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  • Rabbit of Seville (1950)

- A signboard lists the opera's featured cast as Michele Maltese and Carlo

Jonzi, references to 'Michael Maltese' (qv) and 'Chuck Jones' (qv).

  • Race with the Devil (1975)

- Director 'Jack Starret' (qv) claims he hired real life witches and satanists

as cult-member extras.

  • Radio Flyer (1992)

- Originally to be directed by writer 'David Mickey Evans' (qv), but he was

replaced by 'Richard Donner' (qv) due to his inexperience.

- A poster for _X-15 (1961)_ (qv) (also directed by 'Richard Donner' (qv))

is visible outside the movie theatre.

  • Radioland Murders (1994)

- Much of the set, including the exterior of the broadcast building, many

of the interior walls, and a biplane buzzing a signal tower was computer


- 'Anita Morris' (qv) died shortly after the filming of this movie, and

the film is dedicated to her memory.

  • Rafter Romance (1933)

- 'Ginger Rogers' (qv) and 'Norman Foster' (qv) replaced 'Dorothy Wilson' (qv)

and 'Joel McCrea' (qv) in the lead roles.

  • Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy (1941)

- The scissors caricature _Jimmy Durante_ (qv).

  • Raging Bull (1980)

- Sound effects for punches landing were made by squashing melons and tomatoes.

Sound effects for camera flashes going off were sounds of gunshots.The

original tapes were deliberately destroyed by the sound technicians, to

prevent then being used again.

- The scene by the chain link fence where Jack meets his girlfriend was


- 'Robert De Niro' (qv) accidentally broke 'Joe Pesci' (qv)'s rib in a

sparring scene.This shot appears in the film: De Niro hits Pesci in the

side, Pesci groans, and there is a quick cut to another angle.

- Jake (De Niro) asks Joey (Pesci) ``Did you fuck my wife?.Director

'Martin Scorsese' (qv) didn't think that Pesci's reaction was strong enough,

so he asked De Niro to say ``Did you fuck your mother?De Niro complied,

and Pesci's reaction was kept in the finished movie.

- De Niro gained over 50 pounds to play the older LaMotta.

- DIRCAMEO(Martin Scorsese): asking Jack to go on stage.

  • Raid on Rommel (1971)

- Nearly all the action scenes was footage taken from _Tobruk (1967)_ (qv).

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

- Begins with a shot of a peak in the jungle which is reminiscent of the

Paramount Pictures logo.See also

_Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)_ (qv), and

_Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)_ (qv))

- 'Tom Selleck' (qv) originally cast as Indiana Jones, but was committed to

_"Magnum P.I." (1980)_ (qv).

- Jock's airplane at the beginning has the registration number ``OB-3PO,

referring to Obi-wan and C-3PO from _Star Wars (1977)_ (qv).

- Script originally included a long fight between a swordsman and Indiana with

his whip.Actor 'Harrison Ford' (qv) was suffering diarrhea at the time,

and asked ``Why don't I just shoot him?, so they filmed this instead.

- The truck that didn't have Marion in it was flipped over by firing a section

of a telephone pole through the floorboards.

- Ford badly bruised his ribs during the scene where he is dragged behind

the truck.

- The hieroglyphics in the map room include engravings of R2-D2 and C-3PO (from

_Star Wars (1977)_ (qv), etc), however they do not appear on film.

- A fly can be seen crawling into Belloq's mouth (and not reappearing) when

he threatens the Ark with a bazooka.

- 'Harrison Ford' (qv) did not use a stunt player for the scene where Indy

is dragged behind the truck.When asked if he was worried, Ford quipped:

``No.If it really was dangerous, they would have filmed more of the movie


- Director 'Steven Spielberg' (qv) was quoted as saying: ``I made it as a

B-movie... I didn't see the film as anything more than a better made version

of the Republic serials.

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [music]

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [stars]

  • Rain Man (1988)

- The scene where Raymond explains that only Qantas has not crashed is cut

from the version shown on every major airline except Qantas.

- After being interviewed by the psychiatrist, Raymond ('Dustin Hoffman' (qv))

leans his head against Charlie's and says ``My main man Charlie.This

was unscripted, and improvised by Hoffman.

- DIRCAMEO(Barry Levinson): psychiatrist determining if Raymond should

stay with Charlie or not.

  • Raising Arizona (1987)

- The acronyms ``P.O.E and ``O.P.E. spray-painted in the washroom are

references to

_Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1963)_ (qv).

- The part of Edwinna was written especially for 'Holly Hunter' (qv).

- [supposedly full of in-jokes and movie references]

  • Rambo III (1988)

- Original director 'Russell Mulcahy' (qv) was replaced by

'Peter MacDonald' (qv) due to creative differences.

  • Rancho Notorious (1952)

- Cinematographer 'Hal Mohr' (qv), who had previously photographed

'Marlene Dietrich' (qv) in _Destry Rides Again (1939)_ (qv) attempted to

resign from the film due to Dietrich's insistence that he achieve for her

greater youth-through-lighting than he felt possible.

  • Real Genius (1985)

- ACTTRADE(Val Kilmer): Flipping two quarters over his knuckles.

  • Rear Window (1954)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about an hour into the film, winding the

clock in the songwriter's apartment.The songwriter is real-life songwriter

'Ross Bagdasariam' (qv).

- At the time the set was the largest indoor set built at Paramount Studios.

- The song ``To See You is to Love You is playing when Jeff toasts

Ms. Lonely Hearts.

- The film was unavailable for decades because its rights (together with four

other pictures of the same periods') were bought back by Hitchcock and left

as part of his legacy to his daughter. They've been known for long as the

infamous ``5 lost Hitchcocks amongst film buffs, and were re-released in

theathers around 1984 after a 30-years absence. They are

_Rear Window (1954)_ (qv), _The Trouble with Harry (1955)_ (qv),

_Rope (1948)_ (qv), _Vertigo (1958)_ (qv) and

_The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)_ (qv).

- Hitchcock supposedly hired 'Raymond Burr' (qv) to play Lars Thorwald

because he could be easily made to look like his old producer

'David O. Selznick' (qv), whom Hitchcock felt interfered too much.

- Other than a couple of shots near the end and the discovery of the dead

dog all the shots in the movie originate from Jeff's apartment

  • Rebecca (1940)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): walking past a phone booth just after

George Sanders makes a call in the final part of the movie.

- The first film Hitchcock made in Hollywood and the only one that won a

best picture Oscar.

- Just as in the original novel, Mrs. de Winter has no first name.

- Over 20 actors were tested for the role of Mrs. de Winter, eventually going

to newcomer 'Joan Fontaine' (qv).One of them was 'Vivien Leigh' (qv), who

'Laurence Olivier' (qv) was pressing for, as they were a couple at the time.

- Fontaine was treated with disdain by the rest of the British cast.Olivier

was particularly harsh, saying to Hitchcock at one point, ``Fontaine's

horrible, ole boy!.

  • Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

- For the knife fight between Jim ('James Dean' (qv)) and Buzz

('Corey Allen' (qv)), the actors used real switchblades and protected

themselves by wearing chainmail under their vests.

  • Red Dawn (1984)

- First film to earn a PG-13 rating.

  • Red Heat (1988)

- First western film crew to be allowed to film in Moscow's Red Square.Many

of the Moscow scenes, as well as the ``bath-house scene were filmed in


- The bad guy who Ivan Danko shoots on the steps in Moscow was played by one

of Hungary's leading action-movie actors.In an interview,

he said that until he met 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv) and the others in the

film he thought of himself as a muscular and tough actor.He subsequently

described himself as a ``small potato.

  • Red River (1948)

- Filmed in 1946 but held for release for two years, in part due to legal

problems with 'Howard Hughes' (qv), who claimed it was similar to his

_The Outlaw (1943)_ (qv).

  • Red Tomahawk (1967)

- 'Betty Hutton' (qv) was signed for the lead role, but could not keep up with

the fast-paced shooting schedule (10-14 days).She was fired and replaced

by 'Joan Caulfield' (qv).

  • Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967)

- The role of Major Penderton was extremely physically demanding, and the

insurance company underwriting the production required proof that star

'Montgomery Clift' (qv) was fit enough for the role, after his years of

illness.Clifts long-time friend 'Elizabeth Taylor' (qv) committed her

large salary as insurance in order to secure Clift for the role.Clift

subsequently died of a heart attack before filming began.

  • Regle du jeu, La (1939)

- Director 'Jean Renoir' (qv) recut the film numerous times, due to poor

initial reception and damage to the negatives during World War II.

  • Repo Man (1984)

- Many of the characters are named after beers.

- All purchasable items are labeled generically: ``Food, ``Beer, etc.

This came about after the producers failed to attract any offers of payment

for product placement.

- All cars (plus the police motorcycle) have Christmas tree air fresheners.

- The Repo Man's code is a parody of 'Issac Asimov' (qv)'s ``Laws of

Robotics.The man who drives around with the dead aliens in his car

resembles Asimov.

- 'William S. Burroughs' (qv)/_Naked Lunch (1992)_ (qv) allusions: ``Paging Dr

Benway in the hospital and mentioning Bill Lee.

- Otto's co-worker (Kevin) at the supermarket sings the jingle for 7-Up just

before Mr. Humphries fires them.Later at Mr. Humphries' house, Kevin can

be seen in the background, adjusting a TV set that's playing a 7-Up


- Miller talks about the cosmic unconsciousness: ``You'll be thinking about

a plate of shrimp, and all of a sudden someone will say plate, or shrimp,

or plate of shrimp.Later, the two Latinos who've stolen the ``Asimov

car park outside a diner which features a huge sign in one of its windows

reading: PLATE O' SHRIMP $2.95.

- When Otto says his name is ``Otto, Oly says ``Otto parts?. Later in the

film Otto turns a corner with a sign saying ``Auto Parts.

- Graffiti behind the punks dancing in the alley says ``Circle Jerks, which

is the name of the band which appears later in the film.

- Lite gives Otto a book called ``Diuretics to ``help change your life.

This is a reference to 'L. Ron Hubbard' (qv)'s ``Dianetics.

- When the entourage enters Bud's hospital room looking for him, the preacher

on the television can be heard saying ``He has risen!

- The movie was made by ``edge city productions- edge city is a recurring

theme in 'Tom Wolfe' (qv)'s``Electric Kool-Ade Acid Test.The

destination placard on the bus that Otto takes back to his folks' house

reads ``Edge City.

  • Repulsion (1965)

- DIRCAMEO(Roman Polanski): spoons player

  • Requiem For a Heavyweight (1956) (TV)

- 'Ed Wynn' (qv), cast as the role of ``cutman Army, was an unusual choice

for the role.He was widely known as a stage comedian, but had never

appeared in a dramatic role. The initial rehersals featuring the elder

Wynn were so bad that a replacement, 'Ned Glass' (qv), was hired to take his

place; the rehersals with Glass were held in secret to avoid potential

conflicts.'Jack Palance' (qv) worked long hours, including weekends, in

order to coach Wynn for the performance.In the end, producer

'Martin Manulis' (qv) stuck by Wynn.

  • Reservoir Dogs (1992)

- The criminals in _The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)_ (qv) all used

colors to identify each other.

- The actor who plays the lady that Mr Orange ('Tim Roth' (qv)) shoots was

Roth's dialog coach.Roth insisted that she take the role, as she was very

hard on him.

- Director 'Quentin Tarantino' (qv) was going to shoot the film in black and

white, with his friends as actors.A friend of his was in an acting class

given by 'Harvey Keitel' (qv)'s wife.Keitel saw the script, and was so

impressed that he immediately signed on and helped raise funds.

- Tarantino wanted 'James Woods' (qv) to play a role in the film, and made

him five different cash offers.Woods' agent refused the offers without

ever mentioning it to Woods as the sums offered were well below what Woods

would usually receive.When Tarantino and Woods later met for the first

time, Woods learn of the offer and was annoyed enough to get a new agent.

Tarantino avoided telling Woods which role he was offered ``becuase the

actor who played the role was magnificent anyway.It is widely

accepted that the role that Tarantino was referring to was Mr. Orange.

- References to _The Wild Bunch (1969)_ (qv).

- See also _True Romance (1993)_ (qv).

  • Return of Chandu, The (1934)

- Serial also released as two features, ``Return of Chandu (using chapters

one through five) and ``Chandu on the Magic Island (chapters six through


- Uses the great gate set from _King Kong (1933)_ (qv) for its temple.

  • Return of Dr. X, The (1939)

- 'Boris Karloff' (qv) was to star as Dr. X.

- 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) said of this film: ``This is one of the pictures

that made me march in to 'Jack Warner' (qv) and ask for more money again.

You can't believe what this one was like.I had a part that somebody like

'Bela Lugosi' (qv) or Boris Karloff should have played.I was this doctor,

brought back to life, and the only thing that nourished this poor bastard

was blood.If it had been Jack Warner's blood, or Harry's, or Pop's, maybe

I wouldn't have minded as much.The trouble was, they were drinking mine

and I was making this stinking movie.

  • Return of Sherlock Holmes, The (1987) (TV)

- The book that Ms. Houston is reading at her desk was written

by Jessica Fletcher of _"Murder, She Wrote" (1984)_ (qv).

  • Return of the Jedi (1983)

- SFX crew claim to have included a ``sneaker as one of the spaceships in a

complex dog-fight scene.

- Jabba's sail barge was filmed in Yuma, Arizona.The film crew had problems

avoiding the 35,000 dune buggy enthusiasts in the area.To preserve secrecy,

the producers claimed to be making a horror film called ``Blue Harvest

(Horror beyond your imagination), and even had caps and t-shirts made up

for the crew.A chain-link fence and a 24-hour security service could not

prevent die-hard fans from entering the set and sneaking some photographs.

- Experiments with a computer to generate a random but logical language for

some creatures produced a dialect of Greek.

- Luke's hand gets shot.Leia gets shot in the shoulder.Luke cuts off Darth

Vader's hand.See also _Star Wars (1977)_ (qv) and

_The Empire Strikes Back (1980)_ (qv).

- The main chamber of Jabba's palace is connected to the entrance by a short

flight of steps.When filming the scene where R2-D2 enters the chamber

it was discovered that the droid could not roll down the stairs.In the

movie we see R2-D2 approaching the stairs, then the camera moves

to the left past the steps and the droid re-enters the field of view, having

been manually hauled down the stairs.

- The dancer that Jabba drops into the Rancor pit loses her top as she falls


- 'Carrie Fisher' (qv)'s birthmark (near the small of her back) is visible in

the desert scene where she turns her back to the camera to swing around a

mounted laser gun.

- Rumor has it that Nien Numb speaks a Kenyan dialect, and one of his lines

is ``One thousand herds of elephants are standing on my foot.

- Lando Calrissian and The Millenium Falcon originally scripted to perish in

the Death Star explosion, but this was changed after a poor preview audience

reception.Note Han's line when Calrissian leaves in the Falcon: ``

I'm not going to see her again...

- It is rumored that a different ending was shot, but discarded later

on. It featured the (long awaited) marriage between Leia Organa and

Han Solo. Dark Horse's Comic ``Dark Empire is based on that fact and

presents Han and Leia as a married couple.

- 'Denis Lawson' (qv), who played Wedge Antilles in _Star Wars (1977)_ (qv)

and _The Empire Strikes Back (1980)_ (qv) plays Wedge in this film, despite

the rumours to the contrary which were caused by his name being misspelt

(``Dennis Lawson) in the credits of _Star Wars (1977)_ (qv).Intense

debate on Usenet prompted Jarod Nash to write a letter to Lawson,

asking for clarificaion.Lawson confirmed that he indeed played in all

three movies.

- Among the aliens in Jabba the Hutt's entourage are ones named ``Klaatu,

``Barada and ``Nikto, after the command given to the robot Gort in

_The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)_ (qv). The aliens are not referred

to by name in the film, nor do they have any lines.Klaatu is the character

who tries to push Luke into Sarlacc.

- The name ``Ewok is never used to refer to the teddy-bear creatures in the

film, though it does appear in the credits.

- The following characters ``have a bad feeling about this: C-3PO, Han, and


- The Endor shots were filmed near Crescent City, California.Forest work was

especially hard on the Ewok actors.Production Assistant Ian Bryce arrived

on the set one day to find a note from the Ewok actors saying that they had

all had enough and they were on their way to the airport.Bryce tried to

drive to the airport, but got a flat tire not far from the set.He found

another car and was about to leave when the Ewok's bus pulled up, and all

the Ewok actors got off wearing ``Revenge of the Ewok t-shirts.

- Darth Vader's body was played by 'David Prowse' (qv), his voice by

'James Earl Jones' (qv), and his face by 'Sebastian Shaw.

- One of the songs that the Ewoks sing sounds like: ``Det luktar flingor har,

which is Swedish for ``It smells of cereal here.Another song sounds

identical to a song sung in _Caveman (1981)_ (qv).

- The title ``Revenge of the Jedi was leaked early in production, so that

pirated merchandise could be easily spotted when the film was released.The

official reason for the change was that ``...a Jedi would not take revenge.

Some authentic pre-release movie posters actually had ``Revenge, and are

worth a lot of money today.

- Portions of the partially completed Death Star model resemble the San

Francisco skyline.

  • Reversal of Fortune (1990)

- CAMEO(Julie Hagerty): Alexandra

  • Revolution francaise, La (1989)

- Originally filmed in English as well as French in order to allow a

broader release.

  • Rhapsody in Blue (1945)

- 'Sally Sweetlamd' (qv) dubbed 'Joan Leslie' (qv)'s singing

  • Richter und sein Henker, Der (1976)

- ``Friedrich is consulted to shed some light on Kommissar Baerlach's

motives.Friederich is played by 'Friedrich Duerrenmatt' (qv), who

wrote the book on which the movie is based.

  • Ricochet (1991)

- 'Mary Ellen Trainor' (qv) played report Gail Wallens, a character she also

played in _Die Hard (1988)_ (qv).

  • Ride, Cowboy, Ride (1939)

- 'George Reeves' (qv)' character was called ``Sam Brenner in much of the

publicity material for the film, as well as on production report.In the

final script and on film, he plays ``Pancho Dominguez.

  • Right Stuff, The (1983)

- ``Beemans is the lucky gum of pilots.See also

_The Rocketeer (1991)_ (qv).

- CAMEO(Chuck Yeager): the bartender.

  • Rio Grande (1950)

- Although playing the same character as in _Fort Apache (1948)_ (qv),

'John Wayne' (qv)'s character is spelt with an extra ``e at the end.

  • Rising Sun (1993)

- 'Michael Crichton' (qv), author of the book and co-author of the screenplay,

wrote Connor with 'Sean Connery' (qv) in mind.

  • River of No Return (1954)

- The film ran over schedule and budget due to mishaps caused when directoro

'Otto Preminger' (qv) insisted that actors perform their own stunts for the

scenes of the raft struggling down the rapids.On one occasion,

'Marilyn Monroe' (qv) had to be saved from drowning when her boots filled

with water, and on another occasion, she and 'Robert Mitchum' (qv) had to

be rescued when their raft became stuck on a rock and was on the verge

of overturning.

  • River Wild, The (1994)

- An exhausted 'Meryl Streep' (qv) balked when director 'Curtis Hanson' (qv)

asked her to shoot one more scene before filming finished for the end of

the day, however, she decided to attempt it.Swept off the raft, she

was in real danger of drowning before she was rescued.Returning upriver,

she told a pale and shaking Hanson that ``in the future, when I say I can't

do something, I think we should believe me.Hanson hastily agreed.

- Roarke ('Joseph Mazzello' (qv)) can be seen wearing a Ministry' (qv)'

hat.Ministry composed part of the sound track for the film.

  • Road Show (1941)

- CAMEO(Shemp Howard): Moe Parker.The character was named after Howard's

brother and fellow Stooge, 'Moe Howard' (qv).

  • Road to Hong Kong, The (1962)

- 'Joan Collins' (qv) was given the female lead in this final ``Road picture

and 'Dorothy Lamour' (qv), a small cameo appearance.When Lamour balked, and

since financial backing hinged on her participation in the project, her

role was enlarged.

