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There came a moment in the quest when Baron Bayard made a move on Aliwe, and Aliwe tried to back away from him. The problem was there just wasn't much backing-up room on the Catwalk, and she slipped off the face of the Sacred Mountain. Victoria saw it and flew after her, not even taking the time to think that Aliwe's weight would be too much and there was no saving her. Hadn't she said as much before they embarked on the quest?

Below the Catwalk the wall of the Sacred Mountain was not perfectly vertical. Victoria could not stop Aliwe's fall but she could push Aliwe out of the way of any stony outcroppings she approached. Aliwe told Victoria to let her go, and reluctantly, Victoria had to arrest her own descent and let Aliwe slip away to impact the broken talus at the base of the cliff.

Victoria continued down at a smaller pace, trying to estimate where Aliwe's body bounced so she could attempt to bury her. When she found her, Aliwe was smiling, none the worse for wear, and Victoria finally guessed that Aliwe was a bene elohim like herself, but one she never knew.

I'm the daughter you haven't had yet, Aliwe explained. Mom.

Victoria smiled back. It makes sense. I thought you had my cheekbones.

And I have Baron Bayard's eyes. She knew the implication of that statement sunk in when Vic stopped smiling. Sorry I 'slipped' off the Catwalk, but I had to get Bayard to turn his attention to you. Otherwise the ick factor would have been too much and I wouldn't be born in this loop. Besides, as you can see, my birth talent is indestructibility.

Like Del?

Similar, but I can't heal anyone else. Aren't superheroes all supposed to have a weakness, like Kryptonite? And even Del can only fix so much.

You are here so it means we win, right? Bat-El and El Shaddai survive?

We win, they live, Belial dies. This 'quest' in the Land We Know is important but it's not critical to defeating hym. Yeshua wanted me to improve the outcome for the royals. It's already paid off to an extent. On my original loop Kari Stronghammer killed Telan Blackseed with Dragonthorn. With no need to escape with Blackseed alive Joy simply had the dragon burn down everyone at the Council, which meant I was the only survivor.

So who is that Joy woman? I've never seen her up close.

Joy is really your dead aunt Chayn, killed by Shyla and living out her afterlife here. She's not doing very much to impress Yeshua, if you ask me. Joy has been possessed by Hunky, and even before that Hunky went completely over to Belial, so don't hesitate to kill the dragon even if it means Joy dies too, which she will, and when she does she's basically fucked because it happens right after Demonstroke dies. That's the end of her story.

A long as I don't fuck Bayard before it happens. Rules you know.

If you do that, then all this is for nothing. Even knowing what will happen you still have the freedom to do what you want and change this loop.

So who else do we lose, Aliwe? Are you allowed to say?

You already know Hunky is dead and gone, died at Centauri where Yeshua can't reach. And Jerry died just before Chayn. He even dies a second time, but Yeshua takes care of him. The sad one to me is Robyn, sha dies after the dragon does, so sha's gone too, which is a shame because sha goes down fighting Belial. And the really sad one is Binah. After everything he did for us, to get caught up in the same judgment against Belial...

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