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When the Elohim reviewed the memories of Belial they focused on one inci- dent that occurred on Earth nearly twice as remote in the past as Yeshua's death. Using the procedure developed by Binah and obtained by extortion from Talishi, Belial had contrived the possession of a Gerash yang named Israel, and for a time hy walked the Middle Lands under that name, experi- encing the dangers and joys of Gorpai directly in the way the nephilim ex- perienced them, precisely as Chokhmah had done through possessing Talishi, except that Belial had forced this possession upon Israel.

And Israel never wanted for any material good, because hy made hymself known as the incarnation of Belial to the prophet Zadkiel, so the limitless resources of the patriarch Kirodiel Gerash were put at the disposal of Is- rael. But in the early years of the world war on Gorpai, the prophet Zadki- el lost the Battle of Aramel and allowed Talishi to escape. In hyz wrath Israel slew Zadkiel and took direct control of the Eyes of Belial and the Army of Belial. Thus it was that Belial hymself, in the guise of Israel, brought all of Gorpai under the rule of the patriarch Kirodiel Gerash.

Then Israel turned hyz thoughts to Earth, and the family that had been cho- sen by El Shaddai to be her priestly people, much in the same role as the Gerash clan on Gorpai. With the leave of El Shaddai, Belial-as-Israel jour- neyed there to see the place with hyz own eyes, and meet Jacob, who cur- rently held the inter-generational Blessing of El Shaddai.

Israel took little thought for hyz personal safety, since Israel was a mighty yang, seven feet tall, hardened by the eternal violence of Gorpai, and he heard from El Shaddai that Jacob was more the son of his mother than the son of his father. Jacob was, by all reports, a passive man who pre- ferred the womanly arts of back-room whispering and plotting to the mascu- line arts of direct action on the field, and he was said to be terrified of his estranged brother Esau after defrauding his slightly older and larger twin brother of the Blessing.

At this time Esau's people were drawing near to Jacob's people after many years of separation. Jacob divided his herd into three parts, that one part might escape any hostilities. And one of these three parts he planned to offer Esau as a peace offering. As for Jacob himself, he hung back as a rearguard, not against Esau and his people, but against someone else he had noticed watching him from afar. Jacob hid himself cleverly amid vegetation near the stream called Jabbok, a tributary of the Jordan river.

When the stranger approached, unaware of Jacob's presence, Jacob assailed hym suddenly, and there ensued a bitter fist fight that changed into a wrestling match that went on through most of the night.

As they continued to fight, Jacob kept saying, Who are you? but Israel refused to say. For Belial was dismayed that Jacob was proving so tena- cious. Even when hy wrenched Jacob's femur out of its socket at the hip, causing great torment, Jacob refused to yield. Eventually Belial-Israel reached the end of hyz resources, and was near exhaustion, so hy commanded Jacob to let hym go.

Jacob said, I will not release you until you bless me.

Then Belial-Israel said, No longer shall men call you Jacob, but Israel, for you have contended with elohim and nephilim and human alike, and you have prevailed, and wrested my name away, and taken it for your own.

Then Belial was released by Jacob, and hy went back to Gorpai to rule fami- ly Gerash directly by taking possession of the body of each of the Patri- arch's descendants in turn, and hy came never again nearer to the Earth than its satellite Luna. But with each possession, Belial's original per- sonality grew more and more diluted, until nothing remained of the original living star but hyz malice toward planetdwellers and elohim alike.

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