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Uses for Joxer's Head

  1. Paperweight for Gabrielle's scrolls.
  2. Replace chakram as Solstice tree ornament.
  3. Xena's wordless answer to pick-up lines in bars.
  4. A more realistic punching bag for the next time Xena gets inexplicably horny like in "A Comedy of Eros."
  5. Scare Xena's child into doing chores.
  6. Ornament for Argo's saddlehorn.
  7. Stuck on pike outside X&G's camp to discourage visitors from showing up during one of their sex marathons.
  8. Prop open the door at the temple of Ares.
  9. Xena invents first Chia Head
  10. Xena invents first tether ball
  11. Decorate the wall of the Amazon village.
  12. Use as nutcracker during Solstice
  13. Next time Argo doesn't want to do what Xena says, let her wake up with Joxer's head in the stall and realize that Xena has "made an offer that she just can't refuse"
  14. Bowling ball.
  15. Present for Meg (she gave him head, now it's his turn).
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