Taoteching 6

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Taoteching 6

It is not from obscurity that the personification of the feminine is called "Mysterious," but that the knowledge of her is inexhaustible. To know the Mysterious Female is to tap a well that never goes dry.

The ancient Chinese viewed the moon as the source of inspiration, the embodiment of the female element of creation. When the moon waxes and attains maximum light, this waxing ceases. When the moon wanes and attains minimum light, this waning ceases. But taken together, waxing and waning never cease. To the woman of wisdom the primal womb is a vessel, the divine ancestress of every life, the inexhaustible source of all things.

The principle of the eternal feminine has no name, but as Wisdom it does. Wisdom is not far from the Mysterious Female, and if we stop there, we can still return, something back to nothing, like a river flowing back to the sea.

"Xena, why is Athena immortal?"

"Because she does not reveal Herself, Gabhopper. Always hidden, She is ever sought. Finding Her, there is no end to the knowingof Her."

"How can that be?"

"Always there is something new to be uncovered about Her because the essence of Her life is creativity."

"Why does that make her immortal?"

"Completion heralds death. Because Athena always remains incomplete, She never dies."

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