Taoteching 46

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Taoteching 46

When the eternal Nameless Way is cultivated, trade increases and the economy generates prosperity for all. When the eternal Nameless Way is lost, trade ceases and the economy is tooled up for war production.

Losses incurred during floods or storms are preferable to the condition of never being content. Having nothing is better than never having enough.

Gabhopper said, "My parents are upset that I've been accepted as your apprentice, Xena. They say the Way of the Warrior is no life for their daughter."

Xena answered, "It is called the Way of the Warrior, but it is really the Path of Armed Struggle."

"Well, the Path of Armed Struggle, then."

"It is called the Path of Armed Struggle, but it is really the Way of the Warrior."

"Now you're talking in circles!" Gabhopper objected.

"I am not Talking In Circles, I am still Woman Who Instructs. You are a labelist!"

"But by calling me a labelist, aren't you assigning a label?"

"You are very close to it, Gabhopper. People, even sages, cannot talk about things until they assign names to them. Tell me, before there were people, did a tree have the name "tree," or a rock the name "rock?"

"No, of course not, Xena."

"Then if a tree or a rock had no names before there were people, how much less so did my path have a name before there were trees and rocks."

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