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Top Ten Nags from Xena’s Mother

  1. I don’t care WHAT Gabrielle does. If she jumped into hot lava would you do it too?
  2. You want to catch pneumonia? Put some leg warmers on!
  3. Stop picking at your battle wounds and let them heal!
  4. Stop making that icy warrioress stare, your face will freeze that way!
  5. Don’t drink straight from the milk cow!
  6. I hope you have kids who are bloodthirsty world conquerors just like yourself!
  7. I swear that Far Talking Thing is glued to your ear.
  8. Are you actually wearing a skirt? It looks more like a belt!!
  9. Don’t run with that sword – You’ll put your eye out!
  10. Take that chakram out of your brother’s chest right now!

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