  • Roaring Twenties, The (1939)

- The character of Panama Smith was partially based on actress and

nightclub hostess 'Texas Guinan' (qv).

  • Roberta (1935)

- During ``I Won't Dance, 'Ginger Rogers' (qv) sings to 'Fred Astaire' (qv):

``But when you dance you're charming and you're gentle/ Especially when you

do the Continental, referring to the dance in their previous film,

_The Gay Divorcee (1934)_ (qv). The two then strike a pose from

that number while the band plays a riff.

- Bugle call: see also _The Gay Divorcee (1934)_ (qv),

_Follow the Fleet (1936)_ (qv).

  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)

- Scenes in trailers, but not in the film:

- Robin shoots an arrow that flies around tree, brakes, swerves, and

eventually completely misses target on a tree, splitting the tree in

- Prince John is in the bath and commands his bubble-blowers for more

bubbles.When they comply, he says something to the effect of ``That's
right.Now we've got it going.

- There is a rumor that the idea for this film came when a studio executive

turned to his son and jokingly demanded ``Give me an idea for a sure-fire

hit, or else!The boy replied ``That's easy.Do a parody of Robin Hood.

- The hangman in this film is played by 'Robert Ridgely' (qv), who played the

hangman in _Blazing Saddles (1974)_ (qv), also directed by 'Mel Brooks' (qv).

- There is a quick shot of the prince's guards coming out of a hallway.

The camera angle and marching drums are almost exactly like the opening

credits of the TV series ``Hogan's Heroes.

- References to: _Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)_ (qv),

_The Godfather (1972)_ (qv), _The Freshman (1990)_ (qv),

_Blazing Saddles (1974)_ (qv), _White Men Can't Jump (1992)_ (qv),

_History of the World: Part I (1981)_ (qv), _JFK (1991)_ (qv),

_Malcolm X (1992)_ (qv).

  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

- Rumour has it that 'Kevin Costner' (qv) wanted to use a British accent, but

director 'Kevin Reynolds' (qv) didn't want him to.Supposedly, Costner

would affect the accent when he was arguing with Reynolds, but not when they

were in agreement.

- CAMEO(Sean Connery): King Richard.Connery got $250,000 for two days

work.He donated it to charity.

  • Robocop (1987)

- The computer that Robocop looks up criminal records on is actually a Northern

Telecom telephone switch.

- The point-of-view shots from Robocop include references to MS-DOS.

  • Robocop 2 (1990)

- The point-of-view shots from Robocop include references to MS-DOS, while the

point-of-view shots from Robocop 2 feature a Apple MacIntosh-style interface,

with a skull instead of the Apple logo.

- Robocop's new directives are:

- DIRECTIVE 233Restrain hostile feelings

- DIRECTIVE 234Promote positive attitude

- DIRECTIVE 235Suppress aggressiveness

- DIRECTIVE 236Promote pro-social values

- DIRECTIVE 246Don't rush traffic lights (repeated below)

- DIRECTIVE 254Encourage awareness

- DIRECTIVE 256Discourage harsh language

- DIRECTIVE 258Commend sincere efforts

- DIRECTIVE 261Talk things out

- DIRECTIVE 262Avoid Orion meetings

- DIRECTIVE 266Smile

- DIRECTIVE 267Keep an open mind

- DIRECTIVE 268Encourage participation

- DIRECTIVE 273Avoid stereotyping

- DIRECTIVE 278Seek non-violent solutions

- DIRECTIVE 238Avoid destructive behavior

- DIRECTIVE 239Be accessible

- DIRECTIVE 240Participate in group activities

- DIRECTIVE 241Avoid interpersonal conflicts

- DIRECTIVE 242Avoid premature value judgements

- DIRECTIVE 243Pool opinions before expressing yourself

- DIRECTIVE 244Discourage feelings of negativity and hostility

- DIRECTIVE 245If you haven't got anything nice to say don't talk

- DIRECTIVE 246Don't rush traffic lights

- DIRECTIVE 247Don't run through puddles and splash pedestrians or

other cars

- DIRECTIVE 248Don't say that you are always prompt when you are not

- DIRECTIVE 249Don't be oversensitive to the hostility and negativity of


- DIRECTIVE 250Don't walk across a ballroom floor swinging your arms

- In the scene where Robocop was being reprogrammed by Dr. Juilette Faxx,

the following hex numbers scroll quickly up the screen: ``50 45 54 45 20 4B

55 52 41 4E 20 49 53 20 41 20 47 52 45 41 54 20 47 55 59.Converted to

ASCII text, it reads: ``PETE KURAN IS A GREAT GUY.Peter Kuran was the

special effects photograper.

  • Rochade (1991) (TV)

- The male lead character's name Grumbach is a hommage to director

'Jean-Pierre Melville' (qv). It's his real surname.

  • Rocketeer, The (1991)

- The model that Cliff glides with to escape from 'Howard Hughes' (qv)'

warehouse resembled ``The Spruce Goose, a monstrosity built by Hughes

which most people doubted would ever fly.This explains his ``It does fly!

comment.At the time the film was made, Disney owned the Spruce Goose,

and it's rumored that they placed this part in the film as a promotion

for that attraction, which (apart from the Queen Mary) was the only

money losing Disney attraction in the US.

- Disney had a special mechanism built especially for this film.Called

the ``Shaky-cam, it was designed to be the exact opposite of the

``Steady-cam, that is, to introduce vibrations into the picture.This

was used in the scenes filmed inside the Zeppelin to give the impression

of the power of the engines.When the movie went to video, the effect

didn't transfer too well, and was therefore steadied.

- ``Beemans (the gum chewed by Howard Hughes) is the lucky gum of pilots.

See also _The Right Stuff (1983)_ (qv).

- A scene where Neville Sinclair sends a message to Berlin (coded first on

an authentic Enigma machine found for the production) was filmed, but cut

due to running time constraints.

- CAMEO (Dave Stevens): [creator of the comic book]: the commanding officer in

the Nazi black and white test flight movie.

  • Rocky (1976)

- 'Sylvester Stallone' (qv) sold the rights to make this film with the

condition that he be cast in the title role.Producers offered him $150,000

to let 'Ryan O'Neal' (qv) play the part.

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1975)

- The opening number, ``Science Fiction Double Feature, contains

references to many classic science fiction films.Originally, the

credits rolled over a montage from these films, but audience reaction

was poor.

- Many of the guests at Brad and Janet's wedding are Transylvanians.

- An extended final number appears in some American prints and the British

tape release.

- It is rumored that one country replaced the deleted ``Once In A While

number by using lookalikes for 'Barry Bostwick' (qv) and

'Susan Sarandon' (qv).

- The opening song has references to: _Curse of the Demon (1957)_ (qv),

_Forbidden Planet (1956)_ (qv).

- The set builders forgot to put an extra door in the lab set, thus Dr. Scott

had to crash through the wall for his entrance.

- The crew had an easter egg hunt one day on the set, and three eggs can be

seen in the film: under Frank's throne, one instead of a light in the main

room, one as the group goes up in the elevator to the lab.

- CAMEO(Koo Stark): bridesmaid

- CAMEO(Petra Leah): bridesmaid

- CAMEO(Gina Barrie): bridesmaid

  • Rogue Song, The (1930)

- Just prior to release, scenes with 'Stan Laurel' (qv) and 'Oliver Hardy' (qv)

were filmed interspersed throughout the film to increase box-office appeal.

- No print is known to exist, decomposition having been hastened

by the unstable nature of very early Technicolor film.This is the

only 'Stan Laurel' (qv) & 'Oliver Hardy' (qv) ``feature films no longer


  • Romance on the High Seas (1948)

- Planned to star 'Judy Garland' (qv), but 'Betty Hutton' (qv) was cast

instead.Hutton became pregnant, so 'Doris Day' (qv) was given the role.

- Released in England as ``It's Magic, after the success of the song.

  • Romancing the Stone (1984)

- The phrase ``Romancing the Stone a piece of jewelers jargon, referring to

a step in preparing a gem for use in jewelery.

- DIRTRADE(Robert Zemeckis): [citation]: At the beginning of the movie,

when Joan Wilder has finished the book, she prepares ``dinner for her cat.

This scene resembles a well-known commercial for cat-food.

  • Rookie, The (1990)

- David Ackerman's line ``Candygram for Mongo is a reference to

_Blazine Saddles (1974)_ (qv).

  • Roommates (1995)

- 'Peter Falk' (qv)'s makeup to four hours per day to apply and removed.

  • Rope (1948)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): on a neon sign in the view from the

apartment window.

- The film was shot in a series of 8 minute continuous takes (the maximum

amount of film that a camera could hold). At the end of each segment the

camera zooms in on a dark object, ready to zoom out for the start of the

next segment. Most of the props were on castors and the crew had to wheel

them out of the way as the camera moved around the set.

- The film lasts 80 minutes, and covers a time frame of 80 minutes.

- Hitchcock only managed to shoot roughly one segment per day. The last 4 or 5

segments had to be completely re-shot because Hitchcock wasn't happy with the

color of the sunset.

- The film was unavailable for decades because its rights (together with four

other pictures of the same periods') were bought back by Hitchcock and left

as part of his legacy to his daughter. They've been known for long as the

infamous ``5 lost Hitchcocks amongst film buffs, and were re-released in

theathers around 1984 after a 30-years absence. They are

_Rear Window (1954)_ (qv), _The Trouble with Harry (1955)_ (qv),

_Rope (1948)_ (qv), _Vertigo (1958)_ (qv) and

_The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)_ (qv).

  • Rose, The (1979)

- Loosely based on the life of 'Janis Joplin' (qv).

  • Rosemary's Baby (1968)

- CAMEO(Anton Szandor LaVey (head of the Church of Satan)): the baby's father.

- CAMEO(William Castle): man near phone booth.

  • Roxanne (1987)

- This movie has the same plot as _Cyrano de Bergerac (1950)_ (qv).C.D.

Bales has the same initials.

- Bales is challenged to tell 20 nose jokes.After he tells 19, he asks

``How many's that?, to which he is told ``fourteen!.He goes on to tell

another six, making 25 in total.

  • Roxie Hart (1942)

- The role of Roxie was intended for 'Alice Faye' (qv), but she fell pregnant

and was unavailable.

  • Royal Wedding (1951)

- 'June Allyson' (qv) was first cast in the role of Ellen, but became

pregnant. 'Judy Garland' (qv) was cast next, but MGM terminated her

studio contract.

- 'Moira Shearer' (qv) was considered for the role of Anne.

- The story was loosely based on the real-life partnership of

'Fred Astaire' (qv) and his sister Adele.

- The ship's rocking during ``Open Your Eyes was based on the Astaires' own

dancing experience on a voyage to London in 1923. A boat-rocking device was

used to create the film effect.

- The idea of dancing with a clothes tree had been suggested to Astaire

earlier by 'Hermes Pan' (qv).

- The ``You're All the World to Me dance was accomplished by putting a whole

room, attached camera and harnessed cameraman inside a 20 ft. diameter

rotating ``squirrel cage.

  • Ruling Class, The (1972)

- Nigel Green' (qv) died during production and his dialogue is dubbed by

another (unbilled) actor in the finished film.

  • Runaway Brain (1995)

- The character name 'Dr. Frankenollie', besides the obvious Frankenstein

reference, is also a reference to legendary Disney animators

'Frank Thomas' (qv) and 'Ollie Johnston' (qv).

  • Running Man, The (1987)

- Game show host Damon Killian is played by 'Richard Dawson' (qv), long-time

host of the American game show ``Family Feud.

- 'Richard Bachman' (qv) is a pseudonym of 'Stephen King' (qv).

- ACTTRADE(Arnold Schwarzenegger): ``I'll be back!

  • Russian Rhapsody (1944)

- Many of the gremlins are characatures of Warner Brothers cartoon studios

staff, including 'Leon Schlesinger' (qv), 'Mel Blanc' (qv),

'Michael Maltese' (qv), 'Rod Scribner' (qv), and 'Friz Freleng' (qv).

  • Saboteur (1942)

- 'Alfred Hitchcock' (qv) originally wanted 'Gary Cooper' (qv) and

'Barbara Stanwyck' (qv) for the leading roles, with 'Harry Carey' (qv)

as the chief villian.

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about an hour in, standing in front of

Cut Rate Drugs in New York as the saboteur's car stops.

  • Sabrina (1954)

- 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) was a last minute replacement for 'Cary Grant' (qv).

Bogart and 'William Holden' (qv) couldn't stand each other.Bogart

disapproved of 'Audrey Hepburn' (qv) (he wanted his wife 'Lauren Bacall' (qv)

in the role), while Holden fell in love with her.Bogart got $300000,

Holden got $150000, and Hepburn only $15000.Asked how he liked working

with Hepburn, Bogart replied: ``It's ok, if you don't mind to make 20


- The music features three main themes:

-``Isn't love romantic?: Holden's theme (superficial love)
-``La vie en rose?: Hepburn's theme (romantic ``deep love)
-``Banana song: Bogart's theme (cynical, deceitful ``love)
-Hepburn's theme ``wins.

  • Safety Last (1923)

- 'Harold Lloyd' (qv) first tested the safety precautions for the clock stunt

by dropping a dummy onto the mattress below.The dummy bounced off and

plummetted to the street below.

  • Sainted Sisters, The (1948)

- 'Sterling Hayden' (qv) was replaced by 'George Reeves' (qv).

  • Salon Dora Green (1933)

- The working title was ``Die Falle.

  • Samson and Delilah (1949)

- 'Victor Mature' (qv) won the role of Samson over 'Burt Lancaster' (qv),

who had a bad back and was considered too young.'Henry Wilcoxson' (qv)

was considered, but thought to be too old.

- Director 'Cecil B. DeMille' (qv) considered 'Betty Hutton' (qv) for the

role of Delilah.

  • Saratoga (1937)

- In May of 1937, with the film about 90% completed, 'Jean Harlow' (qv)

collapsed on the set and died about a week later, reportedly of

uremic poisoning.Her remaining scenes were shot with double

'Mary Dees' (qv) being filmed only from behind.'Paula Winslow' (qv)

supplied the voice.

  • Satan Met a Lady (1936)

- The orking titles were ``The Man in the Black Hat, ``Men on Her Mind, and

``Hard Luck Dame.

  • Saturday Night Fever (1977)

- Rated R when first released in the US, subsequently edited and re-released as


- 'John Travolta' (qv)'s sister appears as the pizza lady, and his mother

appears as the women for whom he gets the paint.

  • Savage (1973) (TV)

- This is a pilot movie for the series _"Space: 1999" (1975)_ (qv).

- This was 'Steven Spielberg' (qv)'s last made for TV movie.

  • Savage Beach (1989)

- All prinipal female actors in this film were previously Playboy playmates.

  • Savage Messiah (1972)

- A seqeuence featuring 'Ken Russell' (qv) was shot but later scrapped.He

can still be seen getting off a train car in the railway station segement.

- In order to save money, copies of uncopyrighted Soviet recordings of

'Claude Debussy' (qv) and [] Scriabin were made.

  • Say Anything... (1989)

- Director 'Cameron Crowe' (qv) couldn't find the love song he wanted until

he heard 'Peter Gabriel' (qv)'s ``In Your Eyes.Gabriel asked to see

part of the movie.Crowe had the production company send him an unfinished

cut.Gabriel responded by saying he would let them use the song, as he liked

the film.He was, however, wary about the part where the lead character

overdosed at the end.It was then that Crowe realized that Gabriel had been

sent a copy of _Wired (1989)_ (qv) instead.

- When Lloyd 'John Cusack' (qv) drives along 45th street in Seattle, he passes

the Guild 45th Theatre, which is showing _Tapeheads (1988)_ (qv), in which

Cusack also appeared.

- CAMEO(Joan Cusack): Lloyd's sister.Joan and John are real-life


- CAMEO(Lois Chiles): Diane's mother.

- CAMEO(Eric Stoltz): red-haired party host who dresses as a rooster.

  • Scared Stiff (1953)

- CAMEO(Bing Crosby): a skeleton.

- CAMEO(Bob Hope): a skeleton.Hope appeared in

_The Ghost Breakers (1940)_ (qv), of which this film is a remake.

  • Scener ur ett Aektenskap (1973)

- Originally a six-episode TV series: 1. Innocence and Panic; 2. The Art of

Covering Up; 3. Paula; 4. Valley of Tears; 5. Illiteracy; 6. In the Middle

of the Night in a Dark House Somewhere in the World.A total of 295 minutes

were then cut down to 155 minutes.

  • Scenes from a Mall (1991)

- DIRCAMEO(Paul Mazursky): promoting Deborah Fifer's book on TV.

  • Scent of a Woman (1992)

- 'Al Pacino' (qv) was helped by a school for the blind in his preparation for

this role.He said that he made himself appear blind by not allowing his

eyes to focus on anything.

- During the disciplinary meeting, the headmaster tells Slade ``You are out of

order!, a famous line told to another of Pacino's characters in

_...And Justice for All (1979)_ (qv).

- SMITHEE('Martin Brest' (qv)): disowned the version shown on airlines.

  • Schindler's List (1993)

- Co-producer 'Branko Lustig' (qv) plays the nightclub maitre'd in Schindler's

first scene.Lustig is an Auschwitz survivor and has produced other movies

about the Holocast, including _Sophie's Choice (1986)_ (qv) and

_Shoah (1985)_ (qv).

- Director 'Steven Spielberg' (qv) was unable to get permission to film

inside Auschwitz, so the scenes of the death camp were actually filmed

outside the gates on a set constructed in a mirror image of the real

location on the other side.

- 'Ralph Fiennes' (qv) put on 13kg by drinking Guinnes for his role.Spielberg

cast him because of his ``evil sexuality.

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [father]: Schindler tells his wife he can't

commit to a family.

  • Schleppzug M 17 (1933)

- 'Heinrich George' (qv) started as director, but 'Werner Hochbaum' (qv)

finished the job.

  • Schlock (1971)

- DIRTRADE(John Landis): [SYNW]: promoted twice during the newscasts

for the ``movie at 6 on 6, and on a poster in a theatre lobby.

  • Schpountz, Le (1938)

- The movie was shot a second time because the confusion around the first

shooting when 'Marcel Pagnol' (qv) was writting the scenario day by day.

Unavalaible for the second shooting, 'Pierre Brasseur' (qv) was replaced by

'Roger Forster' (qv) but some of the shots involving Brasseur were still


  • Schtonk! (1992)

- The title is a reference to _The Great Dictator (1940)_ (qv).

  • Schwartz Park (1995)

- The scene between Dawson and Ducasse is the only footage used from the

first year of filming.

- The character of Ricky Richardo was based on 'Desi Arnez' (qv).

  • Scrooged (1988)

- At the end of the movie, when everybody is singing ``Put a little love in

your heart, Frank ('Bill Murray' (qv)) says (among many other things):

``Feed me, Seymour!This is a reference to

_Little Shop of Horrors (1986)_ (qv), in which Murray has a small part.

  • Sculptress, The (1996) (TV)

- 'Pauline Quirke' (qv) wore a bulky, 22-stone ``fat suit in order to look

the part for her role as the heavyweight killer Olive Martin.

  • Se7en (1995)

- While filming the scene where Mills chases John Doe in the rain,

'Brad Pitt' (qv) fell and his arm went through a car windscreen, requiring

surgery.This accident was worked into the script of the film.

- Mills and William Sommerset discuss the book ``Of Human Bondage, which was

written by 'W. Somerset Maugham' (qv).

  • Sea Beast, The (1926)

- 'Priscilla Bonner' (qv) was originally cast as Esther because

'John Barrymore' (qv)'s first choice, then-love 'Mary Astor' (qv), was

unavailable.Before filming started he met and fell for

'Dolores Costello' (qv) and replaced Bonner with her.

  • Sea Wolf, The (1941)

- George Raft declined the role of George Leach because it was too small.

