berlin (1988)

- CAMEO(Sean Penn): witness at trial. Sean Penn is the son of

'Arthur Penn' (qv), who directed this film.

  • Julius Caesar (1950)

- Due to budget restraints, only one horse could be hired per day, hence

a different colored horse was filmed each day, with footage cleverly montaged

and edited to create the battle scenes.

- Musical director 'Grant Fletcher' (qv) hired 'Chuck Zornig' (qv) 72 hours

before the recording date, handing him a two-bar harmonic sketch by

'John Becker' (qv) and a shot list to work from.From this, Zornig

produced a 32-page score, still copying parts for musicians as they arrived

to record the score.Becker approached Zornig and asked him how he could

read his two-bar sketch.Zornig replied ``When I couldn't I just chose the

most dissonant sounds, causing Becker to roar with laughter.

- The orcherstra which performed the score consisted of nine brass instruments

plus timpani, and was recorded in an abandoned indoor swimming pool to

create echo and a large sound.

  • Jungfrau auf dem Dach, Die (1953)

- This German version of _The Moon is Blue (1953)_ (qv) was filmed on the

same set with the same crew and partially the same cast.

  • Junior (1994)

- 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv) spent time in doctor's waiting rooms to

learn how pregnant people behave.

  • Junior High School (1981)

- All of the actors are non-professionals and were actual students at Van Nuys

Junior High at the time of shooting.

  • Jurassic Park (1993)

- 'William Hurt' (qv) was offered the role of Dr Grant, but turned it down

without reading the book or the script.

- The park software is written in Pascal; a program is clearly visible in one

of the monitor close-ups on the UNIX system.The graphical interface

recognized as a UNIX system is Silicon Graphics' ``3D File System


- Director 'Steven Spielberg' (qv) was worried that ``computer graphics meant

``Nintendo type cartoon quality.He originally only wanted the herd of

gallimimus dinosaurs to be computer generated, but upon seeing ILM's

demo animation of a T-Rex chasing a herd of Galamides across his ranch, he

decided to shoot nearly all the dinosaur scenes using this method.The

animation was first plotted on an Amiga Toaster, and rendered for the film

by Silicon Graphics' Indigo workstations.

- The full-sized animatron of the Tyrannosaurus Rex weighed about 13,000 to

15,000 pounds.During the shooting of the initial T-Rex attack scene which

took place in a downpour and was shot on a soundstage, the latex that

covered the T-Rex puppet absorbed great amounts of water making it much

heavier and harder to control.Technicians worked throughout the night with

blow driers trying to dry the latex out.Eventually, they suspended a

platform above the T-Rex, out of camera range, to keep the water off of it

during filming.

- A baby triceratops was built for a scene where one of the kids rides it.

Special effects technicians worked on this effect for a year but the scene

was cut at the last minute as Spielberg thought it would ruin the pacing of

the film.

- ``Dennis Nedry is an anagram of ``Nerdy Sinned.

- Ellie Sattler says ``Something went wrong to Dr Malcolm

('Jeff Goldblum' (qv)).In _The Fly (1986)_ (qv), Veronica Quaife said

this to Seth Brundle (Goldblum).

- In the egg-hatching scene, a new-born baby Triceratops was originally

supposed to come out of the egg, but it was changed to a velociraptor.

- The film's original ending had Grant left behind on the island.

- Scenes of the T-Rex attacking Horner and the kids while they ride down a

river and through a running waterfall were cut before filming.

- Generally speaking, any shot of a full dinosaur was computer generated,

but shots of parts of dinosaurs were of animatronics.

- There was so many wires and rigging to control the velociraptor animatrons

in the kitchen stalking scene that the child actors had to literally step

over and around them while the scene was being filmed.The kitchen set was

greatly expanded from the original design to accommodate the velociraptors.

Some reports say that all of the dinosaurs in the kitchen scene were

computer generated.

- Many errors were corrected digitally: some stunt people were made to look

like the actors, and in one scene an entire Ford Explorer jeep was digitally


- Spielberg wanted the velociraptors to be about 10 feet tall, which was taller

than they were known to be.During filming, scientists discovered 10 feet

tall velociraptors.

- A scene of Ellie pulling the leaf off an extinct plant appeared in the

film trailers but not the film itself.

- 'Fred Sorenson' (qv) was the pilot who flew the crew off Kaui when the

hurricane hit during production.He played ``Jock, the pilot who flew

Indiana Jones away in the opening scene of

_Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)_ (qv), also directed by Spielberg.

- Spielberg was so confident with this film that he started making his next

film (_Schindler's List (1993)_ (qv)), placing post-production in the hands

of 'George Lucas' (qv).Computer animation was still being done in the week

that the movie was released.

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [music]

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [stars]

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [father]: Grant hates the idea of being a father.

  • Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, Das (1919)

- Producer 'Erich Pommer' (qv) wanted to have 'Fritz Lang' (qv) as the

director for this film. Lang was interested, but then decided to work on

another film.

- Writer 'Hans Janowitz' (qv) wrotethe female lead character for his

girlfriend 'Gilda Langer' (qv), an actress at the ``Residenz-Theater in

Berlin.Unfortunately she died shortly before filming began, and so

'Lil Dagover' (qv) got the role.

  • Katzelmacher (1969)

- Shot in nine days.

  • Kelly's Heroes (1970)

- The film's working title was ``The Warriors.

- Director 'Brian G. Hutton' (qv) was forced to make a number of cuts to suit

the then MGM boss James Aubrey.

- 'Donald Sutherland' (qv) became seriously ill during filming on location

in Yugoslavia.

- The three German tanks are authentic ``Tiger tanks, among the few remaining

in the world that were still operational.

  • Kentucky Fried Movie, The (1977)

- In the ``Feel-a-rama movie theatre, there is a poster advertising

_Schlock (1971)_ (qv), also directed by 'John Landis' (qv).

- DIRTRADE(John Landis): [SYNW]: the title of the ``Feel-a-Rama movie.

  • Key Largo (1948)

- Santana was the name of 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv)'s real-life yacht, named after

the production company he formed in 1948.

  • Key to the City (1950)

- Production was briefly suspended when 'Loretta Young' (qv) had a miscarriage.

  • Kickboxer (1989)

- 'Michael Qissi' (qv) was a technical advisor/choreographer when he overheard

the production crew say they were looking for a tall oriental-looking

guy with a background in Muay Thai.He volunteered, and got the part of

Tong Po.

  • Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor (1994)

- Written on the floor of Tong Po's fighting ring is the Thai word ``Kay,

meaning ``dead.

  • Kid Brother, The (1927)

- Originally titled ``The Mountain Day.

  • Kid, The (1921)

- The production company tried to cheat 'Charles Chaplin' (qv) by paying him

for this six-reel film what they would ordinarily pay him for two-reel film,

about half a million dollars.Chaplin took the unassembled film out of state

until they agreed to the one-and-a-half million he deserved, plus half the

surplus profits on rentals, plus reversino of the film to him after five

years on the rental market.

  • Kika (1993)

- The lady that interviews Nicholas in the TV program about writers is the

mother of director 'Pedro Almodovar' (qv).

  • Killers, The (1964)

- DIRCAMEO(Don Siegel): a cook at a diner

  • Kindergarten Cop (1990)

- John Kimball says he was born in Austria.'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv) was

born in Austria.

- Kimball swears in German as he carries his colleague into the house

(``Das macht mich stinksauer! Jetzt bin ich sauer!, which means ``I'm

pissed as hell! Now I am pissed!)

- The section where Phoebe pretends to be German by sprouting random German

phrases was unchanged when dubbed into German.This caused confusion in


- Dominick has ``Ghostbusters (qv) sheets._Ghostbusters (1984)_ (qv) was

also directed by 'Ivan Reitman' (qv).

  • King and I, The (1956)

- 'Deborah Kerr' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Marni Nixon' (qv).

  • King Kong (1933)

- This original version was released four times between 1933 and 1952,

and each release saw the cutting of additional scenes. Though many of the

outtakes- including the censored sequence in which Kong peels off

'Fay Wray' (qv)'s clothes- were restored in 1971, one cut scene has never

been found. It is the clip in which Kong shakes four sailors off a log

bridge, causing them to fall into a ravine where they are eaten alive by

giant spiders. When the movie- with spider sequence intact- was previewed

in San Bernardino, Calif., in late January, 1933, members of the audience

screamed and either left the theatre or talked about the grisly sequence

throughout the remainder of the film. Said the film's producer, Merian C.

Cooper, ``It stopped the picture cold, so the next day back at the studio,

I took it out myself.

- The models of King Kong were only 18 inches high.

  • King of Comedy, The (1983)

- 'Johnny Carson' (qv), 'Frank Sinatra' (qv), and 'Dean Martin' (qv) were

considered before 'Jerry Lewis' (qv).

- DIRCAMEO(Martin Scorsese): a TV director.

  • King of Kings (1961)

- 'Ray Bradbury' (qv) wrote the narration, but was uncredited.

- CAMEO(Orson Welles): the narrator.

  • KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978) (TV)

- The cartoon style music that appears during fight sequences was added after

the production team realised that the film needed a lower certificate to

enable younger KISS fans (the majority) to see the film.

- 'Peter Criss' (qv)' voice was dubbed.

  • Kiss of Death (1995)

- CAMEO(Jay O. Sanders): federal agent

  • Knightriders (1981)

- CAMEO(Stephen King):

- CAMEO(Tabitha King):

  • Knute Rockne, All American (1940)

- 'William Holden' (qv), 'John Wayne' (qv), 'Robert Young' (qv), and

'Robert Cummings' (qv) were considered for the role of George Gipp, but only

'Dennis Morgan' (qv) and 'Ronald Reagan' (qv) tested for it, with Morgan

having the edge until the last minute.

  • L.A. Story (1991)

- Harris ('Steve Martin' (qv)) quotes poems that Martin previously quoted in

_The Man With Two Brains (1983)_ (qv).

- 'John Lithgow' (qv) played the part of Harry Zel, a movie agent that Harris

contacts after being fired.The part was cut, but there are still

references to his character in the film: during the freeway shoot-out, and

in the ``California Cuisine luncheon.

- Scenes where Harris is told that ``skipping is the perfect compromise, and

where Harris skips across the street were shown in trailers but not in the


- CAMEO(Woody Harrelson): Harris' boss at the TV station

- CAMEO(Rick Moranis): the grave digger.

- CAMEO(Chevy Chase): important guest (Christopher Carlos) at L'Idiot.

- CAMEO(Terry Jones): Sara's mother (voice only)

  • Laberinto de pasiones (1982)

- The magazine that Riza is looking through has an article about porn

star ``Patti Diphusa.This is the name that director

'Pedro Almodovar' (qv) used when writing the memoirs of a porn star.

  • Lady Chatterley (1992) (TV)

- Filmed in the same house as _Gothic (1987)_ (qv), also directed by

'Ken Russell' (qv).

- 'Sean Bean' (qv) has a tattoo on his arm which reads ``100% Blade, which

is at odds with his role of Mellors, and Sheffield United supporter.Bean

wore an arm band to cover the tattoo.

  • Lady in Red, The (1979)

- CAMEO(Robert Forster):

  • Lady L (1965)

- DIRCAMEO(Peter Ustinov):

  • Lady Vanishes, The (1938)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): near the end of the movie at Victoria

Station wearing a black coat and smoking a cigarette.

  • Lair of the White Worm, The (1988)

- DIRTRADE(Ken Russell): [snake]

- DIRCAMEO(Ken Russell): calls out ``Hello, Mary, he walks by her farm at

the beginning.

  • Last Action Hero (1993)

- References to: _Die Hard (1988)_ (qv), _Commando (1985)_ (qv),

_The Terminator (1984)_ (qv), _Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)_ (qv),

_Basic Instinct (1992)_ (qv), _E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)_ (qv),

_Amadeus (1984)_ (qv), _The Running Man (1987)_ (qv),

_Total Recall (1990)_ (qv), _Jurassic Park (1993)_ (qv),

_Blade Runner (1982)_ (qv).

- Many of the ``props in the film are made by ``Acme.

- Contains intentional continuity errors.

- The words ``A 'Franco Columbu' (qv) film appear on the screen at the

beginning of Jack Slater IV.Columbu is a legendary bodybuilder friend of

star 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv)'s, who has appeared in the following films

with him: _Pumping Iron (1977)_ (qv), _Conan the Barbarian (1981)_ (qv),

_The Terminator (1984)_ (qv), _The Running Man (1987)_ (qv).

- The schoolteacher who praises 'Laurence Olivier' (qv)'s performance was

played by 'Joan Plowright' (qv), who is Olivier's widow.

- The video _Christmas in Connecticut (1992) (TV)_ (qv) (directed by

Schwarzenegger) is visible in the video store.

- After Benedict murders the car mechanic and wants to confess, you

can see someone in the background carrying a pair of recently stolen shoes.

