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Lilith and Edith were taken to Cherbourg, and by the evening of June 4 they were inducted into their first camp, a French farm that had been dubbed a clinic for racial hygiene. The Atherfield lighthouse was not the only Clarinet system that had been raided by Captain Schaub, but it was the only one whose operator remained alive after the raid. Schuab's report filtered up to Hitler, and the final piece of deception in the Fortitude operation was in place. Hitler reinforced the defenses in the Pas-De-Calais region and left only a skeleton force at Normandy.

It is common knowledge that Calais was a feint, and the real invasion took place on the beaches of Normandy on the morning of June 6, 1944. Two Panzer tank divisions, which might have driven the invaders back into the sea, were kept on a tight leash by Hitler, because he didn't trust his own generals. Hitler himself slept until noon on that day, and didn't release the Panzers until 4 PM, by which time the beachhead was relatively secure, and Allied aircraft dominated the skies to the point of forcing German tanks to move only at night.

But for two months the Allies became tied down in the Normandy region trying to break out of hedgerow country while the Germans attempted to contain them. When they finally did, the breakthrough was very near to the Saint-Malo area where Lilith and Edith were being held. To prevent their premature liberation, the Germans moved everyone in the camp to another one in France far from the front lines.

Benjamin Gervasi continued to operate the Clarinet system when orders came in over the Teletype, but he deliberately altered the requested target angle slightly, believing it to be the only way he could save the lives of his wife and daughter. The deception came to an end in September when Lilith failed to register for secondary school. The constable came calling, who found evidence of the German raid, and notified army intelligence, who squeezed the truth out of Benjamin. Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay intervened personally to keep Benjamin out of prison, but he was sacked from his lighthouse job and gradually began to despair of seeing either one of his loved ones again.

After breaking out of Normandy Patton's 3rd Army moved across France at an unbelievable pace. Lilith and Edith found themselves being moved at least once a month, which was encouraging in a way, but the camps grew progressively worse the nearer they drew to Germany itself. Internment camps were abandoned for work camps. Work camp were evacuated and the Jews went to slave labor camps, and then punishment camps, and finally an extermination camp called Ohrdruf-Nord deep in the center of Germany proper, where Jews were to be worked to death constructing a railroad center that was never finished..

Along the way currency, gold, and jewelry (of which Lilith and Edith had none) were sent to the SS headquarters of the Economic Adminstration. Watches, clocks, and pens were sent to the troops on the Western, Eastern, and Italian fronts. Their civilian clothing was given to needy German families.

Lilith saw things that pushed far beyond any boundaries of human evil she thought where possible to exist. And Ohrdruf wasn't even the worst camp in the hellish constellation. Those were to be found further to the east.

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