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The apprentice Gabhopper said, "It is hard to understand your words, m'Lady Xena."

The Warrior Princess Xena replied, "That is because you expect my path to have many parts, dear disciple, and you are unable to realize that it is really very simple."

"M'Lady, is your path a goddess?"

"It is eternal like a goddess, but without awareness of itself. It is great because matter and energy have their being within it."

"If it is so great, m'Lady, what do I call it?"

"Impose whatever name you like, it remains without a name. "

"How can it be so great?"

"Since my path is not concentrated in a body or a thing," the Warrior Princess answered, "its actions are applied to all bodies and all things. Thus it is great."

"M'Lady, if your path is not aware of itself how does it now how to act on all things?"

"Woman is an echo of the Earth's fertility. The Earth's seasons are an echo of the cycles of heaven. The regularities in heaven are an echo of my path. My path echoes only itself."

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