- The following people are listed in the credits as having a cameo appearance:

'Sharon Stone' (qv), 'Robert Patrick' (qv), 'Tina Turner' (qv),

'James Belushi' (qv), 'Jean-Claude Van Damme' (qv), 'Keith Barish' (qv),

'Chevy Chase' (qv), 'Chris Connelly' (qv), 'Karen Duffy' (qv),

'Larry Ferguson' (qv), 'Leeza Gibbons' (qv), 'Hammer' (qv),

'Little Richard' (qv), 'Maria Shriver' (qv), 'Mario Van Peebles' (qv),

'Damon Wayans' (qv),

- ACTTRADE(Arnold Schwarzenegger): ``I'll be back!

  • Last Boy Scout, The (1991)

- The movie that Darian is watching on TV is

_Lethal Weapon (1987)_ (qv), which was also written by 'Shane Black' (qv).

- Joe ('Bruce Willis' (qv)) mentions ``reindeer goat cheese pizza, which

Willis also mentioned in _Hudson Hawk (1991)_ (qv).

  • Last Outpost, The (1951)

- 'Ronald Reagan' (qv) was a serious breeder of horses during this period of

his career and insisted on riding his favorite mare in this film.

  • Last Performance, The (1929)

- 'Bela Lugosi' (qv) dubbed 'Conrad Veidt' (qv)'s voice for the Hungarian


  • Last Starfighter, The (1984)

- The first movie to do all special effects (except makeup) on a computer.

All shots of spacecraft, space, etc generated on a CRAY computer.Some

objects had over 300 000 polygons, but all of the special effects shots for

the movie took only eight hours to generate.

  • Laughing Gravy (1931)

- The ``inheritance plotline (cut from the original release) was restorted

from the workprint discovered in 1985.

  • Laughing Sinners (1931)

- Most of the film was shot with 'Johnny Mack Brown' (qv) in the role of

Carl when it was decided to trash this footage and reshoot it with

'Clark Gable' (qv).

  • Lawnmower Man, The (1992)

- Early versions of the film alluded that they were related to a

'Stephen King' (qv) work.King did write a short story called ``The

Lawnmower Man, but it was completely different to the movie.King sued

the film makers, and had his name removed from the film.

  • Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

- Although 220 minutes long, no women have speaking roles in this film.

  • Laws of Gravity (1992)

- The film just took 12 days to shoot and the whole production cost was

about $US38,000.

  • League of Their Own, A (1992)

- 'John Lovitz' (qv) had a more substantial role, but it was cut.

- 'Debra Winger' (qv) was originally going to appear in the film, but backed

out when Madonna was signed.

- 'Tom Hanks' (qv) gained much weight in preparation for his role.

- The old Dottie and Kit are played by other actor, but their voices

are dubbed over by 'Geena Davis' (qv) and 'Lori Petty' (qv).

- The characters at the hall of fame and seen playing after the game are

real players from the league portrayed in the film.

  • Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

- Author 'John O'Brien' (qv), on whose autobiography this movie is based,

committed suicide two weeks after the movie went into production.Director

'Mike Figgis' (qv) contemplated abandoning the project, but decided the

film would make a good memorial for O'Brien.

- DIRCAMEO(Mike Figgis): the smiling singer in the ``Red Mutten

advertisments.In the credits, ``Red Mutten is listed as a recording

studio in Barnet, London.

  • Leon (1994)

- DIRTRADE(Luc Besson): [reno]

- DIRTRADE(Luc Besson): [music]

- DIRTRADE(Luc Besson): [intro]

  • Let Him Have It (1991)

- Original director 'Alex Cox' (qv) was replaced by 'Peter Medak' (qv) becuase

Cox wanted to film in black and white.

  • Let's Make Love (1960)

- 'Arthur Miller' (qv) revised the script so that more emphasis was given to

his wife, 'Marilyn Monroe' (qv).'Gregory Peck' (qv), originally cast

opposite Monroe, left the project, unhappy about the way his role and been

diminished.He said the script was ``now about as funny as pushing Grandma

down the stairs in a wheelchair.

- 'Cary Grant' (qv), 'Charlton Heston' (qv), 'Rock Hudson' (qv),

'James Stewart' (qv), and 'Yul Brynner' (qv) all turned down the male lead.

'Yves Montand' (qv) was cast after starring in _Crucible, The (1957)_ (qv),

based on a play also written by Miller.

- CAMEO(Gene Kelly): himself

- CAMEO(Bing Crosby): himself

- CAMEO(Milton Berle): himself

  • Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

- Director 'Richard Donner' (qv) is an animal-rights and pro-choice activist,

and placed many posters and stickers for these causes in the film.Of note

are the T-shirt worn by one of Murtagh's daughters (the actor's idea), and

an 18-wheeler with an anti-fur slogan on the side.

- Murtagh and Riggs drive past a cinema advertising _Radio Flyer (1992)_ (qv),

also directed by Donner.

  • Letzte Mann, Der (1924)

- Writer 'Carl Mayer' (qv) originally did not want to have a happy ending.

There is a rumor that he was forced to do so by the production company,

and ironic text before the epilog saying that the writer had sympathy for

the old doorman.

  • Liberty (1929)

-Released in silent and limited sound versions.

Life and Times of

  • Licence to Kill (1989)

- The film's working title was ``License Revoked but was later changed when

it was found to confuse test audiences in America.Titled ``The Cancelled

License in Japan.

- The film was originally to be set in China but production difficulties

became insurmountable.

- CAMEO(Pedro Armendariz Jr.): Kerim Bay's son.Pedro Armendariz Sr.

played Kerim Bay in _From Russia with Love (1963)_ (qv).

- 'David Henderson' (qv) returns as Felix Leiter, a role he first played

in _Live and Let Die (1973)_ (qv).

- In the final chase sequence just after 007 lands on the tanker, Sanchez fires

at Bond hitting the truck's fuel tanks. The sound of the bullets ricocheting

off the tanks plays the start of the James Bond theme.

- At the end of the film, the credits say ``James Bond will return.

  • Liebe im Ring (1930)

- Planned as a silent film, but a script was added when orders came to make

it a ``talkie.

  • Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (1981) (TV)

- The original cast had 'Ben Kingsley' (qv) in the role of Mr. Squeers.

- The day of the technical rehearsal for the second play (part II), the

actors were still getting new lines, and a few of the scenes had only been

rehearsed once. The unfinished state of the production led 'Trevor Nunn' (qv)

to ask the cast to mill about in the audience, before the curtain,

out of character, to explain the situation to them. This became

part of the production.

  • Life of Brian (1979)

- Numerous title changes: ``Monty Python's Life of Brian, etc.

- More footage of the Judean People's Front crack suicide squad was filmed but

not included.Also edited out was a section during the kidnapping of

Pilate's wife where she thumps Brian on the head.

- CAMEO(George Harrison): Mr Papadopolous, owner of ``The Mount, who

shakes hands with Brian and gives a very Liverpudlian ``'ullo.

  • Lifeboat (1944)

- Much of the cast caught pneumonia from constant exposure to cold water.

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): in ``before and ``after pictures in a

newspaper advert for Reduco the Obesity slayer. The pictures were genuine,

as he had just been on a crash diet (although not with the fictional Reduco).

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [bathroom]: John Kovac's ``BM tattoo.

  • Light Sleeper (1991)

- In one scene, John LeTour ('Willem Dafoe' (qv)) is shown sitting on his bed

watching old photographs and listening to some CDs. One of the CDs is the

soundtrack from Walter Hill's _Streets of Fire (1984)_ (qv), which was

Dafoe's first starring role.

- The film briefly shown on TV in Ann's home at the beginning is

'Kenneth Anger' (qv)'s cult movie _Scorpio Rising (1964)_ (qv).

  • Limelight (1952)

- 'Charles Chaplin' (qv)'s film about a vaudeville comic on the decline

features a scene in which Chaplin, as the elderly Calvero, makes his

comeback in a music hall sketch. The routine, which originally ran 10

minutes, has Calvero performing on stage with an old colleague, played by

'Buster Keaton' (qv).It has been said that while Chaplin was good, Keaton

was sensational.Consequently, Chaplin allowed only a small portion of the

scene to remain in release prints.

  • Limit Up (1989)

- CAMEO(Sally Kellerman): night club singer

  • Lion King, The (1994)

- Simba says to Scar ('Jeremy Irons' (qv)) ``You're so weird.Scar replies:

``You have no idea!, the same reply that Irons used in

_Reversal of Fortune (1990)_ (qv).

- One of the bugs that Timon pulls out of a knothole during ``Hakuna Matada

is wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

- There are various rumours that when Simba collapses on the cliff after

talking with Timon and Pumbaa about stars, the dust that flies off the

cliff forms the letters ``SEX.

  • Lisztomania (1975)

- The ``Millionairess and ``Most promising Actress as addressed in the

concert scene are none other than Madame von Meck and Alma Mahler from

Ken Russell's previous films _The Music Lovers (1970)_ (qv) and

_Mahler (1974)_ (qv).

- When Liszt ('Roger Daltrey' (qv)) changes into a dress at Carolyne's

command, he changes behind a screen with a painting of royalty.The man in

the painting is 'Pete Townshend' (qv), from the rock band 'The Who' (qv),

of which Daltrey is the lead singer.

- CAMEO(Oliver Reed): the man who seals the door of the ``fumigation room at

Carolyne's palace.

- DIRTRADE(Ken Russell): [snake]:The flames of Liszt's piano turn Wagner's

sword into a snake.

- DIRTRADE(Ken Russell): [primary colors]:The "lasers blasts" which destroy

Wagner/Hitler at the end of the film.

  • Little Darlings (1980)

- 'Kristy McNichol' (qv) took up smoking as part of the preperation for the

role, but couldn't quit the habit.

  • Little Man Tate (1991)

- 'Jodie Foster' (qv) became director after 'Joe Dante' (qv) left due to

creative differences.

  • Little Mermaid, The (1989)

- 1,000 different colors were used on 1,100 backgrounds.over one million

drawings were done in total.

- The two minute storm took 10 special effects artists over a year to finish.

- Some versions of the videotape had the likeness of a penis on the cover.

It's the highest tower in the middle of the castle in the background.

- The Tiny Toon Adventure script writer 'Sheri Stoner' (qv) was used as the

model for Ariel.See also _Beauty and the Beast (1991)_ (qv). [or was it

Alyssa Milano?]

  • Little Miss Marker (1934)

- 'Adolphe Menjou' (qv) was having difficulty with a particular line in

the script.At the prompting of others on the set, 'Shirley Temple' (qv),

(aged 6) turned to director 'Alexander Hall' (qv) and asked ``Is it too late

to replace Mr. Menjou on this picture?.

  • Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

- Originally included an extended sequence for the song ``The Meek Shall


- The original ending featured extensive model shots of Audrey 2 wreaking havoc

on the city to the song ``Don't Feed the Plants.The ending was reshot

after bad preview audience reaction.

  • Little Shop of Horrors, The (1960)

- Filmed in just two days and nights.

  • Little Women (1994)

- At the end of the credits, the film is dedicated to two persons, one of whom

is 'Polly Klaas' (qv), the 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped from her

Petaluma, California, home in 1993 and later found murdered.

'Wynona Ryder' (qv), much of whose youth was spent in Petaluma, joined in

the highly publicized search effort and made a number of emotional

appeals for the child's safe return.

  • Live and Let Die (1973)

- 'Sean Connery' (qv) turned down the then astronomic sum of $5.5 million to

play James Bond.

- 'Roger Moore' (qv)'s first appearance as James Bond.

- UA wanted an American to play Bond: 'Burt Reynolds' (qv), 'Paul Newman' (qv)

and 'Robert Redford' (qv) were all considered. Producer Cubby Broccoli,

however, insisted that the part should be played by a Briton and put

forward Moore.'Sean Connery' (qv) had previously turned down $5.5 million

to play the role.

- Moore should not have been available for the part since at the time he was

committed to Sir 'Lew Grade' (qv)'s ``The Persuaders with

'Tony Curtis' (qv), but when the show flopped in the US he was prematurely

released from his contract.Moore was author 'Ian Flemming' (qv)'s original

choice for Bond, but he was comitted to _"The Saint" (1967)_ (qv) when the

earlier films were in production.

- All of Moore's contracts include an unlimited supply of hand rolled

Monte Cristo cigars (in one 007 movie the final bill comes to 3176.50


- Live and Let Die is the first 007 score not to involve 'John Barry' (qv);

former Beatles producer 'George Martin' (qv) does the job instead.

- Unlike the previous four Bond movies, it is not filmed in Panavision.

- The film is titled ``The Dead Slave in Japan.

- The power-boat jump over the causeway set the world record for distance:

110 feet. The second boat was not scripted to collide with the police car,

but after this happened while shooting the stunt, the script was changed to

accommodate it.

  • Living Daylights, The (1987)

- 'Timothy Dalton' (qv)'s first appearance as James Bond.