  • Second Chorus (1940)

- The trumpet part for 'Fred Astaire' (qv) was dubbed by 'Bobby Hackett' (qv).

- The trumpet part for 'Burgess Meredith' (qv) was dubbed by 'Billy

Butterfield' (qv).

- The dance number ``Me and the Ghost Upstairs was cut from the film.

  • Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The (1947)

- Author 'James Thurber' (qv) offered producer 'Sam Goldwyn' (qv) $10,000

to not make the film.

  • Secret of My Success, The (1987)

- CAMEO(Cindy Crawford): near the beginning, when Brantley moves to New York.

  • Self Made Lady (1932)

- One of the ``quota quickies made to satisfy the 1927 Cinematograph Act,

which required a certain percentage of films shown in the United Kingdom be

produced there.

  • Seljacka buna (1973)

- Film makers worked very hard in order to make the film as authentic as

possible. Actors even had to say all their lines in specific dialect

spoken in 16th century Croatia. Since very few people could understand

that dialect in 1970s Yugoslavia, the movie had to be subtitled.

  • September (1987)

- Director 'Woody Allen' (qv) cast and shot this film twice, without telling

the original cast.

  • Serial Mom (1994)

- DIRCAMEO(John Waters): A portrait that is carried past the camea in the

school ``bring-and-buy scene.

  • Setta, La (1990)

- Romero was named after 'George Romero' (qv), who writer/producer

'Dario Argento' (qv) had just co-directed _Two Evil Eyes (1990)_ (qv) with.

- The sect's first victim is named ``Marion Crane, a reference to a

character from _Psycho (1960)_ (qv).

  • Sette uomini d'oro (1965)

- It was illegal to film a bank robbery in Switzerland, so director

'Marco Vicario' (qv) used a fake script when shooting in front of

``Credit Suisse in Geneva.

  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)
  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

- 'Matt Mattox' (qv)' singing was dubbed by 'Bill Lee' (qv).

- Every scene was shot twice to accomodate some theatres which couldn't

show the widescreen version.

  • Shadow of a Doubt (1943)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): on the train to Santa Rosa playing cards.

He has the entire suit of spades in his hand, including the symbolic ace.

- It was remade as ``Step Down to Terror in 1958 and as a TV movie in 1991.

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [bathroom] ``BM is engraved on a ring.

  • Shadow, The (1994)

- When Lamont and Margo are kissing at the end of the film, a truck can

be seen in the background bearing the last name of director

'Russell Mulcahy' (qv).

  • Shadowlands (1993)

- The ``Bird and Baby pub was actually ``The Eagle and Child pub, where

'C.S. Lewis' (qv) was a regular.

  • Shakes the Clown (1991)

- CAMEO(Robin Williams): the mime instructor.

- CAMEO(Florence Henderson): Shake's one-night stand at the start.

  • Shall We Dance? (1937)

- Working titles were ``Watch You Step and then ``Stepping Toes.

  • Sharpe's Honour (1994) (TV)

- The scene in which Sharpe and the Marquesa Dorida are thrown from horseback

into the stream was an unscripted accident, but director 'Tom Clegg' (qv)

liked it so much he kept it in the movie.

  • Sharpe's Rifles (1993) (TV)

- 'Sean Bean' (qv) replaced 'Paul McGann' (qv) in the rol of Richar Sharpe

after McGann was injured.

  • Shawshank Redemption, The (1994)

- The role of Tommy Williams was intended for 'Brad Pitt' (qv).

  • She Loves Me Not (1934)

- While filming this picture, the spirit gum holding 'Bing Crosby' (qv)'s ears

back failed; he insisted on completing the film with his ears out, and

never used the gum again.

  • She's Gotta Have It (1986)

- Director 'Spike Lee' (qv) wanted to cast 'Eriq La Salle' (qv) in the role of

Greer Childs, but La Salle thought the role was too shallow, and had joined

the Screen Actors Guild, making him ineligible for the part.

  • She's Having a Baby (1988)

- The BMW's license plate is ``SHAB which is an acronym of the title.

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (1942)

- The working title was ``Sherock Holmes Saves London.

  • Sherlock, Jr. (1924)

- In one scene at a train station, 'Buster Keaton' (qv) was hanging off of a

tube connetcted to a water basin. The water poured out and washed him on to

the track, fracturing his neck.This footage appears in the released film.

  • Shining, The (1980)

- 'Stanley Kubrick' (qv) had a large stack of books that he was looking

through to find a movie project.For a couple of hours, his secretary could

hear him pick up a book, read it for about a minute, and then hurl it into

the wall.She then noticed that this hadn't happened in a while, so she went

in to check on him, and found him reading 'Stephen King' (qv)'s

``The Shining.King says that this is really strange, because the start

of the book is very slow, and doesn't have much to do with the rest of the


- During the making of the movie, Kubrick would call King at 3am and ask him

questions like ``Do you believe in God?.

- The Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood in Oregon was used for the exteriors, but

all the interiors were specially built.

- The management of the Timberline Lodge requested that Kubrick not use room

217 (as specified in the book), fearing that nobody would want to stay

in that room ever again.Kubrick changed the script to use the non-existant

room number 237.

- The book that Jack was writing contained the one sentence (``All work and no

play makes Jack a dull boy) repeated over and over.Kubrick had each page

individually typed.For the Italian version of the film, Kubrick used the

phrase ``Il mattino ha l' oro in bocca (``He who wakes up early meets a

golden day).For the German version, it was ``Was Du heute kannst

besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf Morgen (``Don't postpone something,

that can be done today.)

- Kubrick decided that having the hedge animals come alive was unworkable, so

he opted for a hedge maze instead.

- Rumor has it that 'Jack Nicholson' (qv) had to be physically restrained after

working himself into a frenzy during the scene where he axes the door.

- The axe used in some shots is made from rubber.

- Danny can be seen wearing a sweater with a crude drawing of a rocket and

the text ``2001 on it: a reference to Kubrick's

_2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)_ (qv).

- DIRTRADE(Stanley Kubrick): [faces]: Jack, as he chases his son

through the maze.

  • Shock to the System, A (1990)

- Graham ('Michael Caine' (qv)) said his father was a London bus driver.

Caine's father was a London bus driver.

  • Shopping (1994)

- In one scehe, Billy and Jo talk about travelling while lying back in

the remains of a car. This short scene took an extremely long time to

shoot, because of two tramps who refused to move from the area and

who kept shouting at one another. Once the tramps quietened down the

crew had to contend with the deafening sound from a helicopter hovering

above a nearby hospital.

- All actors had extemsive training in stunt driving.

  • Short Circuit (1986)

- At the beginning of the movie, you see a close-up of flowers on a green

field, and then the tanks roll over them. This resembles

'James Cameron' (qv)'s style (see also _The Terminator (1984)_ (qv)).

- the robots are designed very similar to the large fighting machines in the

future battle scenes in _The Terminator (1984)_ (qv).

  • Show Boat (1929)

- Filmed as a silent, with some of the scenes later reshot with dialogue and

songs.For the premiere, a 18 minute prolouge was added, featureing members

of the original Broadway cast: 'Helen Morgan' (qv) (Julie),

'Jules Bledsoe' (qv) (Joe) and 'Tess Gardella' (qv) (Queenie).

- 'Laura La Plate' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Eva Olivotti' (qv).

  • Show Boat (1936)

- In the scene, where ``Ah Still Suits Me is sung, we can see a

``Aunt Jemina Pancake Mix- box standing on the Table. 'Tess Gardella' (qv),

(Aunt Jemina) played the role of Queenie on Broadway in the original

Ziegfeld production of ``Show Boat.

  • Showgirls (1995)

- Branded ``unproduceable, the script made the Hollywood rounds for years

before being picked up by 'Paul Verhoeven' (qv) and 'Joe Eszterhazs' (qv).

  • Sign of the Cross, The (1932)

- Third film in 'Cecil B. DeMille' (qv)'s biblical trilogy, following

_The Ten Commandments (1923)_ (qv) and _The King of Kings (1927)_ (qv).

- Originally released as a 124 minute feature.After the Hays Code was

instituted, some of the more ``sinful scenes were cut for the film's

re-release in 1944.

  • Silence of the Lambs, The (1991)

- The events in this film occur after the events in _Manhunter (1986)_ (qv).

Although there are several characters common to both films, there are only

two actors who appear in both movies.Ironically, both actors play different

characters in both movies. 'Frankie Faison' (qv) plays Lt Fisk in

_Manhunter (1986)_ (qv) and Barney in

_The Silence of the Lambs (1991)_ (qv), and 'Dan Butler' (qv) plays an FBI

fingerprint expert in _Manhunter (1986)_ (qv) and an entomologist in

_The Silence of the Lambs (1991)_ (qv).

- 'Gene Hackman' (qv) was first offered the role of Hannibal Lector, and

was set to direct.When 'Jonathan Demme' (qv) took over as director, he

offered the role of Clarice first to 'Michelle Pfeiffer' (qv).

  • Silent Movie (1976)

- 'Marcel Marceau' (qv) speaks the only word in this movie (``No!) when

refusing a role in the silent film.

  • Sin of Harold Diddlebock, The (1947)

- 'Preston Sturges' (qv) wrote this screenplay in order to entice

'Harold Lloyd' (qv) out of retirement.Sturges and 'Howard Hughes' (qv)

formed an independent production company for the project.Shortly after

it's release by United Artists, Hughes withdrew it from distribution

and then re-edited it and re-issued it as ``Mad Wednesday in 1950

through his own RKO Radio Pictures.

  • Singin' in the Rain (1952)

- The script was written after the songs, and so it had to generate a plot

into which the songs would fit.

- The rain consisted of water plus milk.

- 'Jean Hagen' (qv)'s voice can be heard through the overdubbed

'Debbie Reynolds' (qv).

- Film critic turned director 'Francois Truffaut' (qv) claims that

'Alfred Hitchcock' (qv)'s favorite scene in any movie is the one where,

after Kathy, Cosmo and Don dance the ``Good morning, good morning scene,

they land on an overturned sofa.As she falls, Kathy's skirt lands a little

too high up her thighs, and she quickly flips it back over her knees.

  • Singles (1992)

- CAMEO(Tim Burton): video director

- CAMEO(Eric Stoltz): mime

- CAMEO(Adam Ant): Kyra's date on the roller Coaster

- CAMEO(Chris Cornell): man listening to car radio

  • Sky's the Limit, The (1943)

- 'Bernard "Babe" Pearce' (qv) was hired as choreographer but was let go a

few weeks before filming.

- The character played by 'Fred Astaire' (qv) refers to 'Ginger Rogers' (qv)

and 'Rita Hayworth' (qv), Astaire's former co-stars.

- The character played by 'Joan Leslie' (qv) refers to 'James Cagney' (qv),

Leslie's former co-star.

- Astaire's character says he learned to dance at Arthur Murray.Astaire had

previously been in a dispute with the dancing school chain over the

unauthorized use of his likeness.

- Leslie's mouthed words at the fadeout were intended to be indecipherable.

- Leslie's vocals for ``My Shining Hour were dubbed by

'Sally Sweetland' (qv).

- Astaire cut his shins and ankles on the broken glass generated during ``One

for My Baby.

- The song ``Hangin' on to You was written for the film but not used.

- An Astaire solo dance number (on a railroad track) was cut from the film,

although a print containing it was shown in New York until at least 1948.

- The song ``Harvey, the Victory Garden Man, performed by

'Ella Mae Morse' (qv), was cut from the film.

  • Sleeping City, The (1950)

- In order to overcome New York Mayor O'Dwyer's objections to the negative

portrayal of hospital procedures, Universal Studios provided an

introduction, spoken by 'Richard Conte' (qv), in which he the story was

fictitious and did not take place in any particula U.S. city.

  • Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

- Obvious references to _An Affair to Remember (1957)_ (qv).

- This film's director ('Nora Ephron' (qv)) wrote

_When Harry Met Sally... (1989)_ (qv), which also starred 'Meg Ryan' (qv),

and was directed by 'Rob Reiner' (qv), who appears in

_Sleepless in Seattle (1993)_ (qv)

- Mary Kelly was the name Sam Baldwin gave as the eighth girl he ``made it

with in college.'Mary Kelly' (qv) is the Script Supervisor and also

played a bit role as the nervous woman on the plane.

  • Sleepwalkers (1992)

- CAMEO(Mark Hamill): one of the police officers who enters the house

at the beginning.

- CAMEO(Tobe Hooper): technician

  • Sliver (1993)

- The script originally called for full male frontal nudity, but

'William Baldwin' (qv) changed his mind after the scenes had been shot.

- The original script called for a different ending in which Zeke turns out to

be the killer, but was reshot when it fared poorly with test audiences.

  • Sloane (1984)

- Action BEHIND the camera rivaled the action in front: a Guerilla army was

shooting at Americans, passports were confiscated by military dictator's

wife, an actress attempted to leave country with screenwriter in tryst

during last week of shoot and had her passport revoked by the Americans who

kidnap her at Manila airport and forced her back to the set, sabotage,

the Lone Ranger (from the original radio series) saved the film, the

original director of the film escaped the producer's wrath and fled to

South Africa, crew members critically sunburned, weapons and drugs allegedly

smuggled across international borders and crew members supporting and

meeting with key figures in a forthcoming political revolution!

  • Small Back Room, The (1949)

- CAMEO(Robert Morley): A Guest.

  • Snapper, The (1993) (TV)

- As with _The Commitments (1991)_ (qv), this film is based on a

'Roddy Doyle' (qv) novel about the Rabbitte family in Dublin.For legal

reasons, ``Rabbitte was changed to ``Curley.

  • Sneakers (1992)

- The name ``Werner Brandes was inspired by Dr 'Werner Brandes' (qv), an

associate teacher at Exeter Prep School in New England.

- Mother ('Dan Aykroyd' (qv)) wants a Winnebago.Aykroyd co-wrote and starred

as Elwood Blues in _The Blues Brothers (1980)_ (qv). That film featured

``The Good Ole Boys, a country and western band which drive around in a

large Winnebago that Elwood was responsible for the destruction of.

- Mother wears a T-shirt bearing the name ``Aleka's Attic, a band formed by

co-star 'River Pheonix' (qv).

- Whistler is seen eating a box of ``Capt'n Crunch.In the 1970's, ``Capt'n

Crunch came with a small whistle in the box.A hacker named ``Captain

Crunch (John Draper) discovered that this whistle could be used to get

free phone calls (``phreaking).Whistler is patterned after Joe Engressia,

a blind telephone expert born with perfect pitch.

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

- Scenes planned, but never animated:

- The queen holds the prince in the dungeon and uses her magic to make

skeletons dance for his amusement.

- Fantasy sequence accompanying ``Some Day My Prince Will Come in which

Snow White imagines herself dancing with her prince in the clouds beneath a

sea of stars

- Dwarves building Snow White a bed with help from woodland creatures.

- The song ``Music in Your Soup where the dwarves sing about the soup that

Snow White had just made them.

  • So ein Tag (1982)

- Voice of the radio reporter talking about the football game is that of

director 'Juergen Roland' (qv).

  • Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

- The three main characters have names relating to 'The Rolling Stones' (qv):

Amanda Jones, named after a song of the same name (which is played in the

film); a drummer called Watts; and a character called Keith.

  • Some Like It Hot (1959)

- 'Marilyn Monroe' (qv) wanted the film to be shot in color (her contract

stipulated that all her films were to be in color), but director

'Billy Wilder' (qv) convinced her to let it be shot in black and white when

costume tests revealed that the makeup that 'Tony Curtis' (qv) and

'Jack Lemmon' (qv) wore gave their faces a green tinge.

- Monroe required 47 takes to get ``It's me, Sugar correct, instead saying

either ``Sugar, it's me or ``It's Sugar, me.After take 30, director

Wilder had the line written on a blackboard.Another scene required

Monroe to rummage through some drawers and say ``Where's the bourbon?

After 40 takes of Monroe saying ``Where's the whiskey?,`Where's the

bottle, or ``Where's the bonbon?, Wilder pasted the correct line in

one of the drawers.After Monroe became confused about which drawer

contained the line, Wilder had it pased in every drawer.59 takes were

required for this scene.

- After many takes of a kissing scene, Curtis complained that kissing

Monroe was ``like kissing Hitler.

- Wilder described making this movie as ``I knew we were in midfight, and

there was a nut on the plane.

  • Something Wild (1986)

- The two old ladies in the re-sale shop are the mothers of 'David Byrne' (qv)

and director 'Jonathan Demme' (qv).

- The band that plays at the highschool reunion is ``The Feelies, a

favourite of Demme's.Demme shot the video for their song ``Away.

  • Somewhere I'll Find You (1942)

- Filming was halted on January 16, 1942 due to the death of

'Clark Gable' (qv)'s wife 'Carole Lombard' (qv) and resumed on February 23.

  • Sommersby (1993)

- The cow is named ``Clarice, which was the name of 'Jodie Foster' (qv)'s

character in _The Silence of the Lambs (1991)_ (qv).

  • Son in Law (1993)

- References to _Encino Man (1992)_ (qv), which also starred

'Pauly Shore' (qv).

  • Son of Tarzan, The (1920)

- "Tabler" broke several ribs in a fight scene with "Burr".

- While filming Tantor the Elephant rescuing Korak ('Kamuela C. Searle' (qv)),

who was tied to a stake, the elephant slammed Searle down so violently that

the stake shattered.Searle later died of these injuries.

- The producer hired 'Norman Tuckey' (qv) (music) and 'Osborne Tedman' (qv)

(lyrics) to write the first Tarzan song: ``Tarzan, my Jungle King, sheet

music ``Written and composed especially for Son of Tarzan (which was,

ironically, a silent movie).

  • Sonar Kella (1974)

- The title means ``The Golden Fortress, a reference to the fort at

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, which is built of a kind of sandstone that

resembles gold.

  • Song of Bernadette, The (1943)

- Using an actress to play ``the lady was controversial enough, and further

controversy fulminated when 'Loretta Young' (qv) was passed over in favor of

sultry 'Linda Darnell' (qv).At that time, Darnell had an almost

pornographic reputation.'Franz Werfel' (qv), the author of the book on

which the film was based, threatened to remove his name from the project.

To make matters worse, Darnell was pregnant.Nothing would change

'Daryl Zanuck' (qv)'s mind, and Werfel was told that an unknown actress was

chosen.Wearing a little more drapery than the simple dress and veil

described by the historical Bernadette, Darnell played the role in bright


  • Song of the Gringo (1936)

- Real-life train robber 'Al Jennings' (qv) was also hired to teach

'Tex Ritter' (qv) how to handle his guns.

- Just prior to start of filming on his first movie, Ritter went to a

barber shop for ahaircut.He fell asleep in the barber's chair and

too much hair was cut off.Thus in most of this movie Tex keeps his

hat clampedtightly on his head.When he does remove his hat, he is

wearing a very obvious wig.

  • Sound of Music, The (1965)

- 'Marni Nixon' (qv) (see _West Side Story (1961)_ (qv),

_The King and I (1956)_ (qv), and _My Fair Lady (1964)_ (qv)) has her only

on-screen role in this film, playing sister Sophia.

  • Soup To Nuts (1930)

- CAMEO(Rube Goldberg): a non-paying customer in Klein's restuarant.

  • Soylent Green (1973)

- The technical consultant for the film was 'Frank R. Bowerman' (qv), who was

president of the ``American Academy for Environmental Protection at the


  • Spaceballs (1987)

- One of the ships parked at the diner is the the Millenium Falcon from

_Star Wars (1977)_ (qv).

- When President Skroob meets the twins, he tells them to ``chew their gum.

This is a reference to ``Doublemint commercials featuring twins.

- Colonel Sanders is the name of the man who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Dark Helmet says ``What's the matter, Colonel Sanders?Chicken?

- President Scroobs' name is an anagram of 'Mel Brooks' (qv)', the man

who plays him.

