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A yacht is a light sailing vessel built for racing.

Yagi Aerial

A Yagi aerial is a particular form of directive, end-fire aerial array in which

the director and reflector elements are parasitically excited. Most television

aerials are of this type.

Yale University

Yale University is a famous and respected American university. It was chartered

as the Collegiate School of Connecticut in 1701. The college was first

established at Saybrook, but was removed to New Haven in 1717, and the name of

Yale College was adopted in honour of Elihu Yale who had made large gifts to

the school. A new charter was obtained in 1745, and in 1887 the title of Yale

University was authorised by the legislature.


Yapp is a type of bookbinding of limp leather with overlapping edges. It was

first made for Yapp, a London bookseller in 1860, hence the name.


The yard is a unit of the imperial scale of measurement of length equivalent to

three feet, 36 inches or 0.9144 metres. The yard was a British measurement of

butter equal to 1 lb.


Yardley was an English soap and cosmetic firm. It was established in 1770 and

went into receivership in 1998.


see "Yard"


Yarn is a fibre, such as cotton, wool, silk or flax which has been spun and

prepared for use in weaving or knitting.


A yawl is a two-masted sailing ship. The aftermast is much smaller than the

mainmast and is placed far aft.


A yearling is a one-year old animal. The term is generally applied to sheep,

calves and foals.

Yeoman of the Guard

Yeomen of the Guard is a play by Gilbert and Sullivan written in 1888.


Yerukala is a dialect of Tamil.


Yiddish is a kind of jargon Hebrew spoken by lower class Jews.


Yolk is a food store found in eggs.

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is the most solemn day in the Jewish calendar,

occurring always on Tishri 10th, corresponding with the end of September. It is

a full fast day of 24 hours, observed from sunset to star-rise of the following

day, in which neither food nor drink is taken, in accordance with Biblical

command. It was observed in ancient times by an elaborate sacrificial ritual,

in which the High Priest, representing the whole of Israel, interceded for

Divine Pardon.

Youthful Offenders Act

The Youthful Offenders Act was an act of Parliament passed in 1901 making a

parent liable for the misdeeds of his child.


Ytterbium is a bivalent or trivalent metallic element of the rare-earth

elements that resembles yttrium and occurs with it and related elements in

several minerals such as gadolinite. It has the symbol Yb.


Ytterium is a trivalent metallic element usually included among the rare earth

elements which it resembles chemically and with which it occurs in minerals. It

has the symbol Y.


Yttrium is a metal element with the symbol Y.


The yurt is the dwelling place of Yakutsks, it is a wooden house with sloping

turf-clad walls.

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