'Pierce Brosnan' (qv) was the hot favorite to replace 'Roger Moore' (qv)

but was ruled out because of his contractual obligations to

_"Remington Steele" (1982)_ (qv). Other actors considered included

'Sam Neill' (qv) and 'Finlay Light' (qv).

- 'Maryam d'Abo' (qv) gets a lead role after screen tests with Brosnan.

- The film's title is ``The Breeze of Death in Germany.

- The film's title is ``Killing is no Game in France.

- In the opening scene at Gibraltar, real military installations were used.

These included a Ministry of Defence road not open to the public.The

machine gun nest on the airstrip was not authentic.

  • Lobster Man from Mars (1989)

- 'Orson Welles' (qv) came up with the title for this movie.He had originally

agreed to play the part of the producer, but died before production began.

- On the last day of shooting, director 'Stanley Sheff' (qv) and producer

'Steven Greene' (qv) bought the entire cast and crew an expensive lobster


  • Lodger, The (1926)

- Hitchcock wanted an ambiguous ending to the film, but the studio wouldn't

allow it to be implied that the lodger might actually be the murderer.

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): a desk in the newsroom early in the film.

Some people claim he also appears later in the crowd lynch scene.

  • London After Midnight (1927)

- 'Lon Chaney' (qv) wore a set of false animal teech that hurt him so much

that he could only wear them for a few minutes at a time.

  • Long Riders, The (1980)

- CAMEO(Ry Cooder): the saloon singer.Cooder composed the soundtrack.

  • Long Voyage Home, The (1940)

- 'John Wayne' (qv) was asked by director 'John Ford' (qv) to play the part of

Ole Olson, who happened to be Swedish.Wayne wasn't sure he could

pull off the Swedish accent, and was worried that the audience would laugh.

Ford persuaded Wayne to take the role.

  • Longest Day, The (1962)

- 'Richard Todd' (qv) (Major Howard of the British 6th Airborne)

was himself in Normandy on D-Day, as Lt. Todd of the British 6th Airborne.

- As a 22-year-old private, 'Joseph Lowe' (qv) landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day

with the Fifth Ranger Battalion and scaled the cliffs at Pointe Du Hoc.He

scaled those hundred-foot cliffs all over again, for the cameras, some 17

years later, acting as a member of the 505th Infantry Battle Group.

  • Longxiong Hudi (1986)

- While filming a stunt, 'Jackie Chan' (qv) missed a tree branch and hit his

head on a rock, nearly killing him and leaving him with a permanent

thimble-sized hole on the right side of his head.

  • Lords of the Deep (1989)

- CAMEO(Roger Corman):

  • Love Happy (1949)

- 'Groucho Marx' (qv) informed 'Marilyn Monroe' (qv) that he had a role which

called for ``a young lady who can walk by me in such a manner as to arouse

my elderly libido and cause smoke to issue from my ears.Monroe obliged

and was quickly cast.

  • Love Is Better Than Ever (1952)

- CAMEO(Gene Kelly):

  • Lucky Partners (1940)

- The working titles were ``Good Luck and ``Change Your Luck.

  • M (1931)

- 'Peter Lorre' (qv)'s whistling was dubbed by director 'Fritz Lang' (qv).

  • Mable's Strange Predicament (1914)

- Banned by Swedish censons, who found it ``brutalising becuase of the

amorous scenes.

  • Macbeth (1948)

- One of the witches is played by 'Brainerd Duffield' (qv), a man.

  • Mackenna's Gold (1969)

- The canyon was purchased as unsafe by the movie company, and actually

destroyed on film.

  • Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1995)

- The Drug Squad officer was originally to be called MacKenzie but was

renamed Stringer at a late stage because there is a real life MacKenzie at

Scotland Yard.

- Although 'Tim Sewell' (qv) is credited with writing the screenplay from an

original story by director 'Henry Cole' (qv), shortly before the

start of principle photography, Cole himself re-wrote some sections

of the script to bring out the British upper-class eccentricity which he

felt was missing.

- CAMEO (Patrick Lichfield): the photographer taking a family portrait of the

Dyer family at their country seat.

  • Mad Max (1979)

- Often shown with American voiced dubbed in.

- The car that Max drives (the ``last of the V8 interceptors) is a

production car, the Ford ``XB Falcon Hardtop, sold in Australia from

December 1973 until August 1976.The car in the film had a standard 351

cubic inch (5.8 litre) V8 motor.

  • Mad Max 2 (1981)

- Released as ``The Road Warrior in the United States, and was dubbed with

American accents.

  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

- The script called for Aunt Entity ('Tina Turner' (qv)) to drive a vehicle.

All of the vehicles were stick-shifts, which Turner couldn't drive, so a

special automatic had to be constructed.

  • Made in America (1993)

- The African Craft Shop is in the same street as a cinema advertising ``A

Paula Prentiss Retrospective.Prentiss is the wife of director

'Richard Benjamin' (qv).

  • Made in Heaven (1987)

- CAMEO(Debra Winger): Emmert, the apparently male entity who ``runs

things in heaven.

  • Madness of King George, The (1994)

- The ``III was dropped from the title of the film for fear that American

cinemagoers might think it was a sequel.

  • Maedchen Juanita, Das (1945)

- This comedy with the working title ``Frau ueber Bord (Kabine 27) could

not be finished in 1945 because of the end of World War II.It was then

edited with material from the archives and released in West Germany seven

years later in 1952.

  • Magnificent Ambersons, The (1942)

- The newspaper showing headlines indicating the explosion that injured

George Amberson Minafer.Also visible in that newspaper is an article

written by ``Jed Leland, a character from _Citizen Kane (1941)_ (qv),

also directed by 'Orson Welles' (qv).

- RKO chopped 20 minutes of the film and added a happy ending when Welles

was out of the country.

  • Magnificent Doll (1946)

- The night before shooting was to start, a game of hide-and-seek was held

during a party.'Primula Niven' (qv) (wife of 'David Niven' (qv)) opened

a door she thought led to a closet and fell down the stairs to her death.

  • Mai Nei Dak Gung Dui (1979)

- 'Jackie Chan' (qv) appeared in this film as a personal favour to producer

'Wei Lo' (qv), who had helped him out with problems he had with the Chinese


  • Major and the Minor, The (1942)

- It was decided to include scenes of [?]'s ('Ginger Rogers' (qv)'s) mother.

'Spring Byington' (qv) was the first choice but was appearing in another

film.Rogers suggested her real mother 'Lela Rogers' (qv), who got the role.

  • Make Mine Music (1946)

- Animation in the Tone Poem: Blue Bayou was originally created for the deleted

``Clair de lune sequence of _Fantasia (1940)_.

  • Mallrats (1995)

- 'Jason Mewes' (qv) was nearly replaced as Jay, the studio attempting

to replace him up until the screening of the first dailies.

  • Maltese Falcon, The (1941)

- 'George Raft' (qv) was originally cast as Sam Spade.He turned it

down because it was ``not an important picture, taking advantage of a

clause in his contract that he did not have to work on remakes.

- The Shakespeare reference that ends the film was suggested by

'Humphrey Bogart' (qv).

- CAMEO(Walter Huston): Captain Jacobi

- DIRTRADE(John Huston): [father]

  • Mambo Kings, The (1992)

- 'Antonio Banderas' (qv) couldn't speak English when this movie was filmed,

and thus performed all his lines phonetically.

  • Man About Town (1939)

- Originally, this film was to feature 'Betty Grable' (qv) opposite

'Jack Benny' (qv) in the role of Diana Wilson, but because of illness

she had to be replaced by 'Dorothy Lamour' (qv).She recovered in time,

however to contribute a song.

  • Man Called Adam, A (1966)

- Adam's trumpet playing was actually done by 'Nat Adderley' (qv).

  • Man of the House (1995)

- Ben Archer ('Jonathan Taylor Thomas' (qv)) can be seen sitting under a tree

reading a comic book based on _The Lion King (1994)_ (qv), which also

starred Thomas.

  • Man Who Came Back, The (1931)

- 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) was 'Charles Farrell' (qv)'s voice coach.He and

several other actors had thought they were getting Farrell's part.

  • Man Who Fell to Earth, The (1976)

- The power-boat jump in this movie broke the world record for distance,

previously set during the making of _Live and Let Die (1973)_ (qv).

  • Man Who Knew Too Much, The (1934)

- The gun battle at the end was based on an unprecedented real-life ``Sidney

Street siege that had recently occured in London.

- Remade as _The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)_ (qv), again by

'Alfred Hitchcock' (qv).

  • Man Who Knew Too Much, The (1956)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): in the Moroccan marketplace watching the

acrobats with his back to the camera just before the murder.

- 'Bernard Herrmann' (qv) (the composer of the score) can be seen conducting

the orchestra during the Albert Hall sequence.

- The plot calls for a man to be discovered as ``not Moroccan because he was

wearing black makeup.The makeup artists couldn't find a black substance

that would come off easily, and so they painted the fingers of the other man

white, so that he would leave pale streaks on the other man's skin.

- The Albert Hall sequence lasts 12 minutes without a single word of dialogue

and consists of 124 shots.

- The film was unavailable for decades because its rights (together with four

other pictures of the same periods') were bought back by Hitchcock and left

as part of his legacy to his daughter. They've been known for long as the

infamous ``5 lost Hitchcocks amongst film buffs, and were re-released in

theathers around 1984 after a 30-years absence. They are

_Rear Window (1954)_ (qv), _The Trouble with Harry (1955)_ (qv),

_Rope (1948)_ (qv), _Vertigo (1958)_ (qv) and

_The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)_ (qv).

- 'Alfred Hitchcock' (qv) previously filmed this story as

_The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)_ (qv).

  • Man Who Talked Too Much, The (1940)

- 'George Reeves' (qv)' role as the first hotel clerk was filmed but cut.

- The script was unfinished at the start of production and was revised


  • Man with the Golden Gun, The (1974)

- Title role originally offered to 'Jack Palance' (qv), but was eventually

played by 'Christopher Lee' (qv).Lee is author 'Ian Fleming' (qv)'s cousin.

See also _Dr. No (1962)_ (qv).

- 'Britt Ekland' (qv) auditioned for the role of Scaramanga's mistress, but

director 'Guy Hamilton' (qv) offered her the role of Mary Goodnight after

seeing her in a bikini.

- J W Pepper ('Clifton James' (qv)) is a sheriff from Lousiana that James Bond

met in _Live and Let Die (1973)_ (qv).While chasing Scaramanga, Bond teams

up with Pepper, who is on holidays in Thailand.

- The spiral ``Javelin Jump was inspired from an American Motors Corporation

promotional tour which was running around the time the movie was made.The

jump was performed of a modified 1974 Hornet X: special suspension, a six

cylinder engine (for reduced weight), centered steering wheel, and a special

fuel system to stop the car stalling when turning over.During AMC's

promotional tour, they had a few mishaps (including a roof landing when the

car stalled on approach to the ramp), but the stunt that appeared in the

film was done on the first take.A group of university students came up with

the original idea, and used a computer to calculate the necessary

environment.Although the bridge halves look dilapidated, they were

constructed to these exacting specifications.The stunt car had to approach

the ramp at right-angles, do a sharp turn, and then hit the ramp at a

predetermined speed.

- 'Alice Cooper' (qv)'s ``Muscle of Love album has a song ``Man With the

Golden Gun on it.The CD version includes notes claiming it was to be the

theme song of the movie, but the producers chickened out.

- First 007 movie to be shown at the Kremlin.

- The last 007 movie co-produced by 'Harry Saltzman' (qv).Following many

creative differences, he sold his 50% share in the Bond franchise to United


  • Man with Two Brains, The (1983)

- CAMEO(Sissy Spacek): the voice of Ann Uumellmahaye.

  • Manchurian Candidate, The (1962)

- 'Frank Sinatra' (qv) broke one of his fingers in the fight sequence with

'Henry Silva' (qv).

- 'Angela Lansbury' (qv) plays the lead character's mother, even though she is

actually younger than him.

- All the members of the platoon in Korea are named after cast and crew of

the TV show ``You'll Mever Get Rich.

- It took a full week to film the opening dream sequence.Director

'John Frankenheimer' (qv) rushed a rough edit of the sequence to Sinatra,

then decided to keep the cut in the final movie unchanged.

  • Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)

- Lead role written for 'Mia Farrow' (qv), but 'Dianne Keaton' (qv) got the

role following Farrow's breakup with the film's director 'Woody Allen' (qv).

  • Manhunter (1986)

- The events in this film occur before the events in

_The Silence of the Lambs (1991)_ (qv).Although there are several

characters common to both films, there are only two actors who appear in

both movies.Ironically, they both play different characters in both films.

'Frankie Faison' (qv) plays Lt Fisk in _Manhunter (1986)_ (qv), and Barney in

_The Silence of the Lambs (1991)_ (qv), and 'Dan Butler' (qv) plays an FBI

fingerprint expert in _Manhunter (1986)_ (qv), and an entymologist in

_The Silence of the Lambs (1991)_ (qv).

