Taoteching 5

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Taoteching 5

The universe is dispassionate, and regards all of humanity as but a twig on the great tree of being. The woman of wisdom cultivates the objectivity of this larger perspective. Investigating reality with analytical methods is inferior to grasping the wordless essence at the core.

Water is the way to describe the woman of wisdom in one word. Water nourishes everything. When it roars down the mountain it carries everything away without a thought. Water doesn't ponder what is necessary. It simply flows, trickles, pours, or sits. It doesn't find enjoyment in nature nor try to go into seclusion. It seeks its own level, in the swamps or in town. Water is simply all around. Without a care, the woman of wisdom is caring.

The natural state of the universe is decay and death. Even the relatively benign motion (on the nano-scale) of heat tries to destroy the genetic patterns stored in cells. Life replicates like mad, trying to beat the clock. The result is we still have trees and animals from ancient days, patterns which persist in the face of forces which seek to destroy them. Woman is plugged directly into this process of maintaining a persistent human-pattern in the world.

"Tell me, Gabhopper," Xena said, "what is time?"

"It's uh...uh..."

"You see? Words fail you."

"I know: It's what keeps everything from happening at once!"

"You have only told me what time does. But what IS it? If they say you are the girl who hangs out with the Warrior Princess, that is what you do but it only touches on a facet of who you are."

"So there are some things that cannot be known in words, only byliving them."

"Yes, Gabhopper. Love is like this."

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