- The ``chestbuster scene in the interstellar diner features

'John Hurt' (qv), who suffered the same fate in _Alien (1979)_ (qv). In an

obscure joke, the creature emulates the singing frog in the classic Warner

Brothers cartoon ``One Froggy Evening.

  • Spartacus (1960)

- 'Stanley Kubrick' (qv) was brought in as director after 'Kirk Douglas' (qv)

had a major falling out with the original director, 'Anthony Mann' (qv).

- Kubrick was not given control of the script, which he felt was full of stupid

moralizing.Since this film, Kubrick has kept full control over all aspects

of his films.

- Of the 167 days it took Kubrick to shoot Spartacus, six weeks were spent

directing an elaborate battle sequence in which 8,500 extras dramatized the

clash between the Roman troops and Spartacus's slave army.Several scenes

in the battle drew the ire of the Legion of Decency and were therefore cut.

These include shots of men being dismembered (Dwarfs with false torsos and

an armless man with a phony ``break-away limb were used to give

authenticity.) Seven years later, when the Oscar winning film was reissued,

an additional 22 minutes were chopped out, including a scene in which

Varinia watches Spartacus writhe in agony on a cross. Her line ``Oh, please

die, my darling was excised, and the scene was cut to make it appear that

Spartacus was already dead.

[Question: are the scenes mentioned as ``edited out of the other two

releases of Spartacus restored in the DC? I'm sure the ending features

Spartacus on the cross, with Varinia showing him their baby. What about the

graphic battle scene?]

- The original version included a scene where Marcus Licinius

('Laurence Olivier' (qv)) attempts to seduce Antoninus ('Tony Curtis' (qv)).

When the Production Code Administration and the Legion of Decency both

objected, the scene was cut.This scene was put back in for the 1991

restoration, but since the soundtrack had been lost, Curtis and

'Anthony Hopkins' (qv) (Olivier had died) dubbed the dialog.

  • Special Agent (1935)

- The Hays office objected to a bit of dialogue by character Nick Carston

so rather than reshoot the scene, the sound was eliminated.

  • Speedy (1928)

- ``Speedy is 'Harold Lloyd' (qv)'s real-life nickname, given to him by

his father.

  • Spellbound (1945)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about 40 minutes in, coming out of the

elevator at the Empire hotel carrying a violin.

- One of the first Hollywood films to deal with psychoanalysis.

- The dream sequence was designed by 'Salvador Dali' (qv), and was originally

supposed to run for 20 minutes. It included a scene with Dr. Peterson

covered in ants. Only part of it was filmed, and even less of it ended up in

the release version.

- The shot where the audience sees the killer's view down a gun barrel

pointing at Peterson was filmed using a giant hand holding a giant

gun to get the perspective correct.

- The snow valling on John Ballentine and Dr. Peterson during the skiing

scene was actually cornflakes.

  • Spies Like Us (1985)

- CAMEO(B.B. King): CIA agent at the drive-in.

- CAMEO(Ray Harryhausen): a surgeon.

- CAMEO(Frank Oz): test monitor.

- CAMEO(Terry Gilliam): a surgeon.

- CAMEO(Michael Apted):

- CAMEO(Costa-Gavras):

- CAMEO(Joel Coen):

- CAMEO(Martin Brest):

- CAMEO(Bob Swaim):

- DIRTRADE(John Landis): [SYNW]: on the recruitment poster behind the desk of

the commander of the army training post.

[Many famous directors appear in this movie.... credited?]

  • Spirit of '76, The (1990)

- Production team includes a number of relatives of famous movie people.One

of the executive producers is 'Roman Coppola' (qv) (son of

'Francis Coppola' (qv)).'Sofia Coppola' (qv) is credited for costume

design.Produced/casting by 'Susan Landau' (qv) (daughter of

'Martin Landau' (qv)).

- CAMEO(Barbara Bain): (wife of Landau):

- CAMEO(Carl Reiner): (father of director):

- CAMEO(Rob Reiner): (brother of director):

  • Splendor in the Grass (1961)

- As filmed, this film included a sequence in which Wilma Dean Loomis

takes a bath while arguing with her mother. The bickering finally becomes so

intense that Wilma jumps out of the tub and runs nude down a hallway to her

bedroom, where the camera cuts to a close-up of her bare legs kicking

hysterically on the mattress.Both the Hollywood censors and the Catholic

Legion Of Decency objected to the hallway scene, finding the bare backside

unsuitable for public display.Consequently, director 'Elia Kazan' (qv)

dropped the piece, leaving an abrupt jump from tub to bed.

  • Spy Who Loved Me, The (1977)

- The first 007 movie in which the theme song focuses on Bond, rather than

the villain.

- First 007 movie to be filmed in Dolby stereo.

- $1 million of the $13.5 million budget was spent by production designer

'Ken Adam' (qv) on building the largest sound stage in the world:

336'x139'x44'.The set was used for the interior shots of Stromberg's

supertanker.The tank had a capacity of 1.2 million gallons .

- Fleming was so displeased with his novel that his contract with EON only

allowed the title to be used.One storyline had Blofeld returning, but

'Kevin McClory' (qv) (who co-wrote _Thunderball (1965)_ (qv)) threatened

legal action, claiming that he had exclusive use of the SPECTRE concept.At

the same time, McClory begins work on his rival Bond movie ``Warhead

(renamed _Never Say Never Again (1983)_ (qv)).

- 'Rick Sylvester' (qv) was paid $30,000 for the skiing stunt in the opening


- Jaws was played by 'Richard Kiel' (qv), who played an almost identical part

a year earlier in _Silver Streak (1976)_ (qv).

- After the film's release, demand for white Lotus Esprits surges to the point

that new customers had to be placed on a three year waiting list.

  • Stage Fright (1950)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): turning to look at Eve in her disguise as

Charlotte's maid.

  • Stagecoach (1939)

- Director 'John Ford' (qv) deliberately only allowed one take, so that actors

would remain nervous.

- Ford refused to place the camera on a movable dolly, insisting that all shots

were pans from a stationary camera.

- The first ``camera in a hole with a train going over shot.

  • Stakeout (1987)

- 'Richard Dreyfuss' (qv) and 'Emilio Estevez' (qv) were having a movie trivia

contest on the set one day.Estevez asked Dreyfuss to identify the movie

that the line ``This is no boating accident was from.Dreyfus didn't

recognize the quote, despite the fact that he was the actor who said it in

_Jaws (1975)_ (qv).Deciding that this was too good to pass up, this

incident was re-enacted for the film.

  • Stand by Me (1986)

- The names of all the towns in the movie (set in Oregon) are real places in

Maine, where author 'Stephen King' (qv) grew up and lives.

- 'Corey Feldman' (qv) and director 'Rob Reiner' (qv) tested thirty different

laughs before deciding upon the one for Teddy Duchamp.The laugh happens to

be similar to that described in King's story.

  • Stand der Dinge, Der (1982)

- 'Wim Wenders' (qv) borrowed the entire cast and crew of

_The Territory (1981)_ (qv) to make this film.

  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

- There are several books in the container that shelters Khan's followers on

Ceti Alpha VI. Two of the titles are ``Moby Dick and ``King Lear, and

a lot of Khan's lines are directly taken from those books.

In particular, the final monologue of Khan is identical to the last words

of Captain Ahab from Melville's book.

- The ``Genesis sequence called for a long and massive explosion.ILM rented

the Cow Palace in San Francisco for the effect.They covered the ceiling

with a black cloth and placed the camera on the floor looking up at it.The

explosion would occur directly above the camera so the fall-out would appear

to rush directly towards the point of view.A special high-speed camera

was constructed.One of it's components was a spinning prism, which bent the

image onto the film as it rushed past.This increased exposure time without

having to slow the frame rate.The camera ran at 2,500 frames per second,

which meant that the 0:01.20 long explosion would appear to take 1:40.

- Director 'Nicholas Meyer' (qv) envisioned the film as the ultimate extension

of Star Trek creator 'Gene Roddenberry' (qv)'s idea of ``Horatio Hornblower

in space.Therefore, prior to filming he had the cast watch

_Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951)_ for inspiration.

- When Spock and Savik speak to each other in Vulcan, the actors

actually spoke in English, and then sound people created the Vulcan

words to match the movements of the actors' mouths.

  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

- The punk on the bus is 'Kirk Thatcher' (qv) (associate producer), who also

wrote and performed the song that is playing on his stereo at the time.

- Some shots of the whales were in fact four foot long animatronic models.

Four models were created, and were so realistic that after release of the

film, US fishing authorities publically criticised the film makers for

getting too close to whales in the wild.The scenes involving these whales

were shot in a highschool swimming pool.The shot of the whales swimming

past the Golden Gate Bridge were filmed on location, and nearly ended in

disaster when a cable got snagged on a nuclear submarine and the whales

were towed out to sea.

- CAMEO(Bob Sarlatte): waiter in the restuarant.

  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)

- The movie was originally to be an extension of an episode of the original

television series.In the movie, they would be searching for the villain.

During filming, they changed to the ``Search for God.

- The surface of Shaka-Ri as viewed during reconnaissance by Captain Kirk was

generated from an electron microscope image of a lobster's claw.

- One of 'William Shatner' (qv)'s daughters appears as the yeoman that holds

Kirk's malfunctioning Captain's log.

- The cat creature that Kirk fights on Nimbus III screams exactly the same

as 'James Brown' (qv).

  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

- 'William Shatner' (qv) was distressed when he saw how wide his bottom was in

the scene where he walks across the bridge (away from the camera).

He had them airbrush the entire scene to make his butt look narrower.

- General Chang's eyepatch has three bolts that go into the skull.They all

have the Klingon insignia engraved on them.on

- _Frankie and Johnny (1991)_ (qv) was being filmed in the same studio, and

required 'Al Pacino' (qv) to have a surprised expression on his face after

opening a door.Director 'Garry Marshall' (qv) arranged for Kirk and Spock

be on the other side of the door that Pacino opened.

- After filming was through one day nearing the end of production,

'Kim Cattrall' (qv) posed nude for some steamy photos on the bridge set.

Director 'Leonard Nimoy' (qv) was furious with Cattrall and seized the

negatives to protect the franchise.

- The traitor on the Enterprise was originally intended to be Saavik, but

creator 'Gene Roddenbery' (qv) convinced the producers that Saavik was

too popular to have her become a villian.

  • Star Trek: Generations (1994)

- Kirk's death scenes were re-shot after preview audiences reacted badly to

the original version, wanting a more ``heroic death.

- The horse that Kirk ('William Shatner' (qv)) rides is owned by Shatner.

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

- When Spock travels through V'ger and sees all the incredible imagery,

Darth Vader and Miss Piggy can be seen.It comes right after his line

``Who or what are we dealing with?.Occurs 94 minutes into the film.

  • Star Wars (1977)

- 'George Lucas' (qv) consulted with world reknowned mythologist

'Joseph Campbell' (qv) to develop the script.

- Lucas had trouble getting funding for this movie, most studios thinking that

people wouldn't go to see it.

- The Director's Guild of America (DGA) didn't like the fact that there were

no specific credits at the beginning of the film.They ``ordered Lucas

to recut the film and put some credits at the beginning.Lucas refused,

claiming that this would destroy the opening of the film.The DGA fined

Lucas, who paid up, and promptly quit the DGA.

- The Millenium Falcon was originally modelled after a hambuger with an

olive next to it.

- Derived from (among other things) a Japanese movie called

_The Hidden Fortress (1958)_ (qv).Obi Wan Kenobi was modeled after a

Samurai warrior, and C-3PO and R2-D2 are derived from a couple of petty

crooks he conscripted to help rescue a princess.

- The word ``Jedi is derived from the Japanese words ``Jidai Geki which

translate as ``period drama.A period drama is a Japanese TV soap opera

program set in the samurai days.Lucas mentioned in an interview that he

saw a ``Jidai Geki program on TV while in Japan a year or so before the

movie was made and liked the word.

- 'Sissy Spacek' (qv) originally cast as Leia, but when 'Carrie Fisher' (qv)

refused to do the nude scenes in _Carrie (1976)_ (qv), they swapped roles.

- 'Jodie Foster' (qv) was Lucas' second option for Princess Leia,

'Christopher Walken' (qv) was second in line for Han Solo.Lucas also

considered 'Nick Nolte' (qv) for the role of Solo.

- 'Burt Reynolds' (qv) was originally cast as Han Solo, but he dropped out.

- A great deal of the film was shot by vintage 1950's VistaVision cameras,

because they were of higher quality than any others available.After the

film was released, the prices of these cameras skyrocketed.

- The episode number and subtitle ``A New Hope did not originally appear in

the film's opening crawl. These were added in a later re-release to be

consistent with those seen in _The Empire Strikes Back (1980)_ (qv).

- There is a rumor that while Lucas and a co-worker were editing

_American Graffiti (1973)_ (qv), the co-worker asked Lucas for ``Reel Two,

Dialog Two, which abbreviated to ``R2-D2, a name which stuck in Lucas'


- Scene of escape pod leaving Leia's ship was the first ever done by ILM.

- C-3PO originally scripted as a ``used car salesman type, and designed after

the robot from _Metropolis (1926)_ (qv).

- The Tatooine scenes were filmed in Tunisia.There is a town in Tunisia

called ``Tatahouine.Some of the interiors of Luke's house were filmed

in a hotel in Tunisia.

- The sounds of the lasers were made by striking one of the guy wires of a

power pylon.

- There is a rumor that 'Anthony Daniels' (qv) (C-3PO) was having trouble

timing his conversations with R2-D2, as R2-D2's dialog was to be dubbed in

later.Supposedly, Daniels asked Lucas to make some kind of noise to help

him, but when Lucas forgot, the matter was dropped.

- Chewbacca was modeled after Lucas' dog, Indiana.See also

_Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)_ (qv).

- C-3PO loses an arm when attacked by the Sandpeople.Ben cuts off a

creature's hand in the Cantina.See also

_The Empire Strikes Back (1980)_ (qv) and _Return of the Jedi (1983)_ (qv).

- The following characters ``have a bad feeling about this: Luke and Han. See

also _The Empire Strikes Back (1980)_ (qv), and

_Return of the Jedi (1983)_ (qv).

- A small pair of metal dice can be seen hanging in the cockpit of the

Millenium Falcon as Chewbacca makes preparations to depart from Mos Eisley.

They don't appear in subsequent scenes.

- Han and Luke ``transfer Chewbacca from cell block 1138: Lucas directed a

film called _THX 1138 (1970)_ (qv).``THX-1138 was going to be the serial

number of the guard with the faulty transmitter on the Death Star, but this

was changed.

- 'Harrison Ford' (qv) deliberately didn't learn his lines for the intercom

conversation in the cell block, so it would sound spontaneous.

- When the stormtroopers enter the room where C-3PO and R2-D2 are hiding, one

of them ``accidentally bumps his head on the door, complete with sound


- Scenes featuring Luke and his Tatooine friend ``Biggs were cut from the

film. Biggs was a young pilot who left the Imperial Academy to join the

Rebellion. Luke mentions him to his ``aunt and ``uncle during the

breakfast scene, and the character later shows up as a Rebel pilot who

accompanies Luke down the final run on the Death Star trench (and is killed

by Darth Vader).

- 'James Earl Jones' (qv) supplied the voice of Darth Vader, but specifically

requested that he not be credited, as he felt he had not done enough work to

get the billing.'David Prowse' (qv) was supposedly extremely annoyed at

not being told that his voice would be dubbed.

- Cardboard cutouts are used for some of the background starfighters in the

Rebel hanger bay.

- 'Mark Hamill' (qv) held his breath for so long during the trash compactor

scene that he broke a blood vessel in his face.Subsequent shots are from

one side only.

- 'Denis Lawson' (qv), plays Wedge Antilles, despite his name being misspelt

in the credits as ``Dennis Lawson.See also

_Return of the Jedi (1983)_ (qv).

- The final battle has been described as borrowed from

_The Dam Busters (1954)_ (qv), but much more closely resembles one in

_633 Squadron (1964)_ (qv).

- Most of the crowd watching the heroes receive their medallions are cardboard


- It is rumoured that the shots of Owen and Beru's burning bodies were added

to avoid an MPAA rating of ``G, which it was believed would hurt ticket


  • Stargate (1994)

- Concieved by director 'Roland Emmerich' (qv) during film school in 1979.

  • Staying Alive (1983)

- DIRCAMEO(Sylvester Stallone): bumps into Tony on the street.

  • Steel Magnolias (1989)

- The character Shelby Latcherie was based on author 'Richard Harling' (qv)'s


  • Stella Dallas (1937)

- 'Samuel Goldwyn' (qv) would have preferred 'Ruth Chatterton' (qv) for the

title role, but she turned it down, having just played a less-than-perfect

wife in _Dodsworth (1936)_ (qv).

  • Storia di ragazzi e di ragazze (1989)

- Director 'Pupi Avati' (qv) wanted to make the film in black and white, and

had a black and white version made from the color negative.

  • Storm Warning (1951)

- The studio wanted 'Lauren Bacall' (qv) and 'Doris Day' (qv) to star in the

film, but Bacall went to Africa with her husband Humphrey Bogart' (qv)

to film _The African Queen (1951)_ (qv)

  • Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The (1939)

- 'Jean Sablon' (qv) refused the part of the French singer played by

'Louis Mercer' (qv) because of its size, but his voice is used on the


  • Straight Time (1978)

- Producer '[???] Hoffman' (qv) was originally going to direct, but dropped

out a week before shooting started with a confidence crisis.

  • Strange Cargo (1940)

- 'Joan Crawford' (qv)'s wardrobe consists of three ready-to-wear dresses

which cost under $40.

- Received a condemned rating from the Legion of Decency for ``irreverent use

of Scripture and ``lustful complications.Even after the studio made

the changes demanded, distribution was sharply cut by cities refusing to

book it.

  • Strangers on a Train (1951)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): early in the film boarding a train

carrying a double bass fiddle as Guy gets off the train (see also his cameo

in _The Paradine Case (1947)_ (qv)).

- Hitchcock bought the rights to the original novel anonymously to keep the

price down, and got them for just $7,500

- 'Raymond Chandler' (qv) is credited as the main author of the script, but it

was almost completely written by 'Czenzi Ormonde' (qv) who was credited as

second author.

- The stunt where the man crawled under the carousel was not done with trick

photography.Hitchcock claimed that this was the most dangerous stunt ever

performed under his direction, and would never allow it to be done again.

  • Street of Chance (1930)

- Loosely based on life of 'Arnold Rothstein' (qv), a well-known gambler in New

York in the 1920s.

  • Street Trash (1987)

- CAMEO(Roy Frumkes): the businessman whose face is burned off by the melting

bum on the fire escape.

  • Streetcar Named Desire, A (1951)

- 'Viven Leigh' (qv), who suffered from bipolar disorder (manic-depression) in

real life, later had difficulties in distinguishing her real life from that

of Blanche DuBois.

  • Striking Distance (1993)

- Co-star 'Robert Pastorelli' (qv) accidentally blurted out the big plot twist

during an appearance on _"Late Night with David Letterman" (1982)_ (qv) long

before the film was released.

  • Striptease (1996)

- Underwent last minute editing when preview audiences laughed at the wrong


  • Submarine D-1 (1937)

- 'Ronald Reagan' (qv) had a role in this film, but it was completely edited


  • Subway (1985)

- DIRTRADE(Luc Besson): [reno]

- DIRTRADE(Luc Besson): [music]

  • Sudden Impact (1983)

- ACTTRADE(Clint Eastwood): ``Go ahead. Make my Day (first)?

  • Sugarland Express, The (1974)

- DIRTRADE(Steven Spielberg): [father]: Clovis

  • Sunset Boulevard (1950)

- The role of Norma Desmond was initially offered to 'Mae West' (qv) (who

rejected the part), 'Mary Pickford' (qv) (who demanded too much project

control), and 'Pola Negri' (qv) (who, like Mae West, turned it down) before

being accepted by 'Gloria Swanson' (qv).