  • Manpower (1942)

- 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) was originally cast in this film, but

'George Raft' (qv) refused to work with him.

  • Marathon Man (1976)

- 'Dustin Hoffman' (qv) (being a ``method actor) stayed up all night to play

a character who has stayed up all night.Arriving on the set,

'Laurence Olivier' (qv) asked him why he looked they way he did.Hoffman

told him, to which Olivier replied in jest: ``Why not try acting?It's much


  • Maria Rosa (1916)

- 'Lou Tellegen' (qv) (who had starred on Broadway as Andreas in the stage

version) was consulted in the production of this film, the result of

which was that he met and married the film's star ('Geraldine Farrar' (qv)).

  • Marie Antoinette (1938)

- Originally to be directed by 'Sidney Franklin' (qv), but replaced by

'William S. Van Dyke' (qv).

  • Marked Woman (1937)

- 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) and 'Mayo Methot' (qv) fell in love during production.

They were married as soon as he had divorced his second wife

'Mary Philips' (qv).

  • Marnie (1964)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): 5 minutes into the film, in the hotel

corridor as Marnie walks by.

- The production company created for the film, ``Geoffrey Stanley was named

after Hitchcock's pet dogs.

- Hitchcock and 'Tippi Hedren' (qv) had a major falling out during the filming

and by the end he directed her through intermediaries.

- 'Bruce Dern' (qv) can be seen briefly as the sailor in Marnie's flashback.

- Hitchcock wanted 'Grace Kelly' (qv) to make her screen comeback in the title

role, but the people of Monaco were not happy with the idea of their princess

playing a compulsive thief.

  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)

- 'Robert De Niro' (qv) studied stroke victims to get a purchase on speech

that is struggling to emerge.

  • Masquerade (1988)

- About thirty minutes in the movie, there's a cut to a night scene on a beach.

It's rumoured that there is a subliminal message (visible only in widescreen)

written on the face of the wave in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Matter of Life and Death, A (1946)

- For the table tennis scene, 'Kim Hunter' (qv) and 'Roger Livesey' (qv) were

trained by 'Alan Brooke' (qv), the British champion who has played many

games with International champion 'Victor Barna' (qv).During a visit to

Denham Studios the two champions played a couple of games before an admiring

audience of artists and technicians.For luck, Hunter borrowed one of

Brook's tournament bats for her film game.

- The huge escalator linking this World with the Other, called ``Operation

Ethel by the firm of engineers who constructed her under the aegis of the

London Passenger Transport Board, took three months to make and cost 3,000

pounds (in 1946).``Ethel had 106 steps each 20 feet wide and was driven

by a 12 h.p. engine.The full shot was completed by hanging minatures.

- The backcloth of the High Court scene, suggesting tiers of seats stretching

into infinity, measured 350 feet long and 40 feet high.Altogether 8

backcloths of similar large dimensions were used in Other World scenes, and

29 elaborate sets were constructed.In all these vast scenes 5,375 crowd

artistes were used, including real R.A.F. crews, Red Cross nurses and


  • Maurice (1987)

- CAMEO(Helena Bonham Carter): ???.Carter starred in director

'James Ivory' (qv)'s previous film, _A Room with a View (1986)_ (qv).

  • Maverick (1994)

- 'Meg Ryan' (qv) was the original choice for Annabelle.

- 'Mel Gibson' (qv) had special lessons to learn how to draw a gun from

a holster.

- CAMEO(Danny Glover): bank robber.Glover's and 'Mel Gibson' (qv)'s

characters appear to almost recognize each other.This is a reference

to _Lethal Weapon (1987)_ (qv),_Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)_ (qv), and

_Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)_ (qv), all of which were also directed by

'Richard Donner' (qv).

  • Maximum Overdrive (1986)

- DIRCAMEO(Stephen King): man who the ATM swears at.

  • Mean Streets (1973)

- DIRCAMEO(Martin Scorsese): the hit man who shoots Johnny Boy.

- DIRTRADE(Martin Scorsese): [mother]: the woman who comes to Teresa's aid

when she has an epileptic fit.

- CAMEO(Elizabeth Scorsese): the woman who comes to Teresa's aid when she

has an epileptic fit.

  • Meatballs Part II (1984)

- Cheryl ('Kim Richards' (qv)) is asked if she comes from another planet (due

to her lack of experience with boys).Cheryl replies that she sort of is.

Richards played a young alien girl, marooned on earth, in two Disney movies:

_Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)_ (qv), and

_Return from Witch Mountain (1978)_ (qv).

  • Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

- Producer-lyricist 'Arthur Freed' (qv) dubbed the singing for

'Leon Ames' (qv).

- 'Van Johnson'(qv) was supposed to play John Truett, but 'Tom Drake'(qv)

took over.

- To get just the right emotional response from 'Margaret O'Brien' (qv) in

the famous backyard snowman-bashing scene, director 'Vincente Minnelli' (qv)

told the child just before shooting that her pet dog had been run over.He

then ordered the scene to roll, and O'Brien carried it out on a near-

hysterical level.

  • Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992)

- The soundtrack by 'Shirley Walker' (qv) was the first major Hollywood studio

picture with a complete orchestral score written by a woman.

  • Men at Work (1990)

- The two hit men drive a car with a number plate ``HITMEN.

  • Men in Black (1934)

- The bizarre medical terminology used by the Stooges was ad-libbed.

- 'Curly Howard' (qv)'s famous line ``Woo-woo-woo-woo was used when

he forgot his lines, but soon became a standard.

  • Mermaids (1990)

- 'Winona Ryder' (qv) replaced 'Emily Lloyd' (qv) becuase it was thought that

Lloyd looked to genetically dissimilar to 'Cher' (qv).

  • Merry-Go-Round (1922)

- 'Erich Von Stroheim' (qv) was replace by 'Rupert Julian' (qv) becuase

producer 'Irving Thalberg' (qv) discovered that Von Stroheim wanted all

the extras to wear silk underwear embroidered with the Austrian/Hungarian

crown, despite the fact that they would never be seen.

  • Metropolis (1926)

- A version of this silent film was released in 1984, featuring a soundtrack

produced by 'Georgio Moroder' (qv).This version is also color tinted.

  • Meyer aus Berlin (1919)

- The film was believed to be lost, but it was discovered in the Netherland's

film archives titled ``Sally geht auf Reisen.

  • Midnight (1939)

- 'Barbara Stanwyck' (qv) was originally slated for the role of Eve Peabody,

but was replaced by 'Claudette Colbert' (qv) because of scheduling problems.

- 'Mary Astor' (qv)'s pregnancy caused some filming problems.

  • Midnight Cowboy (1969)

- CAMEO(M. Emmet Walsh):

  • Midnight Run (1988)

- 'Robert De Niro' (qv) spent time with bounty hunters as part of his

preparation for this role.

- 'Charles Grodin' (qv) changed a line in the screenplay from ``As an

accountant to ``As your accountant to show the growing bond between the

two characters.

- Universal Studios wanted to cast 'Robin Williams' (qv) instead of Grodin.

Williams was eager to play the part, willing to do many screen tests.

Director 'Martin Brest' (qv) was so impressed with the way that Grodin and

De Niro worked together that he cast Grodin against the wishes of the studio.

- Grodin has permanent scars resulting from the real handcuffs he had to wear

for a great deal of the film.

  • Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1935)

- 'Mickey Rooney' (qv) broke his leg during filming, and was wheeled around

behind bushes on a bicycle during filming.

  • Midway (1976)

- Originally shown in Sensurround, a system which had special low-pitch woofers

for sound effects.

  • Mighty Ducks, The (1992)

- Number 10 on the Duck's rival team, the Hawks, is named Herek.The film was

directed by 'Stephen Herek' (qv).

  • Milky Way, The (1936)

- When a suitable white horse for Burheigh could not be found, make-up artists

were called upon to bleach a dark-colored horse blonde.

  • Miller's Crossing (1990)

- CAMEO(Frances McDormand): the mayor's secretary

  • Millions Like Us (1943)

- Charters and Caldicott are characters who also appeared in

_Night Train to Munich (1940)_ (qv) and _The Lady Vanishes (1938)_ (qv)

films also written by 'Sidney Gilliat' (qv) and co-director

'Frank Launder' (qv).

  • Mirror Has Two Faces, The (1996)

- 'Dudley Moore' (qv) was originally cast in the role of [Jeff Bridges].

  • Misery (1990)

- A video of _When Harry Met Sally... (1989)_ (qv) (also directed by

'Rob Reiner' (qv)) is visible in the general store.

- The ``guy who went mad in a hotel nearby is a reference to

_The Shining (1980)_ (qv), also based on a novel written by

'Stephen King' (qv).

- CAMEO(J.T. Walsh): park ranger

- DIRCAMEO(Rob Reiner): the helicopter pilot.

  • Misfits, The (1961)

- United Artists executives were unhappy with the rough cut of the film, so

director 'John Huston' (qv), producer 'Frank E. Taylor' (qv), and writer

'Arthur (I) Miller' (qv) all agreed to reshoot several scenes.

'Clark Gable' (qv) had script approval, however, and he rejected the idea.

Other disagreements over the final cut resulted in the elimination of a

shot of 'Marilyn Monroe' (qv)'s naked breast from the bedroom scene.

- Bored while waiting for Monroe to turn up on the set, Gable opted to do

his own stunts, which included being dragged by a truck travelling at

30 mph.

- On the last day of filming, Gable said ``Christ, I'm glad this picture's

finished.She [Monroe] damn near gave me a heart attack.The next day,

Gable suffered a massive heart attack and died 11 days later.

  • Miss Sadie Thompson (1953)

- CONT: Sergeant O'Hara's shirt is wet with sweat as he leaves the radio tent

but dry as he exits.

  • Mit den Augen einer Frau (1942)

- Banned by censors since 4th Nov, 1942.

  • Mixed Nuts (1994)

- the landlord's name is Tannenbaum (German for ``christmas tree). After he

is shot, his body is disguised as a Christmas tree.

  • Mo' Better Blues (1990)

- 'Joi Lee' (qv) is director 'Spike Lee' (qv)'s sister.At the wedding, her

character is given away a character played by their real-life father Bill.

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1974)

- When Arthur rides into the village where the ``witch is about to be burnt,

Bedivere is holding a coconut slung between two swallows.

- Some major scenes scripted, but never filmed:

- additional ``Knights who say Ni! scene, they intend to call themselves

``the Knights of Nicky-Nicky

- additional police detective scenes

- several scenes where Arthur and the knights meet ``King Brian, the Wild.

- After the Bridgekeeper, they come upon the Boatkeeper.``He who would

cross the Sea of Fate Must answer me these questions twenty-eight!

- The gorilla hand turning the pages was director 'Terry Gilliam' (qv)'s.

- At the beginning of the ``Bring out your dead scene, two nuns with gigantic

mallets can be seen.The original script called for them to be pounding on a

man tied to a cart, but the scene was cut and that glimpse is all that


- Many scenes were filmed in a city park beside one of London's busiest


- Many subtle instances of cat abuse: during the ``bring out your dead scene,

the old woman the knights say ``Ni! at, etc.

- Most of the castles were cardboard cutouts, and indeed the trailer shows

one of them falling over.

  • Moon Over Parador (1988)

- DIRCAMEO(Paul Mazursky): in drag

  • Moonraker (1979)

- Drax' Venice laboratory has an electronic lock on it.The sequence which

unlocks the door is the hailing tune from

_Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)_ (qv).

- Despite the previous 007 film telling us that James Bond will return in

_For Your Eyes Only (1981)_ (qv), producer Cubby Broccoli choose

_Moonraker (1979)_ (qv) as the next installment after the success of

_Star Wars (1977)_ (qv).

- The role of Drax was originally offered to 'James Mason' (qv).

- 'Lois Chiles' (qv) had originally been offered the role of Anya in

_The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)_ (qv), but turned down the part when she

decided to take temporary retirement. She got the role of Mary Goodhead by

chance when she was given the seat next to 'Lewis Gilbert' (qv) on a flight.

- 'Richard Kiel' (qv) returns as Jaws, a role he first played in

_The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)_ (qv), his only line is ``Well, here's to us.

  • Moonstruck (1987)

- 'Nicholas Cage' (qv) plays Ronny, a man with only one arm.In Cage's

previous role in _Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)_ (qv), Cage's character

begged Peggy to marry him, saying he doesn't know what the future might

bring: he might lose his arm.

  • Moonwalker (1988)

- The bad guy's name is ``Frank Lideo.One of the film's executive

producers is 'Frank Deleo' (qv), 'Michael Jackson' (qv)'s long-time manager.

  • Mountain Eagle, The (1925)

- No prints of this film ('Alfred Hitchcock' (qv)'s second) are known to have

survived and no one has seen it since the late 1920s.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about half way through the movie passing

David Smith in front of his building.

