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The eternal nameless void turns to the left and to the right. The sage relies on it but knows it is impossible to dictate which way it turns. It possesses neither being nor non-being, yet it nourishes all things.

The eternal nameless void does not claim authority over anything. Without desire, the eternal nameless void is called the meek. It does not call itself great, but all things return to it. So the greatness of the Way is real nonetheless.

Tao is nothing. How can it cause the gods to be divine? It does not cause the gods to be divine, but they are divine themselves.

The Greek philosophers asked, is a man loved by the gods because he is holy, or is he holy because he is loved by the gods. In this context, one could ask, are the gods divine because they are in accord with Tao, or are the gods in accord with Tao because they are divine?

Tao is everywhere, but everywhere it is nothing.

Emptiness turns into spirit. Spirit turns into energy. Energy turns into blood. Blood turns into form. Form turns into infant. Infant turns into child. Child turns into youth. Youth turns into adult. The adult ages, the aged die, The dead revert to emptiness.

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