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The real Adam and Eve were nowhere near being nudists, Gorpai is too freaking cold.

As Talishi traveled on foot for months from Vaska west to the Red Beard capital of Gerazan, without the benefit of riding in Binah's avatar, she learned directly in the muscles of her legs and the soles of her feet what a large planet Gorpai truly was. But she knew it had been larger in the distant past. At least, there had been much more land free of ice.

From the beginning Belial insisted on carrying out his own study of the humans of Earth to maintain the pretense he had lofted that his harem of stars was really a just an isolated scientific outpost. The first thing he required from El Shaddai was a number of human samples to be transferred from Earth to Gorpai so he could examine them closely. But the humans were rather fragile creatures. They could not survive the journey of two subjective years (and six years of real time) it took to cross between Earth and Gorpai inside the avatar of Binah, at least as it was currently configured.

Belial suggested that a continuous mighty effort by two elohim could inflate the instantaneous link between suns, which was finer than a thread, into a narrow tunnel wide enough for small burdens to pass. It was quite a juggling act. El Shaddai poured dark light into the channel between her and Chokhmah, who then connected the tunnel to Binah, who in turn connected the tunnel to her parent Belial.

A few curious humans were lured into crossing between the worlds by crawling a short distance through the tunnel as though they were simply moving from one cave to another. Inside the dark tunnel they felt no weight. The humans and their possessions floated within it, and they propelled themselves hand-over-hand for a short time until they emerged under a purple sky with two suns.

There were no animals on Gorpai in the beginning, but most of the growing things moved of their own accord and all of them were dangerous. A grove of whipping trees could render a person down to a pile of broken bones and crushed flesh in only a few moments. Thorny ball bushes rolled under their own power by shifting their weight. There were flowers with teeth and many plants which were too poisonous to touch, let alone eat. None of the human colonists survived their first season. To increase the ready pool of test subjects, El Shaddai invented the concept of religion.

In the land of Mesopotamia, El Shaddai caused a temple to be erected around her end of the tunnel, through which priests could shove human sacrifices. At first the priests sent criminals through, which seemed to be equivalent to a death sentence because the priests never saw anyone reemerge from the altar chamber. But Belial required female humans for his research as well, so El Shaddai commanded the sacrifice of virgins from time to time. During periods of famine on Gorpai, the priests of El Shaddai were commanded to send along meat and grain offerings also.

Belial began to change the humans who were sent to Gorpai to make their survival more likely. They were bred to be taller and stronger than their human forebears, and to be capable of bearing children longer, more rapidly, and in greater numbers. The genitals of the male were split along their bilateral symmetry and rearranged to produce two of them. The female also was changed to have two genitals. When Belial completed his alterations, the creatures were no longer truly human. Belial called them nephilim, and sometimes he bred them back into human stock on Earth.

When Belial had one hundred nephilim breeding pairs he set his most obedient pair in a "garden" on Gorpai, an oasis of relatively harmless plants. This gentle island in a hostile Gorpai sea was called Eden. The male, or yang, was named Adamu, while the female, or yin, was named Hava. Belial commanded them to maintain the Garden by removing intruder plants before they went to seed. In return, Adamu and Hava could eat of any of the fruit produced in the Garden. And this task they performed without fail. It is only in the earthly version of the story that they fell into disobedience.

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