- Hitchcock's only screwball comedy. He was talked into directing it by

'Carole Lombard' (qv).

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [bathroom]: a conversation is made difficult

by a noisy flushing toilet.

  • Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962)

- References to: _It's a Wonderful Life (1946)_ (qv).

  • Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)

- Begun as a Charlie Chan film (``Charlie Chan at the Ringside, but upon the

death of Chan star 'Warner Oland' (qv), the script was hastily rewritten to

accommodate Fox's other Asian sleuth, Mr. Moto.The presence of Chan's son

Lee is evidence of the grafting of one movie onto another series.

  • Mr. Sycamore (1974)

- CAMEO(Oingo Boingo): inmates in the asylum.

  • Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

- When the family is looking for Mrs. Doubfire's replacement, the last name

they cross off their list of applicants is ``'Paula DuPree' (qv).DuPree

was the film's associate producer.

- When Mrs. Doubtfire ('Robin Williams' (qv)) loses her teeth in the drink at

the restaurant, she says ``Carpe Diem, a reference to

_Dead Poets Society (1989)_ (qv), which also starred Williams.

- Mrs. Doubtfire's accent was inspired by 'Bill Forsyth' (qv), the Scottish

director that Williams had just worked with on _Being Human (1993)_ (qv).

  • Much Ado About Nothing (1993)

- DIRTRADE(Kenneth Branagh): [doyle]: Balthasar.

- Much of the singing was not re-recorded.

  • Muenchhausen (1943)

- Writer 'Berthol Buerger' (qv) is a pseudonym for 'Erich Kaestner' (qv).

Kaestner was a banned author in Nazi Germany and his books were among those

burnt in 1933. For this movie he got the allowance to write the script but

was required to choose a pseudonym. The german word ``Buerger means


- 'Josef Goebbels' (qv), Reichs-minister of propaganda and also chief of the

German UFA-studios, ordered this film to be made for the 25th anniversary of

the UFA.

  • Muppet Christmas Carol, The (1992)

- There is a store called ``Micklewhite.'Michael Caine' (qv)'s real name is

Maurice Micklewhite.

  • Muppet Movie, The (1979)

- 'Jim Henson' (qv) spent an entire day in a 50 gallon steel drum submerged in

a pond for the opening scene of Kermit in the swamp.

  • Muppet Treasure Island (1996)

- Hormel Foods Corporation, manufacturers of ``Spam canned ham, sued the

film production company for making the name of the ugly villian ``Spa'am.

Their suit was defeated on September 22, 1995.

  • Murder! (1930)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about an hour into the movie walking past

the house where the murder was committed.

- A German version called ``Mary was filmed at the same time using German

actors, but the same sets.

- The scene where Sir John thinks out loud in front of a mirror had to

be filmed with a recording of the lines and an orchestra hidden behind the

set as it was not possible to dub the soundtrack later.

  • Mute Witness (1995)

- Originally set in Chicago, Waller changed the location when told that Moscow

would provide much cheaper sets/labor.

- Director 'Anthony Waller' (qv) filmed 'Alec Guinness' (qv)' scenes nine

years before the rest of the film from an earlier draft of the screenplay.

Guinness gave his performance in one morning before catching a plane.When

Waller needed an additional scene, he used the film from earlier and

reversed it.

- CAMEO(Alec Guinness): The Reaper

  • My Brilliant Career (1979)

- DIRCAMEO(Gilliam Armstrong): cabaret backup singer

  • My Fair Lady (1964)

- 'Audrey Hepburn' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Marni Nixon' (qv), despite

Hepburn's lengthy preparation for the role.

- 'Rex Harrison' (qv) wanted 'Julie Andrews' (qv) for the role of Eliza, since

they had played together in the Broadway version.

  • My Father the Hero (1994)

- CAMEO(Emma Thompson): Isabel

  • My Pal Trigger (1946)

- 'Dale Evans' (qv) did her own stunt ruding until ordered to stop by director

'Yakima Canutt' (qv).

  • Mystere Picasso, Le (1956)

- Special transparent 'canvases' were constructed so that

'Pablo Picasso' (qv) could paint on one side and '[?] Renoir' (qv) and

'Henri-Georges Clouzot' (qv) could film the other.

  • Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

- The movie was believed to be lost until the late sixties.

  • Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994)

- The cover of the issue of ``Playboy that Papshmir is reading in his

Learjet features 'Anna Nicole Smith' (qv), who plays Tanya Peters.

  • Naked Prey, The (1966)

- 'Cornel Wilde' (qv) was ill through much of the filming but continued, noting

that it seemed to add to his proformance.

  • Nashville (1975)

- CAMEO(Elliot Gould):

- CAMEO(Julie Christie):

  • National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

- Co-writer 'Chris Miller' (qv) based the National Lampoon short stories that

gave rise to the film on his expereriences in Alpha Delta fraternity at

Dartmouth (from which he graduated in 1962).

- Babs becomes a tour guide at Universal Studios.The credits for this film

(and other 'John Landis' (qv) films) include an advertisement for a tour at

Universal Studios.The ad says ``Ask for Babs.As of 1989, Universal

Studios no longer honor the ``ask for Babs promotion, which was either

a discount or a free entry.

  • Natural Born Killers (1994)

- There were 150 shots that were either cut or redone in order to get an

``R rating instead of ``NC-17.Editing for the film took 11 months.

- During filming, loud raucous music would be played on the set, and the

crew would fire shotguns into the air as a way of keeping a frantic mood.

- Director 'Oliver Stone' (qv) inserted footage from many films as a critique

of violence in the media.One of them was _Midnight Express (1978)_ (qv),

which Stone wrote the screenplay for.

  • Natural, The (1984)

- Loosely based on the story of Sir Percival from the Arthurian myths:

- The broken bat = the broken sword

- Pop Fisher = The Fisher King

- The team called ``The Knights

  • Nayagan (1987)

- Inspired by the real life story of mafia don 'Varadaraja Mudaliar' (qv).

  • Needful Things (1993)

- 'Ed Harris' (qv), 'Bonnie Bedelia' (qv), 'J.T. Walsh ' (qv),

'Frank C. Turner' (qv), and 'Bill Croft' (qv) have all previously appeared

in movies based on stories written by 'Stephen King' (qv).

  • Nelson and Jeanette (1992) (TV)

- CAMEO (Kathryn Grayson): at a fan club party.

  • Never a Dull Moment (1968)

- DIRCAMEO(Jerry Paris): Police Photographer

  • Never on Tuesday (1988)

- CAMEO(Cary Elwes): Tow Truck Driver

  • Never Say Never Again (1983)

- The film's title was originally ``Warhead but was changed and become an in

joke on 'Sean Connery' (qv)'s refusal to play 007 ever again.He was

eventually paid $5 million, which made him the highest paid British actor to


- 'Orson Welles' (qv) was originally going to play Blofeld, and

'Trevor Howard' (qv) was to appear as ``M.

- Author 'Kevin McClory' (qv) (co-writer of _Thunderball (1965)_ (qv)) had

won the legal right to make his own 007 film as long as production started

after 1975 and the story was based on _Thunderball (1965)_ (qv).

- McClory enlisted the help of 'Len Deighton' (qv) and Connery when writing the

script, prior to Connery agreeing to return as Bond.

- An early plot had SPECTRE attacking Wall Street from the sewers of New York

in giant mechanical sharks.

- There is a rumor that 'Timothy Dalton' (qv) is visible in the casino.Dalton

would later play James Bond.

  • New Adventures of Tarzan, The (1935)

- Tarzan's chipanzee is called ``Nkima (not ``Cheetah), true to the

'Edgar Rice Burroughs' (qv) books.

  • New York, New York (1977)

- Originally four and a half hours long.Director 'Martin Scorsese' (qv) cut

it to 153 minutes, then to 136 minutes.In 1981 some material (mainly the

'Happy Endings' sequence) was restored and the film became 163 minutes long.

  • New York, New York bis (1984)

- All copies believed lost.

  • Newsies (1992)

- Most of the cast trained in dance and martial arts for ten weeks before

filming commenced.

- Originally intended as a drama, not a musical.

  • Niagara (1953)

- 'Jean Peters' (qv) got the role of Polly Cutler after 'Anne Baxter' (qv)

withdrew.After her withdrawal, the film was reworked to highlight

'Marilyn Monroe' (qv).

  • Night My Number Came Up, The (1954)

- The script is based on a personal account by Sir Victor Goddard.

  • Night of Terror (1933)

- Although 'Edwin Maxwell' (qv) is credited as playing ``The Maniac, the

bulk of the role was played by an uncredited and unknown actor.

  • Night of the Creeps (1986)

- All the characters are named after horror film directors.

  • Night of the Living Dead (1968)

- 'Bill Hinzman' (qv), one of the original $300 investors had a small role

as a zombie due to a shortage of available talent.

- The blood is actually Hershey's syrup.

  • Night on Earth (1991)

- The name of New York taxi driver (Armin Mueller-Stahl) is taken from a member

of the crew of _Down by Law (1986)_ (qv), also directed by

'Jim Jarmusch' (qv).The names of the taxi driver (Mika) and the unlucky

guy (Aki) are taken from the directors 'Mika Kaurismki' (qv) and

'Aki Kaurismki' (qv).

- The Roman taxi driver ('Roberto Benigni' (qv)) has an 8-ball as a gearstick

knob.In _Down by Law (1986)_ (qv), Benigni played a character who killed

a man using an 8-ball.

  • Night They Raided Minsky's, The (1968)

- The first cut of the film was considered disastrous by all involved.Film

editor 'Ralph Rosenblum' (qv) worked for more than a year to save it, with

director 'William Friedkin' (qv) long gone.The extensive use of period

film clips was Rosenblum's idea.The technique of returning from these

clips to the movie by starting with a black and white version of a shot and

changing to color was invented accidentally when the editor's assistant

couldn't find the color copy of a piece of film fast enough.

  • Night to Remember, A (1943)

- The line ``Still here, Miss Evans? is a reference to one of the two ladies

in first class who didn't make it off the Titanic.

  • Night Train to Munich (1940)

- Charters and Caldicott are characters who also appeared in

_The Lady Vanishes, The (1938)_ (qv), also written by 'Sidney Gilliat' (qv)

and 'Frank Launder' (qv).

  • Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, A (1987)

- The scene in which Neil Gordon ('Craig Wasson' (qv)) is thrown into

the grave and partially buried by the skeleton of Freddy is a tribute to

_Body Double (1984)_ (qv), in which Wasson's character is similarly buried


  • Nightmare on Elm Street, A (1984)

- Director 'Wes Craven' (qv) claims to have named Freddy Kruger after a kid

who bullied him in school.

- Kruger bleeds green.

- Just before Glen is pulled into the bed, the television station announces

its name: ``KRGR.

- Freddy Kruger's colors of red and green are contrasted throughout the movie.

- The movie Nancy watches to stay awake is _The Evil Dead (1983)_ (qv).See

also _Evil Dead II (1987)_ (qv).

- There is a ripped poster of _The Evil Dead (1983)_ (qv) visible.See also:

_The Evil Dead (1983)_ (qv), _The Hills Have Eyes (1978)_ (qv).

  • Nikita (1990)

- DIRTRADE(Luc Besson): [reno]

- DIRTRADE(Luc Besson): [music]

- DIRTRADE(Luc Besson): [intro]

  • Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986)

- Elizabeth wears white or colorful clothing except when she is with John,

when she wears black or grey.See also _Dial M for Murder (1954)_ (qv).

  • Nine Months (1995)

- Scenes where Samuel ('Hugh Grant' (qv)) is arrested and photographed were

cut from the film prior to release, following Grant's highly-publicized

arrest for lewd conduct.

  • Nobody Lives Forever (1946)

- 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) refused the role of Nick Blake.

  • North by Northwest (1959)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): missing a bus at the end of the opening


- 'James Stewart' (qv) was very interested in starring in this movie, begging

Hitchcock to let him play Thornhill.Hitchcock claimed that

_Vertigo (1958)_ (qv)'s lack of financial success was because Stewart

``looked too old.

- Roger O. Thornhill claims that the ``O stands for ``nothing.This is

a reference to ``David O. Selznick (qv), who's``O also signified


- 'Jessie Royce Landis' (qv) played Thornhill's ('Cary Grant' (qv)'s) mother,

yet he was 10 months older than her.

- The title might refer to Hamlet's line ``I am mad but north-northwest,

where he tries to convince people of his sanity.The airline that

they travel on is called ``Northwest Airlines.

- The shot of Thornhill entering the UN building had to be filmed with a

hidden camera as Hitchcock wasn't able to get permission to shoot there.

- At one point the movie's title was to be ``The Man in Lincoln's Nose,

referring to the final chase sequence on Mount Rushmore.

- The song that's playing in the lobby of the hotel before Thornhill enters

the Oak Bar is ``It's a Most Unusual Day.

