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In the marketplace of Harran, Melchizedek encountered a Chaldean who had grown disgusted with the plurality of religious practices in his home city of Ur. The man's name was Abram, and he was in a loud argument with his father Terah. Overhearing their argument, Melchizedek learned much about these men. Abram was a successful sheep and cattle rancher who lived a nomadic life on the rangelands around Harran, while his father lived in the town itself and ran this shop selling items associated with worship. Terah sold carved idols for dozens of different gods which Abram complained were just dead blocks of wood and stone with no power over the world.

Melchizedek was interested in this exchange, so he entered the shop and began to inspect the rack of idols on display. The angry words of father and son dwindled to silence, because Melchizedek was a tall and striking figure, and there was an other worldliness about him that went far beyond mere stranger. After he had seen enough, Melchizedek commanded his dirk assistants to begin unpacking their gold on the edge of the shop facing the street, as though he were preparing to buy out Terah's entire stock. As Melchizedek anticipated, this soon drew the attention of five armed robbers who approached with swords drawn and demanded the gold be handed over to them. At this time the weapon fashioned by Binah, which would later be called the Golden Gift, made its first appearance in human history.

The Golden Gift was the size and shape of any normal sword hilt. But when it was squeezed firmly in Melchizedek's full-grown nephilim hands, which were half again the size of a man's hands, a hissing purple shaft emerged from it about the thickness of a spear. The harder Melchizedek squeezed, the longer the purple beam grew, and whatever it touched simply disappeared. Indeed, the reason it made a loud hiss was that air disappeared into it all along the length of the beam. One of the thieves Melchizedek judged to be the leader was cut into two equal pieces starting from the top of his head. Another thief was decapitated. This was sufficient to convince the other three robbers to flee. It was not Melchizedek's purpose to kill them, only to establish his credentials with Abram and Terah.

Abram came before the three nephilim and sank to his knees. Melchizedek said to him, Abram, son of Terah, go forth from your father's house and from your kinfolk to the land of Canaan, a land appointed to you by El Shaddai. There the Most High will make of you a nation, and bless you, and your name will be great among men. I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you, and all the Earth shall find blessing in you. These are the words of El Shaddai, God of Heaven and Earth. What say you to these things, Abram of Harran?

And Abram lifted his eyes to him and said, firmly, No. Then he rose to his feet then and walked over to his father, where he took him gently by the arms and said, My father is crippled. He does not earn enough at his livelihood to support himself. We do not always agree, but as I love my life, I can never turn aside from my own father for all the days he is a wayfarer in this world.

Then Abram fulfilled the true purpose of his visit, and delivered to his father two living lambs from his own flocks, one to kill and eat, and the other to sell for a little money to buy the things he needed until the next time Abram came in from the open range and visited him.

Melchizedek understood. Hy re-stowed the gold and quietly left the shop, careful not to tread on the fortress of human dignity that Abram had asserted with his refusal. In the years to come, Melchizedek would convince a young woman named Rebecca to marry the son of Abram, and she would make her decision not on the basis of Isaac's character, which remained unknown to her, but on the basis of how Melchizedek represented himself to her and her family: courteous, humble, and devout. And that is precisely what the elohim as a collective whole did as well, judge El Shaddai by his servant. The intercession of El Shaddai on behalf of humanity was accepted.

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