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If you fill a container to the brim with water and try to carry it you will leave a trail of puddles.

If you devote your time to polishing your weapons you will be hesitant to use them, for fear they will be blemished.

A room filled with gold and jewels cannot be protected.

If you accumilate great wealth in one place, it is the wealth that will own you as you try to protect it.

Do what is needed, then move on. This is the method of the nameless way.

"Gabhopper, why do you stop poruing when a cup has been filled?"

"Because a cup can only accept so much liquid and no more, Xena. Everyone knows that."

"And why do you stop sharpening a sword after it has acquired a keen edge?"

"Because the sword can only accept so much sharpening and no more, Xena. Everyone knows that."

"If everyone knows these things, then why do they go on devoting their life to acquiring more and more wealth? Do they not see that every person can only accept so many things, and no more?"

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