- The final chase scene was not shot on Mount Rushmore; Hitchcock couldn't

gain permission to shoot a murder on a national monument.The scene was shot

in the studio on a replica of Mount Rushmore.Furthermore, the murders

themselves are shot carefully, as to avoid associating the faces of the

monument with the murder/death.

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [bathroom]: Thornhill hides in a bathroom

three times.

  • Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922)

- Originally had ``Dracula in the title but 'Bram Stoker' (qv)'s estate


  • Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979)

- CAMEO(Beverly Walker):

  • Notorious (1946)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about an hour in, drinking champagne at

the party in Alexander Sebastian's mansion.

- Hitchcock claimed that the FBI had him under surveillance for three months

because the film dealt with uranium.

- Producer 'David O. Selznick' (qv) originally wanted 'Vivien Leigh' (qv) to

play Alicia.

- The original story, ``The Song of the Dragon was first published in the

Saturday Evening Post in November 1921.

  • Now, Voyager (1942)

- Producer 'Hal B. Wallis' (qv) originally wanted 'Irene Dunne' (qv) for the

lead role, but 'Bette Davis' (qv) convinced him otherwise.

  • Nuit Americaine, La (1973)

- CAMEO(Graham Greene): Hollywood producer.

  • Nur ueber meine Leiche (1995)

- The Bayerischer Rundfunk was unwilling to finance a movie in which a

naked turkey represented a dead person's sould, so the turkey was put into

a dress.

  • O Lucky Man! (1973)

- DIRCAMEO:(Lindsay Anderson) talent scout who slaps Mick

  • Octopussy (1983)

- 'Maude Adams' (qv) (Octopussy) previously appeared (and was killed) in

another James Bond film (_The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)_ (qv)).

'Faye Dunaway' (qv) and 'Sybil Danning' (qv) were considered for the role.

- 'Vijay Amritraj' (qv) is a professional tennis player in real life.

- The ``company taxi used to pick up 007 was specially constructed at

Pinewood Studios, and capable of speeds in excess of 70mph.

- 'Robert Brown' (qv) appears as ``M for the first time.

  • Odessa File, The (1974)

- Eduard Roschman was a real-life wanted war criminal living in South

America.He became even more wanted after the book and movie that his body

turned up dead, rumored to have been killed by Odessa to stop the search

for him that the media had begun.

  • Oktiabr (1927)

- The filming of the assault on the Winter Palace required 11,000 extras,

and the lighting needs left the rest of the city blacked out.

  • Old Dark House, The (1932)

- The father is played by 'Elspeth Dudgeon' (qv), a female.

  • Old Homestead, The (1935)

- The Fifth Avenue mansion scenes were actually shot at the New England

home of 'Denman Thompson' (qv), the playwright whose play is the basis for

the film.

  • Old Maid, The (1939)

- 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) was originally cast as the male lead, but dismissed

after four days' filming.

  • Olympiasiegerin, Die (1982)

- 'Herbert Achternbusch' (qv)'s mother, 'Ilona Schild' (qv), has been a sport

trainer who hoped to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1940.

  • Omen, The (1976)

- According to director 'Richard Donner' (qv), a number of parents went home

after the film and shaved their childrens' heads, looking for a ``666


  • On Deadly Ground (1994)

- The working titles were ``Spirit Warrior and ``Rainbow Warrior.

- Forrest Taft, played by 'Steven Seagal' (qv), asks the question ``What is

the essence of man? to an oil worker.This question is posed and answered

in an aftershave commercial by 'Kelly LeBrock' (qv), who was married to

Seagal at the time.

  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

- At 140 minutes, this is in the longest 007 movie.

- 'George Lazenby' (qv) appears for the first and last time as James Bond.

- Originally intended to follow _Goldfinger (1964)_ (qv) then

_Thunderball (1965)_ (qv).

- Lazenby was previously a car salesman with a part time job as a male model.

- The search for a new Bond was compared with the search for Scarlett O'Hara.

Lazenby was determined to get the role, he spent most of what money he had

on a Saville Row suit and a Rolex watch, then while having a Bond type

haircut Cubby Broccoli walked into the same salon, made the connection and

later offered him the part.

- Blofeld's headquarters was a partially completed restaurant on top of Mount

Schilthorn. The owners allowed filming on condition EON paid $125,000 to

refit the interior and construct a helicopter pad. When the restaurant opened

it was given the name Piz Gloria used in the film.

- Actors considered for the part of Tracy Draco included 'Bridget Bardot' (qv)

and 'Catherine Deneuve' (qv). 'Diana Rigg' (qv) was finally chosen partly

because of her appearance as Emma Peel in British TV's spy series ``The


- Lazenby and Rigg were rumored to have had a bad relationship on set.One

of the more ridiculous suggestions was that Rigg ate garlic before filming

the love scenes.

- Director 'Peter Hunt' (qv) had previously edited many 007 movies, the job of

editor (and second unit directing) went to 'John Glenn' (qv).

- Lyrics were originally intended for 'John Barry' (qv)'s main theme, but were

later rejected in favor of 'Louis Armstrong' (qv)'s memorable rendition of

``We Have All The Time In The World.

- Lazenby was originally offered a three picture deal, but when this film

performed badly at the box office he rejected the contract believing that

being associated with a series which he thought had no commercial future

would harm his career.

  • On Our Merry Way (1948)

- 'Charles Laughton' (qv) had a small role as a minister which, for some

reason, wound up on the cutting room floor.'David O. Selznick' (qv), upon

hearing this, offered to buy the film in order to release the Laughton scene

as a short, scrapping the rest of the picture.His offer was refused.

  • On the Waterfront (1954)

- At the hearing, Slim gives his name as ``Malden Skulovich, which is

co-star 'Karl Malden' (qv)'s real name.

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

- 'Ken Kesey' (qv), who wrote the original novel, said he will never watch the

movie version.

- 'Jack Nicholson' (qv) disappeared two months before filming started.When

the crew arrived at the mental hospital to start filming, they discovered

that he had admitted himself as a patient, and had been living there since


- Many extras were authentic mental patients.

- There is a rumor that Nicholson underwent ECT therapy during the scene were

his character does.

  • One Froggy Evening (1955)

- The building in the closing scenes is the Tregoweth Brown building, a

reference to film editor 'Treg Brown' (qv).

  • One from the Heart (1982)

- Set entirely in Las Vegas, but completely filmed on a sound stage.

  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

- Someone counted all black spots in the movie, frame-by-frame, and reached

the total of 6,469,952.

  • One-Eyed Jacks (1961)

- 'Marlon Brando' (qv) replaced 'Stanley Kubrick' (qv) as director.

  • Orchestra Wives (1942)

- 'Lynn Bari' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Pat Friday' (qv).

  • Ordres, Les (1974)

- CAMEO(Louise Portal): [Richard Lavoie]'s wife

  • Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (1944)

- [Skinner and Kimbrough], on whose memoirs the film is based, worked on

the script but were not credited.

  • Out of Rosenheim (1988)

- The shadow of the camera crew is visible while the credits for the

cinematographer are on the screen.

  • Out of this World (1945)

- 'Bing Crosby' (qv) dubbed 'Eddie Bracken' (qv)'s singing.

  • Outbreak (1995)

- The role of Sam Daniels was originally intended for 'Harrison Ford' (qv).

  • Outpost in Morocco (1949)

- Extras were provided by the French foreign Legion and the Moroccan Spahis


  • Outsiders, The (1983)

- The letter jacket that the ``soc is wearing as he challenges Darrel is the

letter jacket from the High School that author 'S.E. Hinton' (qv) attended.

- CAMEO(S.E. Hinton): nurse.

  • Over the Fence (1917)

- The umpire is played by 'Harold Lloyd' (qv)'s father.

- Tiring of the ``Lonesome Luke character, Lloyd wanted to try

something new and introduced, in this film, the ``glasses character

which made him famous.

  • Overboard (1987)

- CAMEO(Garry Marshall):

- CAMEO(Hector Elizondo): skipper

  • Pacific Heights (1990)

- DIRCAMEO(John Schlesinger): man in the hotel elevator.

  • Pack Up Your Troubles (1932)

- 'Raymond McCarey' (qv) receives co-directorial credit, but it is widely

accepted that 'George Marshall' (qv) was the sole de facto director.

- CAMEO(Marvin Hatley): a soldier in the battlefield scene.

  • Pajama Party (1964)

- CAMEO(Buster Keaton):

- CAMEO(Frankie Avalon):

- CAMEO(Don Rickles):

  • Paradine Case, The (1947)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): getting off a train at the Cumberland

station carrying a cello (see also his cameo in

_Strangers on a Train (1951)_ (qv)).

- An exact replica of the Old Bailey courtroom was constructed for

the court scenes.

  • Parasite (1982)

- Originally shown in 3D.

  • Pardon Us (1931)

- Four foreign language versions were also shot: ``Les Verrous (French),

``Hinter Schloss und Riegel (German), ``Muraglie (Italian) and ``De

Bote en Bote (Spanish).'Stan Laurel' (qv) and 'Oliver Hardy' (qv) spoke

their lines phonetically, and many supporting roles were recast, including

_Boris Karloff_ (qv) playing ``The Tiger" in the French version.

- Several scenes were shot but deleted from the final theatrical print, which

ran 56 minutes. The first ending showed the boys in gray-bearded old age

reminiscing about their misadventures.

- CAMEO(Hal Roach) Marching in front of Oliver after his recapture.

- DIRCAMEO(James Parrott) Marching next to Oliver after his recapture.

  • Partie de campagne, Une (1936)

- CAMEO(Georges Bataille): in the procession of priests and seminarians

- CAMEO(Henri Cartier-Bresson): in the procession of priests and seminarians

  • Paths of Glory (1957)

- Director 'Stanley Kubrick' (qv) met his second wife 'Christiane Harlan' (qv)

during filming.Harlan performs the singing at the end of the film.

- DIRTRADE(Stanley Kubrick): [faces]: Paris, when he's about to strike

Private Arnaud.

  • Patriot Games (1992)

- 'Alec Baldwin' (qv) played Jack Ryan in

_The Hunt for Red October (1990)_ (qv), but 'Harrison Ford' (qv) replaced

him for this and future films based on 'Tom Clancy' (qv)'s novels.Rumours

give the reason as either Baldwin's ``unprofessional behavior during the

making of _The Hunt for Red October (1990)_ (qv), or his supposed demand of

$4 million.The official version is that Baldwin had a scheduling


- 'Gates McFadden' (qv) played Cathy Ryan in

_The Hunt for Red October (1990)_ (qv), but was played by 'Anne Archer' (qv)

in _Patriot Games (1992)_ (qv).

- Clancy's novel had the Prince and Princess of Wales as the target of the

attempted kidnapping.

- The line ``There's never been a terrorist attack on American soil was

included in trailers for movie, but was left out of theatrical release

because it sounded too much like an invitation or dare.

  • Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

- Charlie ('Nicholas Cage' (qv)) beggs Peggy to marry him, saying he doesn't

know what the future might bring: he might lose his arm, even.In Cage's

next role (_Moonstruck (1987)_ (qv), Cage played a baker who has lost his


  • Per qualche dollaro in piu' (1965)

- DIRTRADE(Sergio Leone): [theme]: Monco, Colonel Morimer, and Indio.

- DIRTRADE(Sergio Leone): [close-up]

  • Perfect Day (1929)

- The picnic was supposed to occupy the second reel, but the gags in the

preparation and departure got so involved that they filledthe entire two


  • Perfect World, A (1993)

- Butch ('Kevin Costner' (qv)) and Philip visit a Friendly Dept Store, outside

of which there is a poster advertising _Bull Durham (1988)_ (qv), in which

Costner also starred.

  • Perry Mason: The Case of the Reckless Romeo (1992) (TV)

- 'Geraldo Rivera' (qv) a plays Ted Mayne, whose lifestyle is remarkably

similar to Rivera's.

  • Pet Sematary (1989)

- CAMEO(Stephen King): minister at the funeral.

  • Petrified Forest, The (1936)

- 'Leslie Howard' (qv) and 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) had played the same roles in

the stage version.Warner Brothers wanted to put Howard in the film but

replace Bogart with 'Edward G. Robinson' (qv).Howard insisted on Bogart,

and Robinson was happy to step aside from yet another gangster role.

  • Phantasm III (1993)

- The scene where the Cadillac hearse hits a rock and sails through the air

was not scripted in that way.The car was supposed to go a short distance

and then roll over.The director said that he wanted the approach at

17mph, but the stunt driver thought he said 70.

  • Phantom of Crestwood, The (1932)

- The film was originally presented as a radio serial with the final

episode left out! If the listener wanted to know the ending, they

had to watch the film.

  • Phantom of the Opera, The (1925)

- 'Edward Sedgwick' (qv) directed a few scenes after disagreements between

himself and director 'Rupert Julian' (qv).

- 'Lon Chaney' directed the ``Bal Masque part.

- Chaney devised his own make-up.

