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"It seems that to be a warrioress is to set yourself apart from the rest of humanity, Xena."

"This is so, Gabhopper, but not from a desire to be elite, but only because a warrioress clings to her inner nature while others flutter about chasing illusions."

"Is it wrong to seek the truth?"

"It is wasted effort to seek the truth, Gabhopper. While others run around looking for external truths, the warrioress cultivates my path, which brings her mind naturally into accordance with the way things are."

"More often, their running around is probably so they can just make ends meet."

"People lead busy lives because they perceive their wants as needs, so their needs become endless. Being a warrioress means having a good sense of priorities, Gabhopper. Her needs are relatively few, and her desires are almost nonexistent, so she appears calm and contemplative."

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