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Gabhopper said, "Your path is hard, Xena. It seems to defy reason."

Xena replied, "Reason is for cutting away truths and filtering out truths, so as to arrive at the truth you are looking for. Reason is useless for growing and nourishing truths. That is why a warrioress relies instead on her inner agreement with the truth."

"But reason is the foundation of our system of justice!"

"Exactly, Gabhopper. That is why our society's righteousness is based on cutting and filtering, on refraining from doing evil things instead of accomplishing good things now, in this moment, and letting the past be the past."

"Is it because reason demands absolute standards?"

"To those who have left my path and embrace the world's idea of justice, people are always falling short of the ideal standards demanded by reason. A warrioress extols people over all such standards, because when they do go astray it is always induced by the repression of those very standards."

"What about when there is a tragedy, such as a typhoon or an earthquake, and the people are blamed for somehow offending the gods?"

"Again, this is a product of unrestricted reason, which is never satisfied until it finds an answer. Has there been a natural disaster with no cause rooted in human failings? Reason is not satisfied with that. Those who worship at the altar of reason cannot accept the capriciousness of nature. They must have an explanation for everything. So they say the gods are angry and sit back in moral judgement of the people."

"Myself, I would not be found sitting back. I would be dressing peoples wounds or serving them soup."

Xena said, "Excellent."

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