  • Phantom of the Paradise (1974)

- The studio owner (Mary Philbin) was named after the star of

_Phantom of the Opera (1925)_ (qv).

- The ``Death Records secretary's card index includes files on

'Alice Cooper' (qv), 'David Geffen' (qv), 'Bette Middler' (qv),

'Peter Fonda' (qv), 'Dick Clark' (qv) and 'Kris Kristofferson' (qv).

- CAMEO(Rod Serling): introductory voiceover.

  • Philadelphia (1993)

- 'Tom Hanks' (qv) lost 12kg during his role for this film.

  • Pink Floyd- The Wall (1981)

- The film was originally to have included live footage of five performances

of Pink Floyd in concert at London's Earl's Court, however none of the

resulting footage was deemed suitable.

- During ``The Thin Ice, Pink ('Bob Geldof' (qv)) can be seen floating

in a swimming pool.Geldof (who is infamous for his dislike of baths)

couldn't swim, and instead was supported in similar manner to that used

for the flying sequences in _Superman (1978)_ (qv).

- The shot of Mother when young Pinky is asking a girl to dance reveals

the ``mask on the curtains behind her.

- 'Jenny Wright' (qv) wasn't told that Geldof would be throwing that bottle at

her, so her reaction of ducking was totally spontaneous.

- Scene for the song ``Hey You was filmed.It showed British police in riot

gear facing off against a mob.Author 'Roger Waters' (qv) asked this reel

to be cut.

- The poetry that young Pink was caught with during ``The Happiest Days of Our

Lives is the second verse from ``Money, off 'Pink Floyd' (qv)'s ``Dark

Side of the Moon.Far from being ``absolute rubbish, this album stayed

longer on the Billboard chart than any other album: more than 700 weeks.

- Director 'Alan Parker' (qv) walked out on this project many times, probably

due to and ego clash with 'Roger Waters' (qv).Waters was annoyed at

Parker, who didn't like the way that he wanted to make it a cult film. Pink

Floyd's next album ``The Final Cut contains the following lyrics (written

by Waters):

``Not now John, we've gotta get on with the film show:

Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow.
Who cares what it's about, as long as the kids go?
So not now John I've gotta get on with the show.

Parker refers to this film as ``the most expensive student film ever made.

- The lyrics sung by Pink as he huddled in the bathroom stall later

resurfaced in ``Moment of Clarity in Waters' solo album: ``The Pros and

Cons of Hitch-Hiking He also uses some lines which surfaced in Pink

Floyd's next album, ``The Final Cut.Waters originally presented the band

with the concepts for both ``The Wall and ``Pros and Cons, and the band

decided to do ``The Wall.

- ``The Final Cut was originally planned to be a soundtrack of the film.

A single with ``When the Tygers Broke Free and ``Bring the Boys Back Home

was released in the UK, stating that these songs were taken from the

forthcoming album.

- The shot during Pink's destruction of his hotel room of him grabbing the

jagged glass in the window is real.Geldof also cut his hand while ripping

apart the closet doors, and his nipples during the shaving scene.

- Real skinheads used in the neo-Nazi segment.

- The scene in which Pink is calling his home from the United States and is

very depressed to hear a man's voice was made by actually placing a call to

England through a random, unsuspecting AT&T operator. The conversation

was recorded and played over the filmed sequence.

- During the crowd devotion scenes there was going to be a shot of members

of the audience'sheads exploding as they wildly cheered, loving every

minute of it.Waters decided that it could not be accomplished without

making it comic.

- CAMEO(Roger Waters): supposedly in the brief shot of Pink's wedding

during ``Another Brick in the Wall Pt III.

- Song changes from album:

  1. When the Tigers Broke Free- added
  1. In the Flesh?- extended/re-recorded
  1. The Thin Ice- extended/re-mixed
  1. Another Brick in the Wall 1- unchanged
  1. The Happiest Days of Our Lives- re-mixed
  1. Another Brick in the Wall 2- re-mixed
  1. Mother- re-recorded/lyrics changed
  1. Goodbye Blue Sky- re-mixed
  1. Empty Spaces- re-recorded/lyrics changed to

match the original album sleeve.

  1. What Shall We Do Now?- added
  1. Young Lust- unchanged
  1. One of My Turns- unchanged
  1. Don't Leave Me Now- changed
  1. Another Brick in the Wall 3- re-recorded
  1. Goodbye Cruel World- unchanged
  1. Hey You- not included
  1. Nobody Home- unchanged
  1. Is There Anybody Out There?- unchanged
  1. Vera- unchanged
  1. Bring the Boys Back Home- extended
  1. Comfortably Numb- unchanged
  1. The Show Must Go On- not included
  1. In the Flesh- re-recorded
  1. Run Like Hell- shortened
  1. Waiting for the Worms- shortened
  1. Stop- re-recorded
  1. The Trial- unchanged
  1. Outside the Wall- re-recorded.

  • Pink Panther, The (1963)

- The role of Inspector Clouseau was originally offered to

'Peter Ustinov' (qv).Despite being relatively unknown internationally,

'Peter Sellers' (qv) was offered the part, and was paid 90000 pounds.

- Sellers modeled the character of Clouseau on the trademark of a box

of matches which includes an image of Captain Matthew Webb, who in 1875

became the first person to swim the channel (his heroic moustache and

proud stance are both mimicked).To lose weight, Sellers took dieting pills

for a year.

- In the bath scene with Capucine and 'Robert Wagner' (qv), an industrial

strength foaming agent is used which burnt both of the stars' skin.Wagner,

who was completely immersed at one point, became blind for four weeks.

- The ``sequel, _A Shot in the Dark (1964)_ (qv) actually premiered before

_The Pink Panther (1964)_ (qv).

  • Pinocchio (1940)

- Cut scenes:

- Extended scene of Pleasure Island.

- Geppetto tells Pinocchio about his grandfather, an old pine tree.

- Scenes of the woodlands and the forest fire later used in

_Bambi (1942)_ (qv).

  • Piranha II: The Spawning (1981)

- Credit for directing this film was given to 'James Cameron' (qv).Most of

the work was actually performed by 'Ovidio Assonitis' (qv), the film's

producer and prolific film-maker.Assonitis was dissatisfied with Cameron's

progress after the first week and took over- Cameron assisted and the two

shared in editing.

  • Pirate, The (1948)

- 'Gene Kelly' (qv) fought to get the Nicholas Brothers

('Fayard Nicholas' (qv) and 'Harold Nicholas' (qv)) included in the movie.

- When one dance sequence was being rehearsed, 'Harold Nicholas' (qv) was

just going through the motions, and 'Gene Kelly' (qv) accused him of not

knowing the routine- so Nicholas danced the whole routine, alone,

full-out and flawlessly.Kelly was speechless.

Vagabond King, The (1930)

- This film is presumed lost.Please check your attic.

  • Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958)

- Funded by a Baptist church, the entire cast let themselves be baptised.

- Contrary to popular belief, 'Bela Lugosi' (qv) did not die during the making

of the film.His brief scenes are actually stock footage left over from one

of director 'Edward D. Wood Jr.' (qv)'s uncompleted projects. After Lugosi's

death, Wood rewrote the screenplay to incorporate this footage.

- Lugosi's part was taken over by the director's wife's chiropractor, who was

significantly taller than Lugosi, and played the part with a cape covering

his face.

- Wood's original (and preferred) title for his masterpiece was

``Grave Robbers from Outer Space.

- Internationally recognized as the worst movie ever made.

  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

- At the beginning of the movie, Neal Page races a character played by

'Kevin Bacon' (qv) for a taxi.Later, Neal phones his wife to tell her that

he has been delayed (again), in the background, you can here the fight from

_She's Having A Baby (1988)_ (qv) (also directed by John Hughes) between

'Kevin Bacon' (qv) and 'Elizabeth McGovern' (qv), when she screams that she

does n't like his friend's girlfriend.

  • Platoon (1986)

- The role of Chris was originally offered to 'Kyle MacLachalan' (qv), who

turned it down.

- DIRCAMEO(Oliver Stone): An officer at the bunker which gets destroyed

by a suicide runner.

  • Play It Again, Sam (1972)

- Obvious references to _Casablanca (1942)_ (qv).

  • Play Misty for Me (1971)

- 'Don Siegel' (qv) played the bartender, and directed Clint Eastwood

(director of this film) in _Dirty Harry (1971)_ (qv).

  • Player, The (1992)

- The opening tracking shot (6.5 minutes) includes people talking about famous

long tracking shots in old movies.The scene was rehearsed for a day, shot

for half a day.Fifteen takes were done, five were printed, and the third

one was used in the film.The writers pitching stories in that shot are

relating real stories.

- The following people appear as themselves: 'Steve Allen' (qv),

'Richard Anderson' (qv), 'Rene Auberjonois' (qv), 'Harry Belafonte' (qv),

'Shari Belafonte' (qv), 'Karen Black' (qv), 'Michael Bowen' (qv),

'Gary Busey' (qv), 'Robert Carradine' (qv), 'Charles Champlin' (qv),

'Cher' (qv), 'James Coburn' (qv), 'Cathy Lee Crosby' (qv),

'John Cusack' (qv), 'Brad Davis' (qv), 'Paul Dooley' (qv),

'Thereza Ellis' (qv), 'Peter Falk' (qv), 'Felicia Farr' (qv),

'Kasia Figura' (qv), 'Louise Fletcher' (qv), 'Dennis Franz' (qv),

'Teri Garr' (qv), 'Leeza Gibbons' (qv), 'Scott Glenn' (qv),

'Jeff Goldblum' (qv), 'Elliot Gould' (qv), 'Joel Grey' (qv),

'David Alan Grier' (qv), 'Buck Henry' (qv), 'Anjelica Huston' (qv),

'Kathy Ireland' (qv), 'Steve James' (qv), 'Maxine John-James' (qv),

'Sally Kellerman' (qv), 'Sally Kirkland' (qv), 'Jack Lemmon' (qv),

'Marlee Matlin' (qv), 'Andie MacDowell' (qv), 'Malcolm McDowell' (qv),

'Jayne Meadows' (qv), 'Martin Mull' (qv), 'Jennifer Nash' (qv),

'Nick Nolte' (qv), 'Alexandra Powers' (qv), 'Bert Remsen' (qv),

'Guy Remsen' (qv), 'Patricia Resnick' (qv), 'Burt Reynolds' (qv),

'Jack Riley' (qv), 'Julia Roberts' (qv), 'Mimi Rogers' (qv),

'Annie Ross' (qv), 'Alan Rudolph' (qv), 'Jill St. John' (qv),

'Susan Sarandon' (qv), 'Adam Simon' (qv), 'Rod Steiger' (qv),

'Joan Tewkesbury' (qv), 'Brian Tochi' (qv), 'Lily Tomlin' (qv),

'Robert Wagner' (qv), 'Ray Walston' (qv), 'Bruce Willis' (qv), and

'Marvin Youn' (qv).Scenes with 'Jeff Daniels' (qv) playing golf in a

surgeon's gown at a hospital and 'Patrick Swayze' (qv) showing off karate

moves were filmed but cut.

- Cher appears at the awards ceremony in a bright red dress, despite the

invitation specifying ``black and white only.In real life, Cher

never wears red.

- The rushes from the movie being filmed (with Glen and Tomlin) were filmed

while the actors were rehearsing the scene.

  • Pleasure Garden, The (1925)

- 'Alfred Hitchcock' (qv)'s first film was almost doomed when Austrian customs

officials confiscated the film stock on the journey to do some location


- Although shot a year before, the film wasn't actually released until

after _The Lodger (1926)_ (qv) was a massive hit.

  • Point Break (1991)

- One of the places that Utah follows Bodie ('Patrick Swayze' (qv)) to is

``Patrick's Roadhouse.Swayze previously starred in

_Road House (1989)_ (qv).

  • Point of No Return (1993)

- CAMEO(Michael Watkins): last guard at the gate during the escape.

- DIRCAMEO(John Badham): room-service waiter.

  • Police (1916)

- After 'Charles Chaplin' (qv) left Essanay, the studio reedited this film.

  • Police Story (1985)

- 'Jackie Chan' (qv) was hospitalized following the stunt where he flips over

the balcony and crashes through the glass and light display, as he was

not breathing.

  • Police Story III: Supercop (1992)

- While filming the scene where his character hangs from the side of the

train, 'Jackie Chan' (qv) was accidentally sideswiped by the helicopter.

  • Poltergeist (1982)

- Movie on the TV in an early bedroom scene is _A Guy Named Joe (1943)_ (qv),

a film about a pilot who returns to the world as a ghost.

- The house which gets sucked into a black hole at the end was actually a

model about 4 feet across.The model took several weeks to complete.The

scene was shot as follows: camera placed directly above model, which was

mounted over an industrial strength vacuum generator (the front door was

facing directly up, straight at the camera).The model also had about 100

wires attached to various points of the structure.These wires went down

through the back of the house, and down through the vacuum collection sack.