- 'Montgomery Clift' (qv), signed to play the part of Joe Gillis, broke his

contract just two weeks prior to the start of shooting.'Billy Wilder' (qv)

quickly offered the role to 'Fred MacMurray' (qv); he said ``no.

'William Holden' (qv) was also not interested in the part; however, being

only a contract player at Paramount, he was ordered to play Joe Gillis.

- The ``Desmond mansion had been built by a 'William Jenkins' (qv) in 1924

at a cost of $250,000. Its second owner was 'J. Paul Getty' (qv) who

purchased it for his second wife.Mrs. Getty divorced her millionaire

husband and received custody of the house; it was she who rented it to

Paramount for the filming.

- Originally opened and closed the story at the Los Angeles County Morgue. In a

scene described by director 'Billy Wilder' (qv) as one of the best he'd ever

shot, the body of Joe Gillis is rolled into the Morgue to join three dozen

other corpses, some of whom- in voice-over- tell Gillis how they died.

Eventually Gillis tells his story, which takes us to a flashback of his

affair with Norma Desmond. The movie was previewed with this opening, in

Illinois and Long Island. Because both audiences inappropriately found the

morgue scene hilarious, the film's release was delayed six months so that

a new beginning could be shot in which police find Gillis's corpse floating

in Norma's pool while Gillis's voice narrates the events leading to his

death.Distortion caused by water meant that this scene had to be filmed

via a mirror placed on the bottom of the pool.

- The movie that Joe and Norma watch in the private screening room is

_Queen Kelly (1929)_ (qv). Filmed in 1928, the movie had not yet been

released.It was directed by 'Erich von Stroheim' (qv) who plays the butler.

- The script planned by Joe and Betty (the story of a couple, which is

never together because of jobs with incompatible working time)

exists: it was written by 'Billy Wilder' (qv) and 'Max Kolpe' (qv)

for _Blaue vom Himmel, Das (1932)_ (qv).

- CAMEO(Cecil B. de Mille):

- CAMEO(Buster Keaton):

- CAMEO(H.B. Warner):

- CAMEO(Hedda Hopper):

  • Superman (1978)

- 'Marlon Brando' (qv) received $4 million for his ten minutes on screen.

- Credits sequence cost more than most films made up to that point.

- 'Christopher Reeve' (qv) worked out so much during the making of the film

that the traveling matte shots taken of him at the beginning of the shoot

did not match the later shots, and had to be re-taken.

- CAMEO(Kirk Alyn): Lois Lane's father.Alyn played Superman in the serials

fo ``Superman.

- CAMEO(Noel Neill): Lois Lane's mother.Neill played Lois Lane in the

serials of ``Superman.

- CAMEO(Rex Reed): himself

  • Superman II (1980)

- Many scenes shot at the same time as _Superman (1978)_ (qv) by original

director 'Richard Donner' (qv), who was replaced by 'Richard Lester' (qv)

due to creative differences.

  • Suspicion (1941)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about 45 minutes in, mailing a letter ati

the village post office.

- In the scene where Johnnie brings a glass of milk up to Linda, Hitchcock

had a light hidden in the glass to make it appear more sinister.

- Hitchcock originally wanted Johnnie to be guilty, but the studio insisted

that the public wouldn't accept 'Cary Grant' (qv) as a murderer.Hitchcock's

original ending had Johnny convicting himself by mailing a letter that

Linda had written.

- A big latticed window casts a spider's web-like shadow across the actors.

  • Suspiria (1977)

- A glass feather is plucked from an ornament.Director 'Dario Argento' (qv)'s

feature film debut was directing

_The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1969)_ (qv).

  • Sweet Charity (1969)

- Original producer Ross Hunter dropped out after a conflict with director

Bob Fosse over how to handle the racy story line.

  • Swing Kids (1993)

- On location in Prague in near freezing weather, Christian Bale was visited

by 'Steven Spielberg' (qv) (director of his feature film debut

_Empire of the Sun (1987)_ (qv)), who was also in Prague filming

_Schindler's List (1993)_ (qv).

  • Swing Time (1936)

- The film originally began with a musical number, ``It's Not in the Cards,

which was cut due the film's length and because the number was judged as

not very good. Only a bit remains in the final version. The music is also

used in the background during the first few scenes.

- The shadow dance idea for ``Bojangles of Harlem occurred to choreographer

'Hermes Pan' (qv) and 'Fred Astaire' (qv) during rehearsals, when three

different light sources illuminating Astaire produced three shadows.

- The climax of ``Never Gonna Dance took 47 takes in a single day and

required many demanding spins of 'Ginger Rogers' (qv); her feet bled.

- In ``The Way You Look Tonight, Rogers is seen to be washing her hair.

The crew dried various soaps, shampoos, and even egg white, but it always

ran down her face too quickly.They achieved success with whipped cream.

  • Swiss Miss (1938)

- 'Stan Laurel' (qv) was ill during filming, appearing pale and tired.

  • Tales of Hoffman (1951)

- 'Michael Powell' (qv) began the project after hearing 'Thomas Beecham' (qv)

playing the score on piano and singing all of the parts.

  • Tales of Manhattan (1942)

- 'W.C. Fields' (qv) appeared in a section of the film that was cut from

the final version.

  • Tall Guy, The (1989)

- The name ``Ron Anderson is remarkably similar to the name of the actor who

plays him: 'Rowan Atkinson' (qv).One of the other contenders for the award

that Anderson won was 'Griff Rhys-Jones' (qv), the ``Jones half of the

comedy duo ``Alas Smith and Jones.'Mel Smith' (qv) (the Smith half)

directed the film.Smith, Jones, and Atkinson starred together in the TVu

series ``Not the Nine O'Clock News.Also Anderson refers to his

side-kick ('Jeff Goldblum' (qv)) on stage as ``Perkins. When performing

live, Atkinson frequently uses 'Angus Deayton' (qv) as his sidekick

who is always called ``Perkins.Deayton makes a small appearance in the

film as an actor looking at several excellent roles while Dexter gets

offered a single role as a tall American.

- The car that races to the Hospital in at the end of the film

(a blue Aston Martin registration ``COMIC) belonged to Atkinson.

Dexter is pulled over by the police for speeding just as Atkinson

was in real life in the very same car. Atkinson received a driving ban as a

result of the incident.

- DIRCAMEO(Mel Smith): the backstage drunk who congratulates and then


  • Tango & Cash (1989)

- The scene where Tango ('Sylvester Stallone' (qv)) faces an oncoming bus

with nothing but a gun was borrowed from _Police Story (1985)_ (qv), where

'Jackie Chan' (qv) (a good friend of Stallone's) performed the stunt.

  • Tank Girl (1995)

- 'Emily Lloyd' (qv) was originally cast in the title role, but turned it

down after refusing to shave her head for the part.

  • Tarzan and His Mate (1934)

- There is a scene in which Tarzan, standing on a tree limb with Jane, pulls

at Jane's scanty outfit and persuades her to dive into a lake with him. The

two swim for a while and eventually surface. When Jane rises out of the

water, one of her breasts is fully exposed. Because various groups,

including official censors of the Hays Office, criticiaed the scene for

being too erotic, it was cut by MGM.

  • Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927)

- 'James Pierce' (qv) said of this picture: ``Because of poor direction,

terrible story treatment and putrid acting, the opus was a stinkeroo.I

emerge with nothing to show for my strenuous effort except being typecast as

Tarzan. I was out of a job.

  • Tarzan and the Great River (1967)

- In the second week of filming Dinky the chimp bit 'Mike Henry' (qv) on the

jaw.It took 20 stitches to repair the wound. Henry had monkey fever

delerium for three days, and took three weeks to recuperate. The chimp was

destroyed and replaced.

  • Tarzan and the Green Goddess (1938)

- This is essentially the second half of the previously released

_The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935)_ (qv) with a little additional footage.

  • Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957)

- 'Gordon Scott' (qv) got along well with the natives involved in the movie.

A Masai warrior nicknamed him ``Mtu Ule Na Panda Miti Minegu (Warrior Who

Climbs Tall Trees).

- On the set, Scott won a bet by capturing and riding a wild giraffe for

five minutes.

- A 500 pound lion with whom Scott had worked for over a month tore open his

leg (32 stitches).

  • Tarzan and the Mermaids (1948)

- 'Johnny Weissmuller' (qv)'s stunt double 'Angel Garcia' (qv) was killed

while diving from the cliffs at Acapulco.

  • Tarzan Escapes (1936)

- Originally directed by 'James McKay' (qv), who filmed many gruesome

scenes, and was replaced by 'John Farrow' (qv).

  • Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939)

- In the original script Jane was to have died ('Maureen O'Sullivan' (qv)

wanted out of the Tarzan series).Fan protest forced a last-minute rewrite

in which Jane recovers from her near-fatal wound, admitting she had been

wrong to disobey Tarzan.

  • Tarzan Goes to India (1962)

- The Temple of Buddha's Footprint, a sacred Thai shrine, was photographed

for the first time in this movie. Crew members worked without shoes

and in nearly complete silence.

  • Tarzan of the Apes (1918)

- Young men from the New Orleans Athletic Club played the ape parts.

- In one scene a lion is supposed to crawl through the window of

Tarzan's cabin to devour Jane. Tarzan grabs him and pulls him out.

In fact the old and drugged lion turned on 'Elmo Lincoln' (qv) who stabbed

and killed him.``I stepped on him to beat my chest.As my foot

pressed down on him, the remaining air in his lungs escaped with a

loud whoosh. I was alredy shaken and you should have seen me jump!

The lion wound up as a lobby display when the picture opened on Broadway.

  • Tarzan the Magnificent (1960)

- First Tarzan movie with sound that didn't feature the ape-call.Despite

protests from fans, the producers decided it had been ridiculed too often

to remain effective.

  • Tarzan the Mighty (1928)

- The original star was to have been 'Joe Bonomo' (qv), promoted by the studio

as ``the greatest of all Tarzans. Near the end of work on another picture,

_Perils of the Wild (1925)_ (qv), Bonono fractured his left leg and injured

his sacro-iliac.'Frank Merrill' (qv), who had doubled for

'Elmo Lincoln' (qv) in _Perils of the Jungle (????)_ (qv)was offered the

job and began work the next day.

- When a friend of Merrill's learned of a physical culture contest in England

he entered Merrill's photo without his knowledge.Merrill was voted second

runner-up for ``World's Most Perfectly Developed Man and the publicity

from this added to attendance at the movie. The irony is that Merrill's

body was more thoroughly covered than any other Tarzan.

  • Tarzan the Tiger (1928)

- This movie was released in both silent and ``sound versions. The sound

consisted of a crude musical score, sound effects and a few lip-synched

lines on a record.

- The record contains the very first Tarzan yell, invented by

'Frank Merrill' (qv).

- ``Tarzan the Terrible (qv) was planned but the studio decided Merrill's

voice wasn't right for talkies and the film was scrapped.

  • Tarzan Triumphs (1943)

- Jane's absence was explained in a letter saying that she's visiting

relatives in England.'Maureen O'Sullivan' (qv) (who had played Jane

on many occasions previously) wanted nothing more to do with Tarzan movies

by this time.

  • Tarzan's Fight for Life (1958)

- 'Gordon Scott' (qv) was nearly killed by the 18-1/2 foot python with which

he wrestles in this movie. It took six men to pull the snake off him.

  • Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959)

- Cheetah appears only during one line (``So long, Cheetah).This is

because the chimpanzees brought from England to Kenya for the filming

were so terrified of the jungle night noises they wouldn't perform.

- 'Sean Connery' (qv) was paid $5,600 for his role in this movie.When asked

to play in the next Tarzan movie, he said he couldn't because ``Two fellows

took an option on me for some spy picture, and are exercising it.But I'll

be in your next.The ``spy picture was _Dr. No (1962)_ (qv).

- Producer 'Sy Weintraub' (qv) also wanted Anthony Quayle to come back for

another Tarzan movie, but Quayle had been offered a part in

_Lawrence of Arabia (1962)_ (qv) after having been seen in this film, and

couldn't accept.

  • Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (1955)

- 'Gordon Scott' (qv) and 'Vera Miles' (qv) married while making this film.

  • Tarzan's Peril (1951)

- First Tarzan film to be shot in Africa, where it was set.

- The company arrived in Africa just before winter set in. The chimps

wouldn't perform, so Cheetah's part had to be cut. the area around

Mount Kenya was so cloudy that 'Lex Barker' (qv)'s tan disappeared and he

had to use body makeup. The first time Barker showed up in a loin cloth

the native extras burst out laughing.

- The film was originally shot in color, but more than half of it was

ruined on location.It was converted to black and white, the

remaining footage winding up in later pictures.

  • Tarzan's Savage Fury (1952)

- The photo of Lord Greystoke is really 'Lex Barker' (qv) in a beard and


  • Tarzan's Secret Treasure (1941)

- Due to many budget cutbacks following the death of 'Irving Thalberg' (qv)

many stock shots from former movies were used.

  • Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963)

- During the filming, 'Jock Mahoney' (qv) contracted amoebic dysentery and

dengue fever, and finally pneumonia, going from 220 to 175 pounds before

finishing the film.

  • Taxi Driver (1976)

- The scene where Travis Bickle is talking to himself in the mirror was

completely ad-libbed by 'Robert DeNiro' (qv).

- 'Bernard Herrmann' (qv) wasn't going to write the score for this film, but

agreed to do it (his last) when he saw the scene where Bickle pours Schnapps

on his cereal.

- 'Harvey Keitel' (qv) rehearsed with actual pimps to prepare for his role.

The scene where his character and Iris dance is improvised, and is one of

only two scenes in the film that don't focus on Bickle.

- Director 'Martin Scorsese' (qv) claims that the most important shot in the

movie is when Bickle is on the phone trying to get another date with Betsy

The camera moves to the side slowly and pans down the long, empty hallway

next to Bickle, as if to suggest that the phone conversation is too painful

and pathetic to bear.

- DeNiro worked as a taxi driver as part of his preparation for this

role.He also studied mental illness.

- DeNiro claimed that the final shoot-out scene took particularly long,

because of technical problems and the humor which arose from the tension

created by the carnage in the scene.

- DIRCAMEO(Martin Scorsese): sitting down, behind Betsy as she walks into

the Palantine campaign headquarters in slow-motion.He also appears as the

irate husband in Bickle's cab.

  • Taza, Son of Cochise (1954)

- Filmed in 3D, released in 2D.

  • Teen Kanya (1961)

- Collection of three short films: ``Postmaster, ``Monihara and

``Nishkriti. ``Monihara was dropped for the ``Two Daughters version.

  • Tempest (1982)

- DIRCAMEO(Paul Mazursky): First guest to be greeted by the architect

at the New Year's Eve party.

  • Ten Commandments, The (1923)

- Remade as _The Ten Commandments (1956)_ (qv), again by

'Cecil B. DeMille' (qv).

  • Ten Commandments, The (1956)

- 'Cecil B. DeMille' (qv) previously filmed this story as

_The Ten Commandments (1923)_ (qv).

  • Tender Comrade (1943)

- Screenwriters 'Dalton Trumbo' (qv) and 'Edward Dmytryk' (qv) did not

conceal their Communist sympathies, and 'Ginger Rogers' (qv) began noticing

anti-American speeches in her dialogue.Upon complaining, the speeches

were given to other actresses.

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

- Scenes in the screenplay but not filmed:

- Extended Future War sequence where the resistance won and enter

a SkyNet lab where they find the time-portal and a storage

facilities of Terminators. You also see Reese talking to John.

- Sarah's ECT where Sarah is fitted for electro-convulsive thearpy

and voltage is pumped into her.

- Salceda's death sequence. Sal's dog starts barking, Sal goes

out tries to shoot the T-1000 and fails. T-1000 uses the

pointed finger/sword trick to Sal's shoulder blades saying

``I know this hurts. Where is John Connor. Sal curses him

and his hands searchs around the ground near some crates

that held grenades. He kills himself and hopefully the T-1000

with one. No luck. T-1000 head falls off but like the little

piece in the asylum escape sequence, it oozes back into his

boots. Yolanda sees this and hugs the baby as T-1000 steps

closer. T-1000 picks up the baby and gets the info from

her as where John and others had gone.

- Gant Ranch. This section was a longer version of Sal's and

refers to Travis Gant, ``crazy ex-Green Beret that John

mentions his mother seeing before she was caught. Longer

and has romantic notions between the two. After Sarah, John

& the T-800 left, T-1000 kills Gant as he did like with John's

``Mom. Disguised as Gant's lover, he easily stepped up to him

and tortured him for answers before killing him.

- Dyson's Vision Sequence. Dyson, the creator of the new processor

had a dream sequence before he died and dropped the device on the

trigger. In it he saw a picture of his family before a nuclear

explosion turned it to ash. He sees his family running and then

a scene of the sun as it pulls back to reveal Dyson's dying eye

before he closes it and drops the book.

- Scenes filmed but not included in the theatrical release:

- Sarah Connor was to have a dream where Reese appears and warns

her that THEIR son is in danger. She has to save him, etc. They

kiss and then she wakes up. This is the only scene 'Michael Biehn' (qv)

was in, and appeared in some promotional trailers.

- Another hospital scene was cut that took place directly after the

pre-med students peer into Sarah's room. The doctor reminds the

orderlies to make sure she gets her medication. The cut scene was

of the staff coming in to give her the pills. They smack her in

the gut with their batton and force the pills down her throat,

then kick her while she's on the floor doubled over in pain.

- After the T-1000 kills John's foster parents, he ventures outside

to get the dog to shut-up. He reaches down and snatches the

collar off the dog, thus killing the dog. On the collar is

stamped the dog's name ``Max. The T-1000 realizes he has been

duped by John (actually the T-800 imitating John's voice) by

calling the dog ``Wolfie.

- After killing the dog, the T-1000 goes to John's room to try to

any clues as to where John might be. He stalks around the room

waving his arms and ``feeling things on the shelves, on the

walls, etc.He eventually stops in front of a poster, and

without feeling it, realizes there is something behind it. He

rips it down and finds a box of momentos (pictures, and the

like). This must be where the T-1000 figures out about the desert

compound that Sarah, John, and the T-800 head to after the

hospital. Director 'James Cameron' (qv) decided to cut it because it

made the T-1000 look to much like it had X-Ray vision.

- At the abandoned gas station, a scene involved Sarah and John talking

with the T-800 about learning. He tells them that his CPU was

switched to read-only before being sent out. Cyberdyne doesn't

want them to learn too much while on the own. John asks can it be

switched and he says yes. You then see the T-800's face in a

``mirror talking Sarah through the procedure. A puppet was used

for the foreground Sarah to work on and Linda's twin sister

Leslie was in the mirror mimicking Linda's hand movements. After

the CPU is removed, the T-800 shuts-down and Sarah places it on a

table. She picks up a hammer and tries to smash it to render him

inoperative. John stops her and says they need him. He starts to

show authority for the first time and says to Sarah, ``How am I

supposed to be a world leader if my own mother won't listen to


- While in the desert, John attempts to teach the T-800 to smile. He

tells him that he looks like a dork because he doesn't smile. He studies a

man on the phone and tries to copy him.

- The badge on the T1000's uniform reads ``Austin (named after producer

'Stephanie Austin' (qv)), although it is not fully visible in the film.

- A promotional trailer for the film included a scene not in the film: the

T800 being constructed.

- The T800's ``point-of-view scenes at the biker's bar identify a Harley

Davidson ``Fatboy, and a carcinogen in the cigar smoke.

- The T800 carries a gun in a box of roses.Some of the soundtrack was written

by ``Guns 'n Roses.

- For the truck scene, they modified a normal truck to hide the usual steering

wheel, and added a cosmetic steering wheel on the right side.In addition,

the truck had a mirror-image license plate and other necessary stuff.

- The T800's bike jump into the stormwater drain was performed by a stuntman

'Peter Kent' (qv).The motorbike was supported by 1-inch cables, so that

when they hit the ground, the bike and rider only weighted 180 pounds.The

cables were later digitally erased.

