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Xena: How stay you so slim eating food of this amount?

Gabby: Because I walk. You ride the horse.

Xena: Nice, you must be.

Gabby: I'm sorry.

Xena: No, improve or improve not, there is no sorry.

Gabby: I just wanted to become a great warrior princess like you!

Xena: A great warrior princess? Oh! Heh heh! Oh! Heh heh. Wars not make one great!

Gabby: But that's why I left my boring life in Potidaea. I wanted adventure!

Xena: Adventure. Heh! Excitement. Heh! A bard craves not these things!

Gabby: But even Joxer wants to become a warrior.

Xena: A long time have I watched Joxer. Always he has looked away, to the skies. Never his eyes on where he was walking? Hmm? What he was doing? Hmmm! Clumsy he is!

Gabby: Then you're saying we should tell Joxer not to follow us anymore.

Xena: For many years have I trained bards in the ways of the Horse! Joxer we need not.

Gabby: I'd hate to be the one to tell Meg.

Xena: Is Meg stronger than me? No. Easier. Quicker. More seductive.

Gabby: How did she end up looking exactly like you anyhow?

Xena: Always in motion, history and mythology and the laws of genetics.

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