Taoteching 4

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Taoteching 4

The woman of wisdom is like a bank account with an infinite sum of money in it. No matter how often or how much you take from her, the residual balance of her creative force remains unchanged.

This is eternally true because:

Emptiness creates spirit, Spirit creates energy, Energy creates blood. Blood creates form, Form creates infant, Infant creates child, Child creates youth, Youth creates adult,

The adult ages, the aged die, and the dead revert to emptiness.

All of reality comes after the Lord of Creation, except the Eternal Feminine, which seems to come before. The nature of the Eternal Feminine is to yield, hence the woman of wisdom doesn't insist it came before. Thus she says, "it seems."

Gabhopper said, "If you cannot name your path, Xena, could you at least describe it to me? What shall it be likened to?"

Xena answered, "It is like the dark earth of the valley bottom which can yield a thousand harvests without being depleted. It is because the valley floor takes the lowest position that makes it possible for it to receive the eroded topsoil from higher elevations. The river floods and distributes the new till over the whole valley floor."

"I don't understand."

"That is because you are trying too hard to understand. My path is easy. By emptying yourself and taking the lowest place, like the valley floor, you become capable of receiving, without effort, gifts without end."

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