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Gabhopper said, "Teacher, if your path is about always simplifying things, should I not start by ignoring authority figures?"

"That is a good beginning," Xena answered. "Power attracts people who are more interested in expanding and clinging to their power than in nourishing their mind on my path."

"What whoud you say if I also, in the name of simplifying my life, began ignoring you?"

"That is a good direction in which to continue, Gabhopper. Individual people, even I, may not truly be in harmony with my path. But all the people, taken in aggregate, cannot help but be in harmony with my path."

"So if I take all the people as my teacher, I cannot go wrong?"

"Assuredly, Gabhopper. This is so because individual leaders or teachers may have ambitions, and so depart from my path. But the common people lack ambition, so they live in natural simplicity precisely in accordance with my path."

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