Taoteching 3

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Taoteching 3

If you exalt the worthy, this leads to cutthroat competition. If you exalt things, this leads to envy and theft. The woman of wisdom leads by persuading people to stop overanalyzing things and get to the heart of the matter. She weakens their ambitions for short-lived honors and strengthens their skills in building lasting works. If the people naturally do not trust cleverness, the crafty will find no leverage to deceive them.

The path of least resistance implies a type of goal-oriented action that approaches no action as closely as possible, as if it was the choice of a lazy man. But Wu Wei is not lack of action. Wu wei is a type of effortless action that doesn't come from an egotistical desire to reach a specific goal. Wu Wei is like a sailboat following wherever the wind goes.

Desire leads to things happening, but not desiring leads to seeing the mystery. The woman of wisdom clothes herself with passion to know life made manifest. She strips herself of passion to know the secret of life. Making love, feeling joy, being blissful, feeling happy when meeting fellow friends, feeling sad when saying good-bye. Dispassion comes from knowing we will meet again. Renounce things pertaining to death and polarize to life! You are Life! When did you never live?

Gabhopper asked, "Why are warlords always trying to one-up each other?"

Xena answered, "It is because our society holds wealth and power and all manner of 'things' in such high esteem. If you exalt things, this always leads to envy and fraud and highway robbery."

"Then who should we look up to?"

"Look up to the sage who leads by persuading people to stop mulling things over and simply cut to the essence of a problem, Gabhopper. Look up to the sage who weakens the people's desire for short-lived, immediate results, and strengthens their resolve to accept delay in order to obtain longer lasting results."

"How do we eliminate the influence of the clever who promise to teach the people ways to MAKE.DINARS.FAST?"

"By education. When all the people are suspicious of wheeler-dealers, the competitive will find no crevice by which to divide them, and no handle by which to manipulate them."

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