The camera was turned on, and took 15 seconds to wind up to the required

300 frames per second.When ready, the cameraman gave the cue.The vacuum

was turned on, the wires were yanked suddenly, and several SFX guys blasted

the house with pump-action shotguns.

The entire scene was over in about two seconds, and they had to wait until

the film was developed before they knew if they would have to do it again.

When played back at 24 fps, would take approximately 12 seconds for the house

to collapse.Luckily, they got it right on the first go.

Finished scene was sent to 'Steven Spielberg' (qv), who was on location

shooting _E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)_ (qv).He gave it to a

projectionist, who assumed it was just the ``dailys from ET.The scene

came on, and the projectionist said ``Holy shit!What was that? Spielberg

had the remains of the model encased in perspex, and it is now sitting on

his piano.The model itself was worth well over $25,000.

- Mrs Freeling's line ``Mmmm... smell that mimosa is taken directly from

_The Uninvited (1944)_ (qv).

  • Poltergeist III (1988)

- 'Heather O'Rourke' (qv) died shortly before this film was released, and the

film is dedicated to her memory.By the time this film was begun, the

actors who played her on-screen siblings in _Poltergeist (1982)_ (qv) and

_Poltergeist II (1986)_ (qv) ('Dominique Dunne' (qv) and

'Oliver Robins' (qv)) had already died, Dunne being murdered.

  • Postino, Il (1994)

- Writer/co-director/star 'Massimo Troisi' (qv) postponed heart surgery so he

could complete the film.The day after filming was complete, he suffered

a fatal heart attack.

  • Predator (1987)

- The credits say that the Predator was played by 'Kevin Peter Hall' (qv), but

there are persistent rumours that 'Jean-Claude VanDamme' (qv) performed

some of the fight sequences.

- ACTTRADE(Arnold Schwarzenegger): ``I'll be back!

  • Predator 2 (1990)

- The skull of a creature that resembles the ones in _Alien (1979)_ (qv) and

_Aliens (1986)_ (qv) is on the wall in the Predator's trophy room.

  • President's Analyst, The (1967)

- [Supposed to be lots in this movie]

  • Pretty Woman (1990)

- The working title was ``$3000.A early version of the script had Vivian

ddicted to cocaine; part of the deal was that she had to stay off it for a

week.She needed to money to go to Disneyland.Edward eventually throws

her out of his car and drives off.The movie was scripted to end with

Vivian and her prostitute friend on the bus to Disneyland.

- Roberts' head was superimposed on 'Shelley Michelle' (qv)'s body for the

poster.'Richard Gere' (qv)'s hair is brown on the poster, but greying in

the movie.

  • Priest (1994)

- Director 'Antonia Bird' (qv) cut a scene of 'Linus Roache' (qv)'s

bare buttocks to ensure only an R rating in the USA.

  • Prime Time, The (1960)

- Scenes of a naked 'Karen Black' (qv) frolicking in the quarry were

destroyed after Black had her agent pay the producers to do so.

  • Primrose Path, The (1940)

- 'Ginger Rogers' (qv) died her hair brunette for the film, but kept it

secret until the film was released.She also wore no makeup in the role.

  • Prince of Darkness (1988)

- The credits list ``Martin Quatermass as the screenwriter, but it was

actually 'John Carpenter' (qv).The pseudonym is a homage to the

``Professor Quatermass character.

  • Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The (1939)

- To give the illusion of baldness, 'Bette Davis' (qv) shaved her head two

inches in front to show a high forehead under Elizabeth's red wigs.

  • Problem Child (1990)

- References to _The Shining (1980)_ (qv).

  • Proces, Le (1963)

- 'Orson Welles' (qv) changed the ending (in the novel the lying K is

killed with the knife) because he did not want to show that a Jew is

killed like this after the holocaust.

  • Producers, The (1968)

- 'Mel Brooks' (qv)' voice is dubbed in for a singer in ``Springtime for


  • Professional Sweetheart (1933)

- Working titles were ``Careless and then ``The Purity Girl.

  • Profondo rosso (1975)

- Marcus Daly throws a photo of his former fiancee into the wastebasket, at

the request of his new girlfriend, Gianna Brezzi ('Daria Nicolodi' (qv)).

The actual photo he throws away is a picture of 'Marilu Tolo' (qv), former

girlfriend of director 'Dario Argento' (qv), who subsequently married


  • Project A (1983)

- The ``hanging from the clock tower stunt is a homage to

_Safety Last (1923)_ (qv)).At least three different takes were shot; two

are shown during the course of the film, and a third at the end under the


  • Psycho (1960)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about 4 minutes in wearing a cowboy hato

outside Marion's office.

- Considered for the role of Marion were: 'Eva Marie Saint' (qv),

'Piper Laurie' (qv), 'Martha Hyer' (qv), 'Hope Lange' (qv),

'Shirley Jones' (qv), and 'Lana Turner' (qv).

- The film only cost $800,000 to make yet has earned more than $40 million.

Hitchcock used the crew from his TV series to save time and money. In

1962 exchanged the rights to the film and his TV-series for a huge block

of MCA's stock (he became their third largest stockholder).

- An early script had the following dialogue: Marion: ``I'm going to spend

the weekend in bed. Texas oilman: ``Bed? Only playground that beats Las


- Hitchcock bought the rights to the novel anonymously from Bloch for

just $9,000. He then bought up as many copies of the novel as he could to

keep the ending a secret.

- During filming, this movie was referred to as ``Production 9401 or


- The Bates mansion is straight out of the painting ``House by the Railroad

(1925) by the American artist Edward Hopper.

- Hitchcock originally intended to open the film with a four-mile dolly

shot from a helicopter, a scene similar to 'Orson Welles' (qv)' bravura

opening of _Touch of Evil (1958)_ (qv).The early motel scene between

Norman and Marion (Leigh) resembles in many ways another scene from that

movie featuring Leigh.

- The painting that Norman removes in order to watch Marion undressing is

a classical painting depicting a rape.

- Hitchcock paid the title sequence designer 'Saul Bass' (qv) (also credited as

``Pictorial Consultant) $2,000 to render storyboards for the famous

shower scene but, according to Leigh and Assistant Director

'Hilton Green' (qv), directed it himself.

- For a shot right at the water stream, the crew had to block off the inner

holes on the shower head so that the water sprayed past the camera lens.

- The shower scene has over 90 splices in it, and did not involve

'Anthony Perkins' (qv) at all.Perkins was in New York preparing for a play.

- Contrary to popular rumours, during the shooting of the shower scene,

Hitchcock did not arrange for the water to suddenly go ice-cold when the

attack started.

- The sound that the knife makes penetrating the flesh is actually the

sound of a knife stabbing a watermelon.

- Hitchcock originally envisioned the shower sequence as completely silent,

but Bernard Herrmann went ahead and scored it anyway and Hitch immediately

changed his mind.

- The blood in the shower scene is actually chocolate sauce.

- The zoom-out shot of Marion Crane's eye is not a still photo.As the camera

pulls away from the eye, a mobile and highly visible waterdrop falls from

her hair to the floor, just right of camera center.This is also

substantiated by 'Janet Leigh' (Qv) in a book.

- Hitchcock tested the ``fear factor of mother's corpse by placing it in

Leigh's dressing room and listening to how loud she screamed when

she discovered it.

- The skull superimposed over Norman's face at the film's conclusion is that

of ``Mother.

- There is a rumor that the this film was not passed for release because it

was claimed that Janet Leigh's nipple was visible during the shower scene.

Hitchcock didn't edit it out, but merely sent it back, (correctly, it seems)

assuming that they either wouldn't bother to watch it, or miss it the second


- Hitchcock insisted that audiences should only be allowed to see the film

from the start. This was unheard of back then as people were used to just

coming in at any point during a movie.The reason for this was that the

film was advertised as starring Janet Leigh, but her character is killed in

the first half of the film.

- After the film's release Hitchcock received an angry letter from the

father of a girl who refused to have a bath after seeing

_Diabolique (1954)_ (qv) and now refused to shower after seeing Psycho.

Hitchcock sent a note back simply saying ``Send her to the dry cleaners.

- The last shot of Norman Bates' face has a still frame of a human skull

inserted in it.

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [bathroom]: The shot of Marion flushing the

toilet is believed to be the first such shot in American cinema history.

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [bathroom]: Marion hides in the bathroom to

count the required number of bills.

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [hair]: Lila, and Mother.

  • PT 109 (1963)

- President Kennedy's person choice of actor to portray him was

'Warren Beatty' (qv).

  • Pulp Fiction (1994)

- 'Quentin Tarantino' (qv) wrote two of the three stories before he wrote

_Reservoir Dogs (1992)_ (qv) and _True Romance (1993)_ (qv).After the

success of those films, he decided to write a third story, intending to have

each segment directed by a different person.

- The parts of ``Honey Bunny and ``Pumpkin were written specifically

for 'Amanda Plumber' (qv) and 'Tim Roth' (qv).

- In the opening sequence with Honey Bunny and Pumpkin, Jules can be heard

talking about quitting ``the life.

- ``Big Kahuna Burgers first appeared in _True Romance (1993)_ (qv), also

written by Tarantino.

- The bandaid on Marsellus Wallace's neck was there becuase actor

'Ving Rhames' (qv) has a scar there that the makeup people felt would

be too distracting during that scene.

- The book that Vincent reads is ``Modesty Blaise, but Peter O'Donnell.

- Vincent can be seen heading for the bathroom in the opening scene.

- When Vincent and Lance are attempting to give Mia the adrenalin injection,

the board games ``Operation and ``Life are visible in the background.

- When Butch is approaching his apartment, there is an advertisment for

Jack Rabbit Slims on the radio.

- The marquee where Butch boxes advertises the following fights: ``Coolidge

vs Wilson and ``Vossler vs Martinez.The first is a reference to

the presidential election contested by 'Calvin Coolidge' (qv) and

'Woodrow Wilson' (qv), the second is a reference to 'Rand Vossler' (qv) and

'Jerry Martinez' (qv) are two friends of Tarantino's from when he worked in

a video store.

- Jimmy (Tarantino) is wearing t-shirt bearing the logo of ``Orbit, a local

alternative newspaper in Metro Detroit, for which Tarantino did an interview

when he was promoting _Reservoir Dogs (1991)_ (qv).See also the WWW-links


- In _Reservoir Dogs_ (qv) (also written and directed by Tarantino), Nice

Guy Eddie refers to a nurse named ``Bonnie.

  • Pump Up the Volume (1990)

- 'Lala Sloatman' (qv) (Janie) and 'Ahmet Zappa' (qv) (Jamie) are real life

cousins, but played girlfriend/boyfriend in the movie.

- 'Christian Slater' (qv) became physically ill several times during

filming due to all the cigarette smoking he had to do.

  • Punch Drunks (1934)

- In the original script treatment, the song used to drive Curly crazy

was ``Stars and Stripes Forever.

  • Punch Trunk (1953)

- The ship is named after writer 'Michael Maltese' (qv).

- Scientist ``Robert Bruce Cameron refers to narrator 'Robert C. Bruce' (qv).

- Radio announcer ``Pratt refers to Warner layout artist 'Hawley Pratt' (qv).

  • Purple Rose of Cairo, The (1985)

- 'Michael Keaton' (qv) was originally cast in the lead role, and footage was

shot. Director 'Woody Allen' (qv) decided it wasn't working, and replaced

Keaton with 'Jeff Daniels' (qv).

  • Queen Kelly (1929)

- After shooting only one third of the picture (4 hours), director

'Erich Von Stroheim' (qv) was fired by producer-star 'Gloria Swanson' (qv).

Two years later, additional footage was shot to complete the picture.

Since Von Stroheim owned part of the property, he refused to grant releasing

rights in the U.S. and elsewhere for this bastardized version. It was not

exhibited in the U.S. until after _Sunset Boulevard (1950)_ (qv), when it

reveived minor theatrical release and a showing on television in 1966.

  • Queen of Outer Space (1958)

- Costumes worn by the ship's officers and Motiya are re-used or copied from

_Forbidden Planet (1956)_ (qv).

  • Quick and the Dead, The (1995)

- A sex scene between Ellen ('Sharon Stone' (qv))and Cort was shot, but

Stone and director 'Sam Raimi' (qv) decided that it wasn't a necessary part

of the story.The scene was not included in the American release of the

film, but international versions do include it.

- Stone was so insistent that 'Leonard DiCaprio' (qv) appear in the film that

she paid his salary personally.

- 'Bruce Campbell' (qv) had a cameo appearance during a wedding scene, but

the scene was cut.

  • Quo Vadis? (1951)

- Nero says ``Is this the end of Nero? as he dies. That is directly from the

gangster movie, _Little Caesar (1930)_ (qv), in which Enrico Bandello says

``Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico?

- CAMEO(Elizabeth Taylor): an extra

- CAMEO(Sophia Loren): an extra

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