- More explicit shots of the arm cutting scene were removed.

- SFX crew had to incorporate 'Robert Patrick' (qv)'s football-injury limp in

their animation of the T1000.

Next, they filmed the stuff with the T1000 pretending to be driving from

the right-hand steering wheel (wearing a mirror-image police uniform),

while the real driver was hidden under a black hood at the lowered real

steering wheel.For the final film, the scenes were flipped left-to-right

to make it all look right, and combined with footage shot with a normal

truck driving in the drain.This was done so that actor Robert Patrick could

concentrate on acting rather than driving.They accidentally caught a street

sign; after they mirror-imaged the scene, they digitally reversed the text on

the sign so it would appear correct.

- After throwing the T800 through the shopping center window, the T1000 glances

at a mannequin that is entirely covered with chrome.Reminiscent of Reese

shooting the T800 in the Tech Noir bar in _The Terminator (1984)_ (qv).

- The T1000 tells the helicopter pilot to ``Get out!.This is an interesting

parallel to _The Terminator (1984)_ (qv), in which the T800 gives the same

command to a truck driver under similar circumstances.

- The T800 loses its left arm, and hauls itself forward with its right.The

- Missile dream sequence. Takes place before the dream at the

same thing happened to the T800 in _The Terminator (1984)_ (qv).

- The T1000 has at least three hands when it is flying the helicopter.

- 'Linda Hamilton' (qv)'s twin 'Leslie Hamilton' (qv) played the T1000 when it

was imitating Sarah Connor.

- Identical twins 'Don Stratton' (qv) and 'Dan Stratton' (qv) played the

hospital security guard and the T1000.

- The T-800 says ``I need a vacation, which 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv)

previously said in _Kindergarten Cop (1990)_ (qv).This was not in the

script, but ad-libbed.

- Schwarzenegger said during the making of this film that he would never play

another evil character again.

- A ``T800 is a parallel CPU usually found running OCCAM.

- ACTTRADE(Arnold Schwarzenegger): ``I'll be back!

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [nice cut]: during the opening credits: the

cut from the playing children to the dark future.

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [feet]: the terminator in the future crushes

a skull with its foot.

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [feet]: When the T800 and the T1000 meet for

the first time, the T800 takes the gun out of the flower box and walks over

the roses.

shakes, a lid raises from the ground, and missiles launch

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [feet]: When Sarah, John and the T800 are

chased by the T1000 through the psychiatric clinic, the T1000 walks over the

sunglasses that the T800 had discarded.

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [nuke]

  • Terminator, The (1984)

- 'O.J. Simpson' (qv) was considered for the role of the terminator, but

the producers feared he wouldn't be taken seriously.

- 'Lance Henriksen' (qv) originally cast as the terminator, with

'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv) as the hero.Schwarzenegger read the script,

and asked to play the terminator instead.

- Just after the first scene in the nightclub TechNoir, we hear a police

radio report a ``two-eleven in progress at Bob's Liquor, corner of Third

and Cameron, an possible reference to director 'James Cameron' (qv).

- Shots through the Terminator's vision show Apple 2+ assembly code, taken

from ``Nibble, a computing magazine.Other code visible is written in


- Schwarzenegger's voice is used in exactly 16 lines, with 17 sentences

spoken.The terminator has two other lines onscreen,one with the voice of

a police officer overdubbed, and one with the voice of Sarah's mother

overdubbed.There are also many lines with the voice of Sarah's mother,

and we learn that the terminator is actually saying them, but we don't see


- Science Fiction author 'Harlan Ellison' (qv) filed a lawsuit against

Cameron, claiming that Cameron plagiarized several of his short stories,

namely ``Soldier and ``Demon With a Glass Hand.Theo concept of

``Skynet could also have been borrowed from an Ellison short story called

``I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.Newer prints of the film acknowledge


- A scene in which a person picked up the CPU of the terminator after it was

crushed was filmed, but not included.

- ACTTRADE(Arnold Schwarzenegger): ``I'll be back! (first)

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [feet]: in the future sequence, there is a

close-up of tank treads rolling over human skulls.

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [feet]: when the Terminator approaches the

house of the first ``Sarah Conner, it crushes a small toy truck.

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [feet]: after the terminator kills Sarah's

friend, he walks over her walkman headphones.

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [nice cut]: Sarah's burning photo turning into

Sara sleeping in Reese's arms.

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [nuke]

  • Territory, The (1981)

- 'Wim Wenders' (qv) borrowed the entire cast and crew of this movie to make

_The State of Things (1982)_ (qv).

  • Terror, The (1963)

- Having finished _The Raven (1963)_ (qv), 'Roger Corman' (qv) shot this film

in only four days using the same set and the same actors.

  • Tess (1979)

- Set in England but filmed in France, as director 'Roman Polanski' (qv) was

wanted on sex-related charges in England.

- This film was dedicated to Polanski's wife 'Sharon Tate' (qv), who was

murdered under orders from 'Charles Manson' (qv).Tate gave Polanski a

copy of the novel as she boarded the liner back to the United States, the

last time they would see each other.

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1974)

- Director 'Tobe Hooper' (qv) based Leatherface on mass-murderer

'Ed Gein' (qv), who was arrested when he was young.

- 'Marilyn Burns' (qv), whose character was chased by Leatherface through the

undergrowth actually cut herself on the branches quite badly, so a lot of the

blood on her body and clothes is real.

- The actor whose character was hung up on a meat hook was actually held up

by a nylon cord that went between her legs, causing a great deal of pain.

- CAMEO(John Laroquette): narrator

  • Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)

- Some prints are missing 'Bette Davis' (qv)' part.

  • That Lady in Ermine (1948)

- Director 'Ernst Lubitch' (qv) died early in production; 'Otto Preminger' (qv)

completed the film.

  • That's Dancing! (1985)

- Director 'Jack Haley, Jr.' (qv)'s credits are shown over a picture of his

father, 'Jack Haley' (qv) in the role of the Tin Woodman in

_The Wizard of Oz (1939)_ (qv).

  • Them! (1954)

- CAMEO(Leonard Nimoy):

  • Theodore Rex (1995)

- 'Whoopi Goldberg' (qv) wanted to leave the film during the production.

  • There's No Business Like Show Business (1954)

- 'Marilyn Monroe' (qv) was promised the lead role in

_The Seven Year Itch (1955)_ (qv) if she appeared in this film to boost the

box-office potential.The role of Vicky was written especially for this

purpose, and songs such as ``Heatwave originally intended for Molly were

assigned to her.

  • They Live (1988)

- The two critics speaking against violence on film criticize director

'John Carpenter' (qv).

- Writer 'Frank Armitage' (qv) is actually director 'John Carpenter' (qv).

  • They Made Me a Criminal (1939)

- Desert location shooting was so hot at times that the film melted in

the camera.

  • Thief of Bagdad, The (1924)

- The Persian Prince is played by 'Mathilde Comont' (qv), a female.

  • Third Man, The (1949)

- 'Orson Welles' (qv) wrote all of his own lines in the picture and practically

directed the scenes in which he appeared. He considered using a double for

some of the sewer shots because he was asthmatic and afraid of the cold and

damp air in the corridors.

  • This Is Cinerama (1952)

- Original director 'Robert Flaherty' (qv) became ill and died shortly

after filming General MacArthur in Chicago on April 26, 1951, a wet and

windy day. The sequence was not included.

- The roller coaster ride was filmed several times using ``short ends

and the complete circuit contains two skilfully edited takes.It was

directed by 'Michael Todd Jr.' (qv).At the time, Todd was a 21 year old

college student on vacation from Amherst.Apart from salaries, the

sequence cost thirty-three dollars (rental of a station wagon

and the cost of bolts to fix the cameras to the roller coaster).

Todd Jr. also directed most of the European footage.

- Musical Director 'Louis Forbes' (qv) was basically a conductor.

'Max Steiner' (qv) composed much of the original music used, but did so

secretly, as he was under contract to Warner Brothers at the time.

- When released in Franco's Spain in 1958, several censorship cuts were made.

  • This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

- The actors are all competent musicians, and the soundtrack is actually them


- Much of the dialogue was ad-libbed.

  • Three Daring Daughters (1948)

- 'Pat Hyatt' (qv) dubbed 'Ann E. Todd' (qv)'s singing, 'Jean Garbo' (qv)

dubbed 'Mary Eleanor' (qv)'s.

  • Three Little Girls in Blue (1946)

- 'Del Porter' (qv) dubbed 'Charles Smith' (qv)'s singing, 'Carol Stewart' (qv)

'Vera-Ellen' (qv)'s.

  • Three Little Pigskins (1934)

- 'Jerry Howard' (qv) (Curly) broke a leg after riding down the dumbwaiter.

- 'Larry Fine' (qv) lost a tooth when a punch was mis-timed.

  • Three Little Words (1950)

- Vocals for 'Vera-Ellen' (qv) were dubbed by 'Anita Ellis' (qv).

- Vocals for 'Debbie Reynolds' (qv) were dubbed by 'Helen Kane' (qv).

  • Three Musketeers, The (1974)

- Shot at the same time as _The Four Musketeers (1975)_ (qv), and resulted in

a lawsuit.See _The Four Musketeers (1975)_ (qv).

  • Throw Momma from the Train (1987)

- The title comes from the 'Patsy Cline song' (qv): ``Throw Mama From the

Train, a kiss, a kiss, Wave Mama from the train a goodbye...

- CAMEO(Rob Reiner): Larry's character's agent.

  • Thunderball (1965)

- The budget was $5,500,000 ($500,000 of which was spent on Largo's

yacht the Disco Volante).

- The title song was originally to be ``Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang sung by

'Dionne Warwick' (qv) , but was changed at the last minute to ``Thunderball

sung by 'Tom Jones' (qv).

- The first 007 movie to be filmed in Panavision.

- Stuntman 'Bill Cumming' (qv) was paid a $450 bonus to jump into Largo's shark

infested pool.

- Intended to be the first 007 movie, but legal wrangles with its co-author

lead to _Dr. No (1962)_ (qv) being chosen instead.

- 'Molly Peters' (qv) is the the first Bond girl to appear in the nude (albeit

behind shower glass).

- Martine Beswick ('Paula Catlin' (qv)) had previously appeared in

_From Russia with Love (1963)_ (qv).

- The many underwater scenes stem from writer 'Kevin McClory' (qv)'s interest

in watersports.

- 'Claudine Auger' (qv) was a former Miss France, but being French her voice

was dubbed.See also _From Russia with Love (1963)_ (qv).

  • Thunderbirds Are GO (1966)

- The Zero-X also appears in the first episode of the TV series

_Captain Scarlett (1953)_ (qv), also written by 'Gerry Anderson' (qv).

  • Thunderheart (1992)

- Based on a true story, documented as _Incident at Oglala (1992)_ (qv).

  • THX 1138 (1970)

- ``THX stands for ``Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment.Tomlinson Holman was

a friend of director 'George Lucas' (qv), and inventor of the THX sound

system used extensively by Lucas.

  • Timecop (1994)

- While riding in the sled which will transport him into the future,

'Jean Claude Van Damme' (qv) takes out a stick of chewing gum called ``Black

Black, a brand of Japanese gum.During 1994, Van Damme appeared in

television commercials for ``Black Black chewing gum in Japan.

  • Tip Off, The (1931)

- The working titles were ``The Lady Killer and ``Eddie Cuts In.

  • To Be or Not to Be (1983)

- A street sign reads ``Kubelski Avenue._To Be or Not to Be (1942)_ (qv)

starred 'Jack Benny' (qv), whose real name is Benny Kubelski.

  • To Catch a Thief (1955)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about 10 minutes in, sitting next too

John Robie on a bus.

- There are subliminal shots of a black cat the first few times that John

appears.John's nickname is ``the cat because of his stealth ability.

  • To Die For (1995)

- The briefcase that [Suzanne's lawyer] ('Joyce Maynard' (qv)) carries

contains Maynard's mother's ashes.

  • To Have and Have Not (1944)

- 'Humphrey Bogart' (qv) and 'Lauren Bacall' (qv) fell in love during

production.Director 'Howard Hawks' (qv) afterward said that it was

actually Bacall's character Marie that Bogart had fallen for, ``so she had

to keep playing it the rest of her life.

- 'Ernest Hemingway' (qv) had bet Hawks that Hawks couldn't film this novel.

Hawks did it by deleting most of the story, including the class references

that would justify the title, and shifting to an earlier point in the

lives of the lead characters.

- The setting was shifted to Martinique because the Office of

Inter-American Affairs would not have allowed export of a film showing

smuggling and insurrection in Cuba.

- 'Andy Williams' (qv) dubbed Bacall singing ``How Little We Know.

  • Tombstone (1993)

- 'Kevin Jarre' (qv) began as director, filming all of 'Charlton Heston' (qv)'s


- Director 'George P. Cosmatos' (qv) is quoted as saying that all lightning

and moustaches are real.

- ACTTRADE(Val Kilmer): flipping a poker chip over his knuckles.

  • Tommy (1975)

- Some of the scenes with 'Robert Powell' (qv) parallel his scenes in

_Mahler (1974)_ (qv), also directed by 'Ken Russell' (qv).

- DIRTRADE(Ken Russell): [snake]: crawling out of the skeleton's pelvis.

- DIRTRADE(Ken Russell): [colors]: colors of sets during ``Acid Queen,

``Cousin Kevin, and ``Uncle Ernie sequences.Lighting during

``Pinball Wizard.

- DIRCAMEO(Ken Russell): One of the cripples during "Eyesight to the

Blind/ Marilyn Monroe" sequence

  • Too Many Girls (1940)

- 'Trudy Erwin' (qv) dubbed 'Lucille Ball' (qv)'s singing.

  • Tootsie (1982)

- The working title was ``Would I lie to you?.'Dustin Hoffman' (qv)

suggested ``Tootsie, which was his mother's nickname for him when he

was a child.

- DIRCAMEO(Sydney Pollack): Michael/Dorothy's agent, George Fields.

  • Top Gun (1986)

- American F-5s double as the MiG-28s.

- ACTTRADE(Val Kilmer): flipping a pen over his knuckles.

  • Top Hat (1935)

- Early drafts of the script called for 'Irving Berlin' (qv) songs ``Wild

About You, ``Get Thee Behind Me, Satan (to be sung by

'Ginger Rogers' (qv)) and ``You're the Cause, but they were not used in

the final version.

- Beddini's motto was originally, ``For the men the sword, for the women the

whip. The script was changed to ``For the women the kiss, for the men the

sword after the Hollywood censors objected.

- For contrast to the ``Big White Set of the Lido, the water in the canals

was dyed black.

- During ``Cheek to Cheek, Rogers' gown shed its feathers, exasperating

'Fred Astaire' (qv) and causing delays in order to sew the feathers down.

Rogers earned the nickname ``Feathers from Astaire as a result.

- The end portion film was trimmed down after preview-goers complained of

the length. Small parts by 'Donald Meek' (qv) and 'Florence Roberts' (qv)

were cut. One of the last scenes to go, in which 'Eric Blore' (qv) insults

a policeman, is still present in some prints (including the RKO

Collection videotape version from Turner Home Entertainment).

- A 78 minute version of the film was released by RKO in 1953. Cuts to the

dance numbers were severe. Prints are still in circulation.

  • Top Secret! (1984)

- The ``German that Nick learns in the train is not a language at all.

Words like ``Vlichtmitten, ``Blitzen or ``Flachmatuche are great fun

for German listeners, but have no proper meaning.In the German-dubbed

version, Val Kilmer learns a German dialect mainly spoken in the former GDR.

  • Topaz (1969)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about 30 minutes in at the airport

getting out of a wheelchair.

- 'Leon Uris' (qv) wrote the first draft of the screenplay, but Hitchcock

declared it unshootable at the last minute and called in 'Samuel Taylor' (qv)

(writer of _Vertigo (1958)_ (qv)) to rewrite it from scratch.Some scenes

were written just hours before they were shot.

- Hitchcock shot two versions with completely different endings.Both of them

are included in the Laserdisc reissue.

  • Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

- The Japanese section of the film was originally to be directed by

'Akira Kurosawa' (qv).

- Actor 'Jason Robards' (qv) was actually present at the bombing of Pearl

Harbor on the 7th of December, 1941.

  • Torch Song Trilogy (1988)

- DIRCAMEO(Charles Walters): auditions as one of the dancing partners.

  • Torn Curtain (1966)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): early in the film sitting in a hotel

lobby with a baby on his knee.

- The scene where Gromek is killed was written to show how difficult

it really can be to kill a man.

- 'Keith Waterhouse' (qv) and 'Willis Hall' (qv) did extensive (uncredited)

rewrites on the script.

- 'Bernard Herrmann' (qv) wrote the original score, but Universal Pictures

executives convinced Hitchcock that they needed a more upbeat score.

Hitchcock and Herrmann had a major disagreement, the score was dropped and

they never worked together again.

  • Torrid Zone (1940)

- 'George Reeves' (qv), 'Victor Varconi' (qv), 'Joseph Calleia' (qv),

'Alan Hale' (qv), and 'George Tobias' (qv) all tested for the role of

Rosario, with the part going to Tobias.

  • Total Recall (1990)

- During filming, 'Sharon Stone' (qv) complained to director

'Paul Verhoeven' (qv) that she wasn't sure whether her character really was

married to Doug.

- Johnnycab whistles the Norwegian national anthem.

  • Touch of Evil (1958)

- 'Janet Leigh' (qv) broke her left arm before filming commenced, but appeared


- The film takes place in a fictional Mexican bordertown, Los Robles,

but was filmed in Venice, California because the place looked convincingly

run-down and decayed.

- CAMEO(Joseph Cotten):

- CAMEO(Mercedes McCambridge):

  • Toy Soldiers (1991)

- CAMEO(Jerry Orbach):

  • Toy Story (1995)

- First fully computer generated full-length feature film.The images

required 800,000 hours generation time on a RenderFarm consisting of 87

2-CPU SparcStation 20's, 30 4-CPU Sparc-Station 20's and a SparcServer 1000.

- When Woody is holding the staff meeting, several books are visible behind

him.The names of the books refer to previous Pixar films:

_Red's Dream (1987)_ (qv), and Knickknack (1989).

- The desk lamp and yellow ball with a blue stripe and a red star are

references to the previous Pixar film _Luxo Jr. (1986)_ (qv).

- Syd's sister serves Buzz tea from a Utah Teapot, a famous data model seen

in countless computer animations.

- The toolbox that Buzz Lightyear ('Tim Allen' (qv)) pushes off the milk crate

bears the name ``Binford Tools, the name of the company which sponsors

Allen's character's show in _"Home Improvements" (1991)_ (qv).

- One of the cars' license plate is ``HTT1195, which references the

company ``Hi Tech Tunes, which produced the film.

  • Toys (1992)

- The words used by the General in an attempt to stop the rampaging sea

creature are ``Klaatu, Barada, Nikto, the same words used to command the

robot Gort in _The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)_ (qv).

  • Trading Places (1983)

- DIRTRADE(John Landis): [SYNW]: on a poster in the apartment.

  • Trail of the Pink Panther (1982)

- 'Peter Sellers' (qv) died during filming, which explains Inspector Clouseau's

sudden disappearance.

  • Train Robbers, The (1973)

- 'John Wayne' (qv)'s and 'Ann-Margret' (qv)'s character names, ``Lane and

``Mrs.Lowe, are the same as Wayne's and 'Geraldine Page' (qv)'s

characters' names in _Hondo (1953)_ (qv).

  • Train, The (1965)

- An out-of-service railway station was blown up for this film.

  • Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The (1948)

- DIRCAMEO(John Huston): the man who Dobbs begs money from three times

early in the film.

- This is the origin of the ``stinkin' badges line, used in many other

movies, including _Blazing Saddles (1974)_ (qv).The actual dialog is:

``Badges? We ain't got no badges!We don't need no badges!I don't have to

show you any steenkin' badges!.

  • Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A (1945)

- 'Gene Tierney' (qv) was originally cast as Katie Nolan.When Tierney became

pregnant, 'Dorothy McGuire' (qv) was given the role.

- 'Fred MacMurray' (qv) campaigned for the role of Johnny Nolan and

'Alice Faye' (qv) was at one time considered for Aunt Sissy.

  • Tribute to a Bad Man (1956)

- 'Spencer Tracy' (qv) was cast as Jeremy Roderick, but after an argument with

director 'Robert Wise' (qv) he was fired and replaced by 'James Cagney' (qv).

  • Trick or Treat (1986)

- DIRCAMEO(Charles Martin Smith): the high school teacher

  • Triple Trouble (1918)

- Composed of old 'Charles Chaplin' (qv) footage and new non-Chaplin material.

  • Tron (1982)

- All the live action that occurred inside the computer wwas filmed in black

and white, and colorized later with photographic and rotoscopic techniques.

- Flynn's program is named ``Clu.CLU is an old programming language.

- After Flynn escapes from the light cycles arena, it is possible to

hear a ``Pac-Man video game and see a graphic on the map he is watching.

- In the ``solar sailer sequence, you'll see, for a brief moment, the

silhouette of Mickey Mouse on the ground made to look like part of the


  • Trouble with Harry, The (1955)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about 20 minutes in, walking past the

limousine of a man looking at the paintings.

- The film was unavailable for decades because its rights (together with four

other pictures of the same periods') were bought back by Hitchcock and left

as part of his legacy to his daughter. They've been known for long as the

infamous ``5 lost Hitchcocks amongst film buffs, and were re-released in

theathers around 1984 after a 30-years absence. They are

_Rear Window (1954)_ (qv), _The Trouble with Harry (1955)_ (qv),

_Rope (1948)_ (qv), _Vertigo (1958)_ (qv) and

_The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)_ (qv).

- Hitchcock bought the rights to the original novel anonymously for just


  • True Lies (1994)

- The US Government supplied 3 Marine Harriers and their pilots for a fee

of $100,736 ($2,410 per hour).

- ``Rehnquist was used in 'Robert Anton Williams' (qv)' book

``Schrodinger's Cat as slang for ``penis.

- References to: _The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)_ (qv), _Gremlins (1984)_ (qv),

_Total Recall (1990)_ (qv), _For Your Eyes Only (1981)_ (qv).

- DIRTRADE(James Cameron): [nuke]

  • True Romance (1993)

- Writer 'Quentin Tarantino' (qv)'s original ending had Clarance dying in the

gun battle, leaving Alabama a widow.Tarantino said that he intended

Alabama to turn to crime and join with Mr. White, a character from

_Reservoir Dogs (1992)_ (qv) (which he wrote and directed).In a flashback

scene in _Reservoir Dogs (1992)_ (qv), Mr. White is asked about ``Alabama.

  • Tsui Kun II (1994)

- Director 'Kar-leung Lau' (qv) and star 'Jackie Chan' (qv) clashed during

filming, with Lau wanting to include more hidden-wire stunts.Lau

eventually left the film, with Chan taking over as director.

- Chan indicated that one day's filming typically produces three seconds

screen time.The seven-minute fight at the end of the film took nearly four

months to shoot.

- The fight at the end was originally to be Chan versus 'Ho Sung Pak' (qv),

but Sung Pak repeatedly strained his ankle.Instead, Chan had 'Ken Lo' (qv)

train intensively (lots of stretching and fast kicking) for three months to

take the part.

  • Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988)

- 'George Lucas' (qv) and 'Steven Spielberg' (qv) each own one of the only 50

Tucker cars ever made.

- CAMEO(Lloyd Bridges)

- CAMEO(Dean Stockwell)

  • Turtle Diary (1985)

- CAMEO(Harold Pinter): bookstore customer

  • Twelve Monkeys (1995)

- The insane asylum rec room is introduced by a shot of a TV showing a

cartoon of an animal bouncing off a mattress and doing flips. Near the

end, the whorehouse is introduced by a shot of kids in a vacant lot

doing the same thing.

  • Twenty Million Sweethearts (1934)

- The working title was ``Hot Air.

  • Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

- Mention is made of Sergeant Neidermeyer getting ``fragged by his own

troops.This was the fate given to Neidermeyer in the ending of

_National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)_ (qv), also directed by John Landis.

- On 23rd July, 1982, actor 'Vic Morrow' (qv), plus two juvenile Asian actors

were killed during an accident on set.SFX caused a helicopter to crash,

killing all three instantly.A decade later, director 'John Landis' (qv)

and four others were found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

- DIRTRADE(John Landis): [SYNW]: spoken in German when Bill is being

shot at on the building.

  • Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977)

- The secret policy is closely based on the 1957 book ``Nuclear Weapons and

Foreign Policy by Henry Kissinger in which the future Secretary of State

outlines a strategy committing the US to promoting regional conflicts to

deter the Soviets initiating full scale war.

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

- The film's original title was ``Twin Peaks- Fire Walk With Me, Teresa

Banks and the Last Seven Days of Laura Palmer, but was shortened

sometime before release.

- In most versions of the film certain sequences are sub-titled- at the

nightclub where the music drowns out the dialogue and when characters speak

backwards- but not in the British version. Apparently, director

'David Lynch' (qv) changed his mind so often as to whether they should be

included or not, by the time he came to a final decision, the British

distributors had already made all their prints (without subtitles) and

couldn't afford to make any more.

- Dale Cooper was allegedly named after the man who hijacked an aircraft over

Washington state, bailed out with a parachute, and has never been seen again.

- 'Bob Engels' (qv) claims the script that he and Lynch wrote is much longer

than the version that Lynch actually filmed.He claims there is enough

story for a sequel.Indeed, as with many other Lynch films, about five hours

of footage was shot. Many of the scenes that ended up on the cutting room

floor involved characters who appeared in the television series but didn't

the movie. These scenes include

- Sheriff Harry Truman singing to girlfriend Josie Packard

- Johnny Horne's birthday party

- Bobby Briggs' parents reading from the Bible

- Doc Hayward performing magic tricks

- a fight scene between FBI Agent Chester Desmond and Sherriff Cable.

- DIRTRADE(David Lynch): [singer]: 'Julee Cruise' (qv), 'Chris Issak' (qv),

'David Bowie' (qv).

  • Twins (1988)

- When Julius visits Vincent in prison, Vincent calls him ``Mr Universe, a

title that 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv) held for several years, 25 years


- CAMEO(Heather Graham): Young Mary Ann Benedict.

- ACTTRADE(Arnold Schwarzenegger): ``I'll be back!

  • Two Jakes, The (1990)

- Writer 'Robert Towne' (qv), producer 'Robert Evans' (qv) and director

'Jack Nicholson' (qv) founded the production company T.E.N. in 1985

just to produce this film. When legal and financial problems occured

Nicholson finished the project alone.

- CAMEO(Tom Waits): policeman

  • Two Moon Junction (1988)

- The title may be a pun, given the erotic nature of the film.

- CAMEO(Jodie Foster)

  • Two Tars (1928)

- Originally titled ``Two Tough Tars.

  • Uccellacci e uccellini (1966)

- On February, 14th, 1988 'Laura Betti' (qv) introduced a reconstructed

version of the film (99 min) at the `Internationale Filmfestspiele

Berlin'. This version contains a short episode with 'Toto (I)' (qv) called

`Toto al circo', which was not included in the original release.Although

director 'Pier Paolo Pasolini' (qv) reported about his work on it,

this episode had never been shown to the public before.

  • Under Capricorn (1949)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about five minutes into the movie in the

town square wearing a coat and a brown hat. Ten minutes later he is one of

three men on the steps of government house.

  • Under Siege (1992)

- Both the character Jordan Tate and the actor who played her

('Erika Eleniak' (qv)) are Playboy Playmate of July 1989.

  • Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

- Filmakers pioneered a new technique that enabled them to film all the

interior train scenes (practically all the film) in the studio.Tennis

balls glued on the studio walls were used as reference points to allow

computers to insert footage of Colorado scenery, even when the camera moved


  • Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

- Filmed in color, released in black and white.

  • Undergaangens Arkitektur (1989)

- While researching this film in Germany, 'Peter Cohen' (qv) stumbled upon an

obscure industrial documentary about various methods of vermin control for

factory use. This short, entitled ``Kleinkrieg (or ``Little War), proved

invaluable as it was the first to advocate the use of Zyklon-B as an

effective means of mass extermination.

  • Unendliche Geschichte, Die (1984)

- Author 'Michael Ende' (qv) decided that he was unhappy with the film's

version of his story, and refused to have his name placed in the opening

credits.A small credit appears at the end with his name.

- The nighthob says a profanity in the opening scene where the rockbiter

appears running down all in it's path.This profanity is often dubbed

over by the grumble of the rockbiter's scooter, so that it can be shown

as a children's film.

  • Unforgiven (1992)

- The script floated around Hollywood for nearly 20 years, during which time

'Gene Hackman' (qv) read and rejected it, only to be later convinced by

'Clint Eastwood' (qv) to play a role.

  • Unmarried Woman, An (1978)

- DIRCAMEO(Paul Mazursky): attempting to place an order in a restaurant.

  • Unter den Bruecken (1945)

- Passed censorship in March 1945 but was theatrical released in 1950.

  • Untouchables, The (1987)

- 'Bob Hoskins' (qv) was originally signed to play Al Capone, but after most of

the filming was completed, he and director 'Brian DePalma' (qv) decided that

they were unhappy with the result.Hoskins departed, and was paid $200,000.

- The scene where Malone picks up a dead body, holds it against the window,

and shoots it was ad-libbed by 'Sean Connery' (qv).

- The camera work in the scene where Elliot Ness is in the airline is identical

to a scene in _Foreign Correspondent (1940)_ (qv).

- References to _Potemkin (1925)_ (qv).

  • Usual Suspects, The (1995)

- Redfood ('Peter Greene' (qv)) makes reference to _Pulp Fiction (1994)_ (qv)

(which also featured Greene) by saying ``We'll feed it to the Gimp.

- The name of the film's production company (Blue Parrot/Bad Hat Harry

Productions) is an inside reference to a line from _Jaws (1975)_ (qv),

Brody meets an old guy in a bathing cap on a beach and greets him by saying

``That's a bad hat, Harry.

- ``Soze (as in ``Kaiser Soze) is Hungarian for ``verbal.

- When Agent Kujan pushes Verbal out of his chair, Verbal can be heard to

say ``I killed Keaton very quickly.

  • Vagabond King, The (1956)

- This film is presumed lost.Please check your attic.

  • Valley of the Dolls (1967)

- Filming began with 'Judy Garland' (qv) cast in the role of the aging actress

whose lines included ``Broadway doesn't need your pills and your booze,

but she died of a drug overdose, and the part was played by

'Susan Hayward' (qv).

  • Vampire Bat, The (1933)

- Filmed at night on Universal's European village set.The interior of

Atwill's house is the set from _The Old Dark House (1932)_ (qv).

  • Vertigo (1958)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): about 11 minutes in wearing a gray suit

walking past Gavin Elster's shipyard.

- The film is based upon the novel ``D'Entre les Morts which was written

specifically for Hitchcock after the authors heard that he tried to

buy the rights to their previous novel ``Diabolique.

- San Juan Batista, the Spanish mission which features in key scenes in the

movie doesn't actually have a bell tower- it was added with trick

photography. The mission originally had a steeple but it was demolished

following a fire.

- The screenplay is credited to 'Alec Coppel' (qv) and 'Samuel Taylor' (qv),

but Coppel didn't write a word of the final draft.He is credited for

contractual reasons only. Taylor read neither Coppel's script nor the

original novel, he worked solely from Hitchcock's outline of the story.

- Hitchcock reportedly spent a week filming a brief scene where Madeleine

stares at a portrait in the Palace of the Legion of Honor just to get the

lighting right.

- Hitchcock invented the famous combination of forward zoom and reverse

tracking shot to convey the sense of vertigo to the audience. The view

down the mission stair well cost $19,000 for just a couple of seconds of

screen time.

- Hitchcock originally wanted 'Vera Miles' (qv) to play Madeleine, but she

became pregnant and was therefore unavailable.

- The film was unavailable for decades because its rights (together with four

other pictures of the same periods') were bought back by Hitchcock and left

as part of his legacy to his daughter. They've been known for long as the

infamous ``5 lost Hitchcocks amongst film buffs, and were re-released in

theathers around 1984 after a 30-years absence. They are

_Rear Window (1954)_ (qv), _The Trouble with Harry (1955)_ (qv),

_Rope (1948)_ (qv), _Vertigo (1958)_ (qv) and

_The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)_ (qv).

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [bathroom] Madeline emerges from the bathroom,

ready for lovemaking.

- DIRTRADE(Alfred Hitchcock): [hair] Carlotta and Madeline have spiral

hairstyles, and Judy's hair color is significant.

  • Vibrations (1995)

- Each take of the scene where TJ is panhandling brought a profit of

approximately $5 from pedestrians who wandered by, unaware that a film

was being shot.

  • Videodrome (1983)

- DIRTRADE(David Cronenberg): [flesh]: ``Long live the new flesh!.

  • Vie est a nous, La (1936)

- 'Louis Aragon' (qv) was asked by officials of the ``Parti Communiste

Francais whom he would recommend as a director for this propaganda film

and he proposed 'Jean Renoir' (qv) who then directed the film as head

of a director's collective.

  • View to a Kill, A (1985)

- 'Roger Moore' (qv)'s final appearance as 007.

- 'Lois Maxwell' (qv)'s final appearance as Moneypenny.

- Filming was delayed when the ``007 stage at Pinewood Studios burns down.

It was totally rebuilt in less than four months, and renamed

``The Albert R.Broccoli 007 Stage.

- Tanya Roberts got the role after Broccoli saw her in

_The Beastmaster (1982)_ (qv).

- During filming, 'Grace Jones' (qv)' boyfriend was a little-known actor named

'Dolph Lundgren' (qv).Lundgren has a small part in the film as a KGB heavy.

- For the first time, a piece of music not specially composed or performed for

a Bond film appears in the soundtrack.It is 39 seconds of The Beach Boys'

``California Girls.

  • Viking, The (1931)

- Director `Varick Frissell' (qv), cinematographer 'Alexander G. Penrod',

and almost all the film crew were killed on 15 March 1931, when the

sealing ship S.S. Viking, from which they were shooting additional

footage, exploded in ice off the Horse Islands on the northern

Newfoundland coast.

  • Viva Max! (1969)

- Refers indirectly to the 'John Wayne' (qv) film _The Alamo (1960)_ (qv) by

showing a painting of Wayne as Davy Crockett defending the Alamo.Normally

there is a disclaimer which states ``all characters depicted in this motion

picture are fictitious and any similarity......, etc.In this film, the

disclaimer reads ``all characters depicted in this motion picture except

John Wayne are fictitious and any similarity to actual persons.....

  • Vorstadtvariete (1934)

- The original version of the film ended with suicide of the [female lead]

but was disliked by public and press.The end of the film was reshot and

[the protagonist] was rescued.

  • Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1966)

- Director 'Derek Thomas' (qv) is actually 'Peter Bogdanovich' (qv).

  • Wagner (1983)

- Filmed in more than 200 separate locations; over seven months and in six


  • Wagons East (1994)

- Star 'John Candy' (qv) died while making this film.

  • Wake Up and Live (1937)

- 'Jack Haley' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Buddy Clark' (qv).

  • Walk in the Clouds, A (1995)

- 'Keanu Reeves' (qv) was injured during a friendly game of hockey with

his friends during spare time.His lip was split, requiring six stiches.

In his next scheduled scene, a love scene with 'Debra Messing' (qv), he

was quoted as saying to her: ``please don't hurt me.

  • Wall Street (1987)

- DIRCAMEO(Oliver Stone): on the phone during the montage of deals

being made.

  • War of the Roses, The (1989)

- Oliver Rose ('Michael Douglas' (qv)) cuts the heels off his wife's

('Kathleen Turner' (qv)'s) shoes.In _Romancing the Stone (1984)_ (qv),

Jack Coulton (Douglas) cut the heels off Joan Wilder's (Turner) shoes.

  • WarGames (1983)

- 'Kevin Costner' (qv) turned down the lead role for a part in

_The Big Chill (1983)_ (qv) which was eventually cut.

- The studio had a Galaga and a Galaxian machine delivered to

'Matthew Broderick' (qv)'s home, where he practiced for two months to

prepare for the arcade scene.

- The ``TRS-80 Model I used to break into NORAD was programmed to make the

correct words appear on the screen, no matter which keys were pressed.

- When David comes home the day after the NORAD computer break-in, the

newscaster on the television is talking about a prophylactic recycling


- The exteriors were all filmed in western Washington state.The NORAD HQ

set was built in the Cascades, the ``Oregon airport was really Boeing

Field, ``Goose Island is really Anderson Island, WA (in the southern part

of Puget Sound).The last ferry off the island really is at 6:30, and you

really are stuck there if you miss it.

  • Warlock (1989)

- Scene in the theatrical previews indicating that the Warlock was the satanic

Messiah was cut some time before video distribution.

  • Warriors, The (1979)

- Loosely based on Xenophon's ``Anabasis.

- The choreographed fight in the men's lavoratory took 5 days (8am to 7pm) to


  • Waterworld (1995)

- The Slave Colony, a key set, was sunk by a storm and was unusable.

  • Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992)

- References to: _The Haunting (1963)_ (qv),

_The Legend of Hell House (1973)_ (qv), _The Shining (1980)_ (qv),

_Alien (1979)_ (qv), _The Masque of the Red Death_ (qv),

_Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde_ (qv), _Jack the Ripper_ (qv),

_Nosferatu (1922)_ (qv), _Dawn of the Dead (1979)_ (qv),

_Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1956)_ (qv),

_Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)_ (qv),

_Saturday Night Fever (1977)_ (qv),

_Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1974)_ (qv), and _Frankenstein_ (qv).

  • Way Out West (1937)

- References to _It Happened One Night (1934)_ (qv).

  • Way We Were, The (1973)

- CAMEO(Marvin Hamlisch)

  • Way West, The (1967)

- There was a minor helicopter crash on the set.

  • Wayne's World (1992)

- A specialist trailer was made, which was only shown in front of

_The Addams Family (1991)_ (qv).

- The ``Stairway to Heaven guitar riff was changed for the international,

cable, and videotape releases to a generic riff because of disputes in

obtaining rights to the first five notes of the song, which appear only in

the US theatrical release.

- The donut shop is owned by ex Chicago Blackhawk Stan Mikita.The police

officer in the shop is Officer Koharski.This could be a reference to the

National Hockey League referee Don Koharski who was told by New Jersey

Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld to ``have another donut, you fat pig after a

playoff game.

- CAMEO(Robert Patrick): Police officer, similar to the one he played

in _Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)_ (qv).

  • Wayne's World 2 (1993)

- A teaser trailer for the film makes fun of Lucasfilm's THX sound system.

- A scene in the trailer where Wayne declares ``If I ever sport a look like

that, you have full permission to shoot me in the head was deleted from

the film.Another scene in trailers where Garth says ``That was just like

the first movie was deleted from the film.

- The voice over the drive-thru speaker at the donut shop was different in the


  • We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993)

- As the dinosaurs dance around Times Square, it is possible to see a

theatre marquee advertising _Jurassic Park (1993)_ (qv), which was

directed by executive producer 'Steven Spielberg' (qv).

  • We're Not Dressing (1934)

- A number ``It's the Animal in Me was filmed, but cut.See also

_The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935)_ (qv).

  • Weird Science (1985)

- 'John Hughes' (qv) wrote this film in two days.

- Lisa is named after the computer on which she was designed, an Apple Lisa.

  • Welcome Danger (1929)

-Originally filmed as a silent feature (directed by 'Mal St.Clair' (qv)) it was

largely re-shot for sound release (directed by 'Clyde Bruckman' (qv).)When

it was previewed, it was over three hours in length, but cut to under two

hours before general release.

