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Following the eternal nameless void, all things are transient. Generations have come and gone in good order, all remains as it has from the beginning.

The desire to stop is a passing fancy, like a traveller sidetracked by the aroma of food or the sound of music. The eternal nameless void is so subtle, you cannot smell it or hear it. Yet when you use it, the eternal nameless void is never exhausted.

Be constantly absorbed in the thought of the Nameless Way and you will be one with the Nameless Way. Awakening to consciousness of the Nameless Way brings liberation.

Those who pretend to know the Nameless Way remain ignorant. Those who acknowledge their ignorance clear the way to growing to know the Nameless Way. Let those who do not know the Nameless Way come to know the Nameless Way because they know you.

To know the Nameless Way is to be awakened. Delusion is gone in the case of he who has been awakened. The Nameless Way is a lamp whose light is these words. The more cluttered your thoughts, the further from the Nameless Way you go. He who is far from the Nameless Way is no better off than he who denies the Nameless Way.

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