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People who use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) under Windows usually run a great piece of shareware called mIRC. The equivalent to mIRC in Linux world is Xchat, shown above running with my preferred colors and fonts. IRC, much like USENET, is a whole sector of the Internet that is separate from the World Wide Web. The beauty of IRC is how it lets you interact in real time with people from anywhere in the world, so long as you are a touch typist and can keep up.

Chatrooms devoted to religious topics are typically controlled by narrow-minded factions who tolerate little or no theological dissent. Some even have rules against using a "pagan" or "worldly" nickname. The only truly successful religious chatroom is Undernet #scripture, because the rules are minimally intrusive.

On #scripture Atheists, Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Muslims all clash on one battlefield and it is survival of the thickest-skinned. Over a decade of operation many verses have been thumped, the Catholic Meat Axe swung back and forth, hearts were hardened, and the regulars settled into two camps.

To me, for a long, long time the brightest Angel in the #scripture sky was Terri Powell, aka "TheMOM". She is a Protestant of the Charismatic Pentecostal persuasion who doesn't agree with many Catholic doctrines but she was very friendly toward Catholic people. God blessed TheMOM with three children, and her absolutely beautiful feet are the model from which God fashioned all other beautiful feet. I met her in #bible about twelve years ago and came over to #scripture in the Exodus.

Ever since that time, we had been like two peas in a pod. Twelve years. My loyalty to her was even more important than the reservations I had about her on-line gallery of trolls, which I taught her to do. I was never an enthusiastic supporter of her drive to set up an alternative channel to #scripture with enemy bans pre-programmed into it. That's...not a Christian thing to do.

A friend is a person who knows you and still likes you. I needed a friend to talk to very badly for the last three days and she wasn't there for me. Fortunately (or through divine providence if you are inclined that way), someone else saw that I needed someone to talk things over with, and we did. She said:

"I believe God puts friends in our life for a season and a reason..so that we can learn from them..whatever that may be..some stay and after awhile some leave.. when we have learned what we were suppose to..."

I agree, but it's hard to see a good thing come to an end. Twelve years! It's hard. Maybe we're just tired. Maybe something happened in TheMOM's life too. But now there's been a clean irreversible break, and the channel "war" that has frustrated Edub is over...at least for me.

Mad Fiddler said...

Hallooo Teresita,

I followed the link from BC, just to visit and read a bit. I'm sorry to hear such a long-standing friendship hit what seems to be a mortal impasse.

But I know it happens, and it doesn't have to mean it was wrong investing so much time in striving to connect.

Your posts at the very least demonstrate your determination to engage. Over time I've seen you state your views with clarity and remarkably little sarcasm or impatience, seemingly resisting a lot of provocations and maintaining civility.

Well, even if all people don't change, sometimes it takes a long conversation to discover points where two people they are irreconcilable. I hope you find other folks with whom you can enjoy such a long-lasting exchange, and more.

Mad Fiddler

p.s. the link in your signature first took me to the excellent photographs of your Montana trip. Wonderful shots.

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