  • Wenn du gross bist, lieber Adam (1965)

- Censored in 1965, released in 1990.

  • West Side Story (1961)

- Borrowed its plot from 'William Shakespeare' (qv)'s ``Romeo and Juliet.

- 'Natalie Wood' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Marni Nixon' (qv).

- The actors in the rival gangs were instructed to play pranks on each other

off the set to keep tensions high.

  • What Price Hollywood? (1932)

- 'David O. Selznick' (qv) wanted 'Clara Bow' (qv) for the role of Mary Evans,

but she turned it down when she was offered more money from Fox.

  • Wheels on Meals (1984)

- 'Benny Urquidez' (qv), a kickboxer with a 58-0 record, was nearly fired

for hitting his opponents too hard while filming.

  • When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)

- Michael's real daughter's car's numberplate is ``2SAD.

  • When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

- Harry can be seen reading 'Stephen King' (qv)'s _Misery (1990)_ (qv), which

would be director 'Rob Reiner' (qv)'s next film.

- The woman who says ``I'll have what she's having after Sally's faked orgasm

is director 'Rob Reiner' (qv)'s mother.

  • Where Eagles Dare (1969)

- The driving force behind the film was 'Richard Burton' (qv)'s son, who wanted

to see his father in a good old fashioned adventure movie.Burton approached

producer 'Ellion Kastner' (qv) for ideas, who asked 'Alastair MacLean' (qv).

At that time, most of MacLean's novels have either been made into films, or

were in the process of being filmed.Kastner pursuaded MacLean to write a

new story.Six weeks later, MacLean delivered the script.

- 'Clint Eastwood' (qv) was reluctant to receive second billing to Burton, but

agreed after being paid $800,000.

- The ``Schloss Adler is actually the ``Schloss Hohenwerfen in Austria.

At the time of filming, the castle was being used as a police training camp.

- An accident during one of the action scenes left Kastner and director

'Brian G. Hutton' (qv) badly burnt.

- Despite Eastwood's reputation for violence in other films, his character

kills more people in this film than any other Eastwood character.

  • Whereabouts of Jenny, The (1991) (TV)

- CAMEO(Tony Danza): drunk.

  • While You Were Sleeping (1995)

- The role of Lucy was written for 'Demi Moore' (qv).'Sandra Bullock' (qv)

took the role, saying she could relate to it having just broken up from

a four year relationship.

  • White Dog (1982)

- DIRCAMEO(Samuel Fuller):

  • White Nights (1985)

- The 747 aircraft is actually a 707 with an artificial hump on the top of the

foreward fuselage, as the studio couldn't afford to lease a 747.

  • White Room, The (1989)

- Released was revoked in 1989 when the producers decided to re-make the movie,

adding an additional plot based on events taking place behind the scenes

(during the shooting of the first version of the movie.)The new version

was to have starred 'Paul McGann' (qv) and 'Greta Scacchi' (qv), but was

never funded.

  • White Sands (1992)

- CAMEO(Mimi Rogers): the policeman's wife

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

- Some versions have an extra scene: Eddie Valiant had gone into Toontown,

ambushed by the weasels and had a pig's head ``tooned onto his. He went

home and took a shower during which Jessica walks into his apartment.This

scene was cut from the original release, but did appear in theatrical

trailers and a television broadcast.

- A scene where Jessica pulls or pulls off her stocking as she was sitting

cross-legged was cut.

- 'Bob Hoskins' (qv) watched his young daughter to learn how to act with

imaginary characters.He later had problems with hallucinations.Hoskins'

son was reportedly furious that his father hadn't brought any of his cartoon

co-stars home to meet him.

- Some scenes of Eddie Valiant in the taxi are actually drawings of Eddie

Valliant instead of pictures of Hoskins.

- Jessica Rabbit's speaking voice was performed by 'Kathleen Turner' (qv), and

her singing voice was performed by 'Amy Irving' (qv).Turner was uncredited.

- Eddie enters a toontown men's room which has the graffiti ``For a Good Time,

call Allyson Wonderland in the background.

- There are persistent rumours that the laserdisc edition of this film has

a few frames of Jessica Rabbit with no panties, visible when she and Eddie

are thrown out of the cab.

  • Whoopee Boys, The (1986)

- CAMEO: (Jack Nitzsche): man who yeels at Barney and Jack for being in the


  • Whore (1991)

- Theatre marquees for two other 'Ken Russell' (qv) films,

_Crimes of Passion (1984)_ (qv) and _The Lair of the White Worm (1988)_ (qv),

are seen in the film.

  • Why Worry? (1923)

- Ringling Brothers giant 'George Auger' (qv) was contracted to play the role

of Colosso, but he died shortly after filming began.A nationwide publicity

campaign was instituted to find a replacement.Norwegian 'John Aasen' (qv),

living in Minnesota, was discovered as a result of a newspaper article about

his shoe size.

  • Wild at Heart (1990)

- During filming, 'Laura Dern' (qv) passed out when 'David Lynch' (qv) asked

her to smoke four cigarettes at once in one deep inhalation.When she came

to, she saw a worried Lynch standing above her asking: ``Tidbit! Are you


  • Wild in the Streets (1968)

- The young Max Flatow was originally played by 'Barry Williams' (qv), but

his scenes were cut after they realized that his eyes were blue, whereas

'Christopher Jones' (qv)' (the elder Max Flatow) were brown.

  • Wild Life, The (1984)

- CAMEO(Rick Moranis):

  • Wild Orchid (1990)

- 'Mickey Rourke' (qv) and 'Carrie Otis' (qv) were a ``couple at the time

this film was made, and there is a persistent rumor that the sex scenes were

not faked.

  • Wild Poses (1933)

- Uses sets from _Brats (1930)_ (qv).

  • Willow (1988)

- According to the press kits, the two-headed dragon was named ``Siskbert,

a reference to the movie critics 'Gene Siskel' (qv) and 'Roger Ebert' (qv).

The word does not occur in the film but made it into some reviews.

- Willow utters the same spell as Merlin did in _Excalibur (1981)_ (qv).

  • Wings of Eagles, The (1957)

- Director 'John Ford' (qv) appears as John Dodge, but is credited as

'Ward Bond' (qv).

  • Winter Carnival (1939)

- 'F. Scott Fitzgerald' (qv), originally assigned to write the picture,

was dismissed in a humiliating scene in front of the Hanover Inn during the

1939 Carnival.

  • Wired (1989)

- In the scene where John Landis is walking across the set from

_The Blues Brothers (1980)_ (qv), a helicopter can be heard in the

background.See _Twilight Zone- The Movie (1983)_ (qv).

  • Wisdom (1986)

- John Wisdom 'Emilion Estevez' (qv) can be seen on a bus adorned with the

graffiti ``Plate O' Shrimp, a reference to _Repo Man (1984)_ (qv), which

also starred Estevez.

- In one scene, a TV can be seen showing a Fotomat booth being blown up with

a rocket launcher, a scene make by Estevez and his brother

[Ramon? or Charlie?]

  • With a Song in My Heart (1952)

- 'Susan Hayward' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Jane Froman' (qv).

  • Wizard of Oz, The (1939)

- The title role was written with 'W.C. Fields' (qv) in mind.Producer

'Mervyn LeRoy' (qv) wanted 'Ed Wynn' (qv), who turned down the role.Studio

executive Freed wanted Fields, and offered him $75,000.Fields supposedly

wanted $100,000.According to a letter from Fields' agent (and supposedly

written by Fields) Fields turned down to role to devote his time to writing

the script for ``You Can't Cheat an Honest Man.

- 'Frank Morgan' (qv) has five roles: Professor Marvel, the gatekeeper of the

Emerald city, the cab driver (of the horse of a different color), the

Wizard's guard, and the Wizard.It is also possible that he was made up for

the projected image of the Wizard.

- MGM studio heads wanted 'Shirley Temple' (qv) to play Dorothy.

- 'Gale Sondergaard' (qv) was originally cast as the Wicked Witch of the West.

- Terry (Toto) was stepped on by one of the witch's guards, and had a double

for two weeks.A second double was obtained, because it resembled Toto more


- The Cowardly Lion's facial makeup included a brown paper bag.Actor

'Bert Lahr' (qv) couldn't eat without ruining his makeup.Tired of eating

soup and milkshakes, he decided to eat lunch and have his makeup redone.

- 'Buddy Ebsen' (qv) was the original choice for the Scarecrow.

'Ray Bolger' (qv) was originally brought in as the Tin Woodsman.Bolger

wanted to play the Scarecrow (his childhood idol was 'Fred Stone' (qv) who

had played the original Scarecrow in the 1902 Baum play ``The Wizard of

Oz.Bolger had seen him in ``Jack O Lantern in 1919 or 1920.)He

insisted and was eventually given the Scarecrow role.Ebsen was given the

Tin Man.Ebsen got sick from the makeup, but that was not the sole cause:

his symptoms were not consistent with aluminum powder poisoning, but were an

allergic reaction to either the aluminum or the other chemicals in the

makeup.(he probably would have gotten sick anyway, but this speeded the

process).The makeup method was changed when 'Jack Haley' (qv) took over

(the aluminum was originally put on as a powder, they switched to mixing the

aluminum in a paste), so Haley did not inhale the aluminum as much.Haley

did not find out what had happened to Ebsen until after the movie. He

assumed that Ebsen had been fired.Ebsen's voice can still be heard in

``Off to see the Wizard.

- ``Over the Rainbow was nearly cut.

- The film originally contained an elaborate production number

called ``The Jitter Bug, which cost $80,000 and took five weeks to shoot.

In the scene, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly lion, and the Tin

Woodsman are on their way to the Witch's castle when they are attacked by

``jitter bugs- furry pink and blue mosquitolike ``rascals that give one

``the jitters as they buzz about in the air. When, after its first

preview, the movie was judged too long, MGM officials decided to sacrifice

the ``Jitter Bug scene. They reasoned that it added little to the plot

and, because a dance by the same name had just become popular, they feared

it might date the picture.The Witch still refers to the bug in the final

film, just before telling the Monkeys to ``Fly! Only home movies of the

filming of ``The Jitterbug survive, though the song is on current versions

of both the soundtrack CD and the recent anniversary edition videotape. The

sequence was also incorporated into a recent stage version of the musical.

- When filming first started, 'Judy Garland' (qv) wore a blond wig and heavy,

``baby-doll makeup; when 'George Cukor' (qv) assumed the role of

intermediate director (after the producer took the original director off the

picture, and before they found a replacement), he got rid of the wig and

most of the makeup and told her to just be herself.

- The ``tornado was a thirty-five foot long muslin stocking, photographed

with miniatures of a Kansas farm and fields.

- The Wicked Witch of the West ('Margaret Hamilton' (qv)) was off the film for

more than a month after being severely burned during her disappearance from

Munchkinland.Her stand-in was also injured when a broom exploded during a

stunt shot.

- Morgan's Professor Marvel coat was taken from a rack of second-hand

clothing purchased by the studio wardrobe department; he was astounded when,

just by chance, he turned out the coat's pocket and found the name

'L. Frank Baum' (qv) (the Oz books' author) sewn into the lining.Baum's

widow and the tailor who made the coat confirmed that the coat had, indeed,

been his.

- The horses in Emerald City palace were colored with Jello crystals.The

relevant scenes had to be shot quickly, before the horses started to lick

it off.

- Rumors of the Munchkin actors' wild drunken orgies and other escapades are

greatly exaggerated.

- Many of the Munchkins' voices were dubbed by professional singers, as many

of the actors had poor Engish or couldn't sing.

- There is a rumor that a man committed suicide on the set, and that his body

can be seen on the left of the screen as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the

Tin Man walk down the Yellow Brick Road after their first encounter with the

Wicked Witch.This is false; the object in question is a strange looking


- Director 'Victor Fleming' (qv) did not finish the film, being assigned to

take over direction of _Gone with the Wind (1939)_ (qv).Fleming stayed

with Oz until the color photography was completed, and then handed over to

'King Vidor' (qv), who directed the black and white sequences.

  • Woman's Secret, A (1949)

- 'Nicholas Ray' (qv) and 'Gloria Grahame' (qv) were going through a marital

separation during the soundstage filming of this motion picture, and for

both professional and personal reasons kept this information from everyone

in the cast and crew.Ray often slept on the set.

  • Women and Men: Stories of Seduction (1990) (TV)

- Director 'Ken Russell' (qv)'s segment, ``Fireworks Before Dusk, was re-cut

and re-scored by the studio after filming finished.Russell refused to

watch the released film.

  • Women of All Nations (1931)

- Stone ('Humphrey Bogart' (qv)) does not appear in all prints.

  • Women, The (1939)

- There are over 130 roles in this movie, all played by women.

'Phyllis Povah' (qv) and 'Marjorie Main' (qv) are the only two carry-overs

to the movie from the play cast, which had 666 performances at the Ethel

Barrymore Theatre in New York.

  • Working Girl (1988)

- 'Harrison Ford' (qv) cut his chin in a car accident in Northern California

when he was about 20.In the movie, his character says that he was piercing

his ear as a teen, and fainted and hit his chin on the toilet.See also:

_Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)_ (qv).

- When Catherine Parker ('Sigourney Weaver' (qv)) comes back to New York ando

gets out off the helicopter, she carries a big stuffed-toy gorilla.Weaver

played the role of Dian Fossey in _Gorillas in the Mist (1988)_ (qv) just a

few months before.

  • World According to Garp, The (1982)

- The house that the plane crashes into was built at one end of the only

runway at Lincoln Park Airport, a very small airstrip in Lincoln Park, NJ

USA (about 35 miles NW of New York City).The wrecked house was not removed

for several weeks. While no planes have hit houses in the vicinity, one

did bounce off the roof of a passing car several years earlier.

- CAMEO(John Irving): wrestling match referee

- DIRCAMEO(George Roy Hill): pilot that crashes into the house

  • Wrong Man, The (1957)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): narrating the film's prologue. The only

time he actually spoke in any of his films.

- Although based on a true story, Hitchcock deliberately left out some of the

information that pointed to Manny's innocence to heighten the tension.

- The ``right man (the real culprit) can be seen several times during the

film: outside the Stork Club, in the Victor Moore arcade and near one of

the liquor stores where the police take Manny.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)

- 'Fred Astaire' (qv) was first offered the leading role but turned it down.

  • You Only Live Twice (1967)

- The budget was the then astronomic sum of $9,500,000 ($1,000,000 of

of which was spent by 'Ken Adam' (qv) in his crater set).

- For the first time the story of a 007 film bears little resemblance to

the novel it is based on.

- The face of Ernst Blofeld is revealed for the first time (in the guise

of 'Donald Pleasence' (qv)).

- The female leads 'Mie Hama' (qv) and 'Akiko Wakabayashi' (qv) both appeared

in _King Kong vs. Godzilla (1963)_ (qv).

- Whilst in Japan, 'Sean Connery' (qv) and his wife are hounded by the

international press. During news conferences the press insisted on referring

to Connery as James Bond. The last straw comes when local newsmen attempted

to photograph him in a rest room. To ease the tension the producers

remove his contractual obligation to do one more 007 movie, despite being

offerred $1 million.

- The book title comes from a 17 century poem by Japanese poet Basho, it reads

``You only live twice / Once when you are born / And once when you look death

in the face.

  • You Were Never Lovelier (1942)

- 'Rita Hayworth' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Nan Wynn' (qv).

- The song ``On the Beam was written for the film but not used.

- The dance to ``You Were Never Lovelier was cut from the film after the


- The character played by 'Fred Astaire' (qv) says he is from Omaha,

Nebraska- Astaire's real-life birthplace.

  • You'll Never Get Rich (1941)

- A vocal performance of ``Dream Dancing by 'Gwen Kenyon' (qv) was cut

from the film.

- In reference to the Porter song ``Night and Day sung by 'Fred Astaire' (qv)

in _The Gay Divorcee (1934)_ (qv), 'Cole Porter' (qv) ended ``The Wedding

Cake Walk with the phrase ``night and day. He asked permission from RKO

to quote the line.

- Bugle call in-joke: see also _The Gay Divorcee (1934)_ (qv), _Roberta

(1935)_ (qv), _Follow the Fleet (1936)_ (qv), e.g.

  • You're a Big Boy Now (1966)

- The nightclub has scenes from _Dementia 13 (1963)_ (qv) (also directed by

'Francis Coppola' (qv)) projected onto the wall.

  • Young and Innocent (1937)

- DIRCAMEO(Alfred Hitchcock): outside the courthouse holding a camera as

Derrick de Marney escapes.

  • Young Frankenstein (1974)

- The film was shot in the same castle as the original

_Frankenstein (1910)_ (qv).

- DIRCAMEO(Mel Brooks): the sound of the off-screen cat screaming when

hit by a dart.

  • Young Guns (1988)

- 'Tom Cruise' (qv) was disguised with a beard and mustache and apppears as

a bad guy that walks out of a door and is shot.He was added because he

was visiting the set and said he had never been in a film gunfight.

  • Young Guns II (1990)

- CAMEO(Jon Bon Jovi): scruffy man who gets shot in the chest and blown

backwards after Doc and Chavez get out of the pit jail.

  • Young Man with a Horn (1950)

- 'Kirk Douglas' (qv)' trumpet licks were performed by 'Harry James' (qv).

  • Young Master, The (1980)

- The fan-fighting scene required 329 takes to complete.

  • Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

- The ``cycling across the moon shot is a reference to

_E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)_ (qv), directed by producer

'Steven Spielberg' (qv).

  • Youth on Parade (1942)

- 'Martha O'Driscoll' (qv)'s singing was dubbed by 'Margaret Whiting' (qv).

  • Zardoz (1974)

- The scene where [Connery] ('Sean Connery' (qv)) and [Rampling]

('Charlotte Rampling' (qv)) turn into skeletons had to be shot three times.

The first time, the film was damaged, and the second time, a studio helper

accidentally exposed the negatives.Connery and Rampling were extremely

annoyed, because of the time they had to spend having make-up done.

  • Ziegfeld Follies (1946)

- Head director 'George Sidney' (qv) quit after one month of filming and was

replaced by 'Vincente Minnelli' (qv).

- The initial version shown to preview audiences in 1944 was almost 3 hours


- Cut from film:

- Musical number ``If Swing Goes, I Go Too, directed by Sidney, danced and

sung by 'Fred Astaire' (qv).

- Musical/comedy number ``Start Off Each Day with a Song, directed by

'Charles Walters' (qv), performed by 'Jimmy Durante' (qv).

- Musical number ``A Cowboy's Life, directed by 'Merrill Pye' (qv), sung by

'James Melton' (qv).

- Musical number ``Liza, directed by Minnelli, sung by 'Avon Long' (qv).

- Cut from film: Comedy sketch "Baby Snooks and the Burglar," directed by

'Roy Del Ruth' (qv), performed by 'Fanny Brice' (qv).

- Comedy sketch ``Death and Taxes, directed by Minnelli, performed by

Durante and 'Edward Arnold' (qv).

- Musical number ``We Will Meet Again in Honolulu, directed by Pye, sung by

Melton.The 'Esther Williams' (qv) water ballet from this number was

retained in the film.

- Finale musical number ``There's Beauty Everywhere, directed by Minnelli,

sung by Melton, danced by Astaire, 'Lucille Bremer' (qv) and

'Cyd Charisse' (qv).A fragment with Charisse was retained in the reshot


- The horse ridden by 'Lucille Ball' (qv) is the Lone Ranger's Silver.

- The ``Great Lady sketch was written as a self-parody intended for

'Greer Garson' (qv), but she refused the role.

  • Zulu (1964)

- This was 'Michael Caine' (qv)'s first major film role.He watched the

rushes, but was so nervous that he was sick, and never watched rushes again.

- Caine visited the officers' mess of the Scots Guards at Pirbright to perfect

his accent.

- Welsh-born 'Stanley Baker' (qv) was determined to make this film.Unable to

find finance, he sunk most of his own money into the project.

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