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see "Adjassou-Linguetor"

Adja Bosu

see "Adjassou-Linguetor"


In Voodoo, Adjassou-Linguetor (Adja, Adha Bosu) is a loa with protruberant eys

and a bad temper who governs spring water.


In Voodoo, Agwe is the goddess of the sea.


Aida-Wedo is the voodoo rainbow snake loa.


In Voodoo, Clermeil is a loa in the form of a white-man. When angry he makes

rivers overflow.


In Voodoo, Congo is a handsome but lethargic and slow-witted loa.


In Voodoo, Damballa is a loa who governs snakes and floods and can cure all


Diable Tonnere

In Voodoo, Diable Tonnere is a powerful loa.


In Voodoo, Diablesses are the spirits of women who died as virgins. They are

forced to purge the sin of dieing a virgin by living in the woods for many

years before they will be allowed into heaven.


In Voodoo, Diejuste is a benevolant loa.


In Voodoo, Erzilie is the goddess of sexual love.


In Voodoo, a gangan is an inferior shaman unable to reach hougan.


Ghede, in the original myths of Haiti, was the god of love, sex incarnate. In

later, Voodoo myth he was amalgamated with Baron Samedi, god of death. He kept

his earlier lustful ways, and a fondness for rum and feasting. He was a dandy,

always wearing a black tail-coat, a top hat and sunglasses, twirling a cane and

smoking a cigar or a cigarette in a long holder. He loved to dance, and swept

his followers away into the ecstasy and trance of dancing. But the dance, which

originally was a phallic ritual of birth, had now become a dance of death:

Baron Samedi's orgies always ended (for his mortal followers) at the crossroads

between this world and the Underworld, and the way they went was down. Because

Ghede was Guardian of the Crossroads, he knew all the secrets of magic, and had

second hearing and second sight. He could be consulted for advice - often on

questions of fertility, either of humans, crops or animals. The questioner made

blood-sacrifice and asked the priest questions to put to Ghede, and the god

answered in the patterns of rum-drops spilled in the dust, or in the hll of

dice or the turning of Tarot cards. The advice was often frightening and

apparently ridiculous, but it was always true and you neglected it at your


Grand Bois

In Voodoo, Grand Bois is the loa of the forces of nature.


In Voodoo, guedes are the spirits of the dead.


In Voodoo, the houngans are the priests.


In Voodoo, Ibo is a handsome, friendly loa.

Ibo Loa

In Voodoo, the Ibo Loa are gods and spirits.


In Voodoo, Jean is a stern, but nervous loa who rules the thunder and



In Voodoo, L'inglesou is a fierec looking loa who lives among rocks and in

ravines and kills those who offend him.


In Fon mythology, Legba is the youngest son of Lisa and Mawu. He is the god of


In Voodoo, Legba is one of the two gods who open the road to the spirit world.


In Voodoo, Limba is a rough male loa who lives among the rocks and persecutes

people. He has an insatiable appetite and is said to kill and eat his devotees.


In voodoo, the loa are spirits. They may be either male or female.


In Voodoo, a lutin is the ghost of an unbaptised child.

Maman Brigitte

In voodoo, Maman Brigitte is the loa of death and cemeteries.

Marassa Jumeaux

In Voodoo, Marassa Jumeaux are the ghosts of dead twins.


In Voodoo, Mombu is a stammering loa who causes storms of torrential rain.

Nago Shango

In Voodoo, Nago Shango is a powerful and lively loa.


In Voodoo, Ogoun is a warrior and blacksmith loa. He is especially fond of rum

and tobacco.

Petro loa

In Voodoo, the Petro loa are a group of easily annoyed spirits symbolised by

the whip.


In Voodoo, Pie is a grave soldier loa who lies at the bottom of ponds and

rivers. He makes floods.

Rada loa

In Voodoo, the Rada loa are the chief deities.


In Voodoo, a revenant is a spirit of the dead who feeling neglected returns to

plague their living relatives.


In Voodoo, Samedi is an important loa, god of the cemetery.


In Voodoo, a serviteur is someone who becomes posessed by a loa during a



In Voodoo, Sobo is a loa who looks like a handsome soldier.


In Voodoo, Sousson-Pannan is an ugly loa covered in sores. He is totaly evil

and drinks spirits and blood.

Ti Jean Quinto

In Voodoo, Ti Jean Quinto is an insolent loa in policeman form who lives under


Ville au Camp

In Voodoo, Ville au Camp is the underwater capital of the loas.


In Voodoo, the zobops are an order of male sorcerers.


In Voodoo, a zombie is the spirit of a person killed by a sorcerer and

resurected by evil houngans.

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