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All the colors mixed together produce an unrelieved white.

To flood a person with detail is to convey no information at all.

Hurrying to beat the clock produces stress and shortens our lives.

The sage rejects superficial gain and holds to what is more deeply valuable.

Gabhopper said, "Sometimes I wish I had a scroll of my entire life, so I could peek at what comes next."

"Such a scroll exists at the Akashic Library," Xena revealed. "Within its walls are an endless number of scrolls; each one, when unrolled, as tall as a person, each one inscribed randomly with every possible permutation of the twenty-four Greek letters from alpha to omega."

"But wouldn't all but a very small fraction of these scrolls contain nothing but gibberish."

"Yes, Gabhopper, but the number of scrolls containing meaningful information, although a small fraction of the total scrolls, would still be infinite. Somewhere within the Akashic Library would be written the true story of your life from beginning to end."

"But how could I ever find it, Xena?" "Not only that, but how could you ever be sure you had the genuine story of your life, and not one that gets everything correct except that you fall in love with Joxer?"

"So this Akashic Library is useless!"

Xena nodded. "The more information you convey, the less knowledge you convey, and to convey infinite information is to convey no knowledge at all."

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