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Word processors and spreadsheets are one thing, but let's face it, the most efficient way to waste time at work is with MS Windows Solitaire. But Micro$loth programs don't run on Linux unless you help them along with a program called WINE. It officially stands for "WINE Is Not an Emulator" and I guess that's true, it's a "compatibility layer". Whatever. I'm a practical person. For me, WINE is an acronym that stands for WINdows Emulator.

WINE is not perfect. I can't get it to run any of my software from Magix except the one I use for authoring DVDs. I can install my beloved Cakewalk Kinetic but I can't get it to see my sound card (yet). I can run a classic DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) called Acid 2.0. I can run ReBirth, which emulates the TB-303 bassline synthesizer. I can run Audacity, plus my map software from National Geographic, CDEX for ripping CD's, and Terragen for making virtual landscapes. It runs MS Office. And I have zillions of other Windows apps left over from the old days that work under Wine too. Like Hacky Linux itself, WINE is a work in progress. Over time, all the issues will be worked out and it will simply work, with everything.

Wine is also mankind's ancient and sacred beverage, made from fermented grapes.

There are countries, for example those bordering the Mediterranean Sea which have a sacramental world-view, which says that an infinite God comes to meet finite man using the things of creation: water, oil, bread, wine, the touch of a hand. People of those countries believe that all creation is good. They tend to be connected with the earth, with hard work, with simple pleasures. They appreciate sex as a gift of God not only for procreation but for physical and emotional joy. In those countries, wine is just another gift of the Creator to be accepted in moderation and with thanksgiving.

Then there are other countries, for example those to the north of Europe, which have almost a gnostic world-view, which says that all flesh and matter is weak and sinful, and only intellectual things are pure and godly. They hold that God meets man only in the mental realm, and approach the bible as a set of doctrines which need to be properly decoded. They say man is saved by knowledge and assent to key doctrines. People in those countries tend to believe that creation is fallen. They tend to be connected to business, to the power of investment capital, and they hold a man's financial success as a sign of his election. They accept sex as a necessary evil for the procreation of more tithe-paying foot soldiers for God. In those countries, wine is evil, based on their dictum that "if it feels good don't do it.

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