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One thing still bothers me, Victoria said to Aliwe in a small woody glen at the base of the Sacred Mountain. They were at least three thousand feet below the Catwalk where the rest of the Young Royals waited for any sign of them. You said on your loop Joy killed everyone at the Council except you. So if she killed your father, where do you come from?

I should have said she killed everyone who came to the council chamber when the Queen summoned us. Dad was still in his own chamber having sex with Luzea. I don't blame him actually. Luzea ain't one of the bene elohim but she sure has a natural born talent! But let's call that Timeline Three. On this one, Timeline Four, I interrupted them and Dad went back to see Gramma Firegem. This was before you got here, but you've heard the accounts so you already know I saved Blackseed's life. On Timeline Three, where I come from, Dad was the only surviving noble in the whole Land. Hy became something like a renegade while Blackseed conquered a hell of a lot more territory for Belial before the Summit could be convened.

So how did I meet him on Timeline Three?

Pretty much the same way you did this time, except the quest was just you and hym. You took the Catwalk to the dragon's lair, and you went up against Joy the same way you will again on this timeline. As for how you fell for Dad I don't really know, and I don't even want to know.

I find it impossible to believe that you will result from our union again, when there must be a trillion factors that will be different this time. The timing is crucial. This sperm and not that sperm, so fifty-fifty you're a boy instead of a jen and very few of the events that formed your memories on Timeline Three will be present again in this timeline.

You are absolutely right, Momma, but even if you and Dad have nothing but boys that will have nothing to do with me, because you did have me on Timeline Three. And all I want to do now is get back to the talented Luzea. This is going to seem strange to you, because I know you but you don't know me, but here goes. And Aliwe pulled Victoria close for a kiss and a hug.

Love you, baby. Will we meet again when it's all over?

I hope so Mom, but this is a new loop. It rhymes, but its not the same.

Then Aliwe left to pick her way down the river, a trip that would kill a less hardy person. On the coast she hoped to find someone willing to take her to Menkant.

Victoria soared directly into the sky along the face of the wall to return to the Catwalk. Everyone sat around looking sad, except for Baron Bayard, who looked guilty. Victoria would tell them only, Aliwe is in a better place, which considering the nature of the Catwalk was absolutely true. Besides, it would keep Bayard from trying to hit on her at least until they got the hell down off the face of the mountain.

And so the quest to kill Demonstroke had been whittled down to just five: Baron Bayard Firegem, Baron Elketz Kadir, Countez Ichor Losna, Baron Nahaliel Kerresh, and Lady Victoria. Aliwe and King Stronghammer had departed, and Lord Michael was floating slowly upward through the dark waters contained by the Sacred Mountain, his body's metabolism slowed by the utter cold. When he breached the surface he would remain unconscious, but waves on the lake would cast him on a beach that lay just behind the rim.

Baron Bayard led the party further east along the Catwalk, and at length their peril came to a temporary end as they reached a saddle that formed between the wall of the Sacred Mountain and a sort of footstool peak that lay at its extreme southern end. There hy ordered the group to make camp, for the saddle dropped away on the other side and the Catwalk resumed.

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