Taoteching 2

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Taoteching 2

The beautiful that demands admiration is not beautiful. The good that demands recognition is not good.

The woman of wisdom acts without effort from a center that gives rise to all things before they are precipitated out from one another and require names. Therefore she makes without owning and accomplishes without expectations of merit.

We perceive objects only because there is a background against which to see them. We hear only because of our perception of the difference between sound and silence. Once someone is named wise, it follows that someone else must be named mediocre. The whole world knows the large as "large" only because of the existence of the "small".

But seeing the hand of a newborn child resting upon my own, I seem so large, and feel (wordlessly) so small.

Xena said, "The way Aphrodite cast a spell and made everyone think she was beautiful all this time, well, how can I put it Gabhopper? It wasn't pretty."

Gabhopper nodded. "That'd be like Eli going around always telling people just how good he was. Not good at all."

"Why did you put all these stones in the creekbed just so?"

"So that people could cross here without getting wet."

"So you own this crossing?"

"No, Xena."

"Are you planning to charge a toll as a reward for laying the stones here?"

